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Group posts by LakeWalker
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Feb 5, 2019The Round TableA Month for Groundhogs, Valentines and Presidents2   
Feb 2, 2019The Round TableJanuary the first month of the new year.....16   
Jan 14, 2019The Round Table2019 Book and Movie Reviews4   
Jan 1, 2019The Round TableThe Last Month of 2018 is Here3   
Mar 24, 2017The Round TableMarch4   
Feb 26, 2017The Round TableTo resolve or not ..........6   
Feb 3, 2017The Round TableFebruary -- the Shortest Month in the Year1   
Jan 29, 2017The Round TableJanuary the first month of the year..............3   
Sep 28, 2016The Round TableSeptember the beginning of fall....7   
Aug 29, 2016The Round TableLet's Have A Picnic!!!9   
Aug 29, 2016The Round TableIs This Site Slacking?4   
Aug 29, 2016The Round TableWhat is more appealing ...?6   
Jul 8, 2016The Round TableBATHING SUITS8   
May 18, 2016The Round TableWonder where everyone is?2   
Apr 4, 2016The Round TableApril Showers Bring May Flowers2   
Mar 31, 2016The Round TableMarch: In like a lion, out like a lamb4   
Feb 5, 2016The Round TableFebruary, a Leap Year Month and Leap Day4   
Feb 4, 2016The Round TableWhat are you doing to stay healthy and/or prevent falls & accidents?6   
Feb 4, 2016The Round TableWshing & hoping ....2   
Jan 22, 2016The Round TableJanuary, First Month of 20164   
Jan 15, 2016The Round TableCongratulations to The Round Table5   
Jan 8, 2016The Round TableChristmas Celebrations-- Is it too early??8   
Dec 30, 2015The Round TableDecember, the last month of the year3   
Nov 25, 2015The Round TableA Late Start to November4   
Nov 11, 2015The Round TableOctoberfest & All That Jazz1   
Oct 29, 2015The Round TableLet's go back in years ..............4   
Oct 13, 2015The Round TableAging and alone ............ How difficult it is for you?4   
Oct 12, 2015The Round TableAirplay Charts -- Are they meaningful to you?2   
Sep 8, 2015The Round Table30 Days Hath SEPTEMBER ...2   
Aug 31, 2015The Round TableHarvesting and 'putting up' for the winter.1   
Jul 25, 2015The Round TableHow's Your Summer Going?3   
May 27, 2015The Round TableLawe Enforcement Limbo1   
Apr 29, 2015The Round TableWhat is a "Canadian Restaurant"?10   
Apr 24, 2015The Round TableSo, what do you know about April?4   
Mar 30, 2015The Round TableWelcome to the Month of March6   
Mar 18, 2015The Round TableSpring Cleaning1   
Mar 18, 2015The Round TableWhat Advice Would You Give?1   
Feb 8, 2015The Round TableThe Dumbing Down of Our Society4   
Jan 23, 2015The Round TableWinter ~2   
Jan 5, 2015The Round TableWhat are your plans for the new year3   
Dec 23, 2014The Round Tableturning the tables1   
Dec 17, 2014The Round Tablea little help for my freinds1   
Dec 16, 2014The Round TableInteresting Dates in History3   
Dec 13, 2014The Round Tableyounger gals9   
Oct 21, 2014The Round TableRound Table Discussions1   
Oct 15, 2014The Round Table~*~ Second Chance? ~*~5