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Inercurate3 30 F
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soundz of love   2/17/2019

Don't go far off, not even for a day, because -- because -- I don't know how to say it: a day is long and I will be waiting for you, as in an empty station when the trains are parked off somewhere else, asleep. <br><br> Don't leave me, even for an hour, because then the little drops of anguish will all run together, the smoke that roams looking for a home will drift into ...

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WellKnownAuthor 63 M
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all done   12/21/2018

IT'S ALWAYS ABOUT TIME Those seconds turn into minutes Before the hours start to count For time can not be stopped nor slowed As all of our past moments slowly mount Your days now race must faster Than they did during infant times Yet moms grandfathers clock ticks the very same Within its twenty four hour circle of chimes With our weeks always turning into months And our calandar counts ...

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NewOrleansOlStud 71 M
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For All   1/8/2018

I've never made a fortune, And I'll never make one now But it really doesn't matter 'Cause I'm happy anyhow. As I go along my journey I'm reaping better than I've sowed I'm drinking from the saucer 'Cause my cup has overflowed. *************** <br><br> I don't have a lot of riches, And the going's sometimes tough But with kin and friends ...

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NewOrleansOlStud 71 M
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THIS   1/2/2018

Another Christmas Story: <br><br> 'Twas the night before Christmas--Old Santa was pissed. He cussed out the elves and threw down his list. Miserable little brats, ungrateful little jerks. I have a good mind to the whole works! <br><br> I've busted my ass for damn near a year, Instead of "Thanks Santa"--what do I hear? The old lady is mad 'cause I ...

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NewOrleansOlStud 71 M
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A Lim-Lick   12/30/2017

I once had a lady friend named Rose, Double-jointed she was I suppose. <br><br> And I watched fascinated, As Rose masturbated; <br><br> Herself with the tip of her nose.

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NewOrleansOlStud 71 M
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Old Farts   12/19/2017

They say that the way to a man's hearts Is good food from soup to tarts. A chocolate eclair Will stiffen him there, But too much will give him the farts

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NewOrleansOlStud 71 M
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Humm   12/18/2017

There was a young man named Macgruder, Who had a fair lass and he woo'ed her. She thought it lewd, To be woo'ed in the nude, But Macgruder was shrewder and screwed her. <br><br> Her thighs were all covered with cream, Her breasts with sweet honey a-gleam... But too good to be true This sex cordon bleu, He awoke with two spurts from his dream.

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NewOrleansOlStud 71 M
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Another 1   12/17/2017

There once was a man named Ron Rice Whose privates were ravaged by lice. He scrubbed and he scratched, But still more were hatched. If you've had 'em, you know it ain't nice.

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NewOrleansOlStud 71 M
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untitled   11/29/2017

wilted lillies show up in his blue garden both boys and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars

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NewOrleansOlStud 71 M
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untitled   11/28/2017

wilted lillies show up in his blue garden both boys and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars

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esmeralda52 66 F
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I know he is waiting for me in heaven!   10/21/2017

Goodbye my American friends! I will go back to China soon, since him went to heaven! I know he is waiting for me in heaven! I will close my SFF profile. Thank you for everyone!

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NewOrleansOlStud 71 M
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3   9/2/2017

An Arkansas Delivery In the backwoods of Arkansas, Mr. Stewart's wife went into labor in the middle of the night. The doctor was called in to assist in the delivery. To keep the nervous father-to-be busy, the doctor handed him a lantern and said, "Here, you hold this high so I can see what I'm doing." Soon, a baby boy was brought into the world. "Don't be in a rush to ...

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NewOrleansOlStud 71 M
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Damn I'm getting old   6/21/2017

The Clothesline: A clothesline was a news forecast, To neighbors passing by, There were no secrets you could keep, When clothes were hung to dry. - - It also was a friendly link, For neighbors always knew If company had stopped by To spend a night or two. - - For then you'd see the "fancy sheets, " And towels upon the line; You'd see the "company table cloths, " With intricate designs - - The ...

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NewOrleansOlStud 71 M
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With us still   6/13/2016

By the grace of God, she's given the authority, to wield abstract swords of sunlight, and drive away the darkness of the night.

She has inspired us all at some point in life, with her morning starlike rays of sunshine, Waving to us all from the now distant horizon.

She enthralls every passenger of life, As she carries them through ...

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NewOrleansOlStud 71 M
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MEMORIES OF ASG - in honor of her passing   8/31/2015

The good time we shared The great trips we made People we met along the way Days and nights of laughter and mirth .

Poems we conspired together to write The ones we inspired in each other The cats and dogs we cared for and petted Everything you taught me to appreciate

ALL Wonderful memories beyond compare. For these and others, I'm ...

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shuel2002 60 F
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The Lady of the Night   1/8/2015

She slips on lace panties and matching brassiere Her legs long and shapely, her pantyhose sheer Cleavage appears with her blouse cut so low Skirt and high heels on, she's ready to go

She walks to a street, crowded with bars Ready for Johns to come by in their cars She asks as they pass if they'd like to have fun "Not now baby, I really must run."

Finally a guy she stops ...

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shuel2002 60 F
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The Secret   1/8/2015

She saw the address on her husband's ipad She decided it was time to follow the cad He swore his cheating he'd never repeat She arrived at the bar and grabbed a seat

The room was quite dark; the wife struggled to see Oh where, oh where could her hubby be The lights totally shut now and then a light shone On the star of the show which set the tone

There on the stage, in ...

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TheHag 71 F
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COMMUTERS   12/22/2013

My gritty, swollen eyes peeled open, burning behind my shades as the driver of the crosstown bus intentionally rocked the stopping coach to rouse her napping passengers - regulars on the two-hour run. The late afternoon heat shimmered through tinted windows and I shivered as a draft of icy air ran across my neck. Faces swam into focus and I realized: I get off here.

Sighing, I noted a ...

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RubiSleepinBuuty 64 F
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Only One   3/19/2010

The things I’ve seen, the things I’ve done Wish my life could have a happy ending Don’t want any more than someone to love

Only one, Only One.

Could it be too many tears I cried Could it be too many times I sighed Where is my only one

Only One, Only one

I have tried so hard to reach you You remain the untouchable one

Only One, Only ...

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77566tex 84 M
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When I must leave you   8/15/2009

When I must leave you for a while- Please do not grieve and shed wild tears

And hug your sorrow to you through the years But start out bravely with a gallant smile;

And for my sake, and in my name, Live on and do all things the same.

Feed not your loneliness on empty days, But fill each waking hour in useful ways.


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sleepwalk1959 64 M
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Angel Smile   9/8/2008

Angels dance on outstretched gossamer wing Their light of hosts reflected in your eyes Such smiles! - Yours shared ‒ would make me feel a king And see me thank the heavens with my sighs

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sleepwalk1959 64 M
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The Nudist   9/8/2008

Free in spirit, free in form Sun and breeze both, know her She rails against grey social norm To please herself, no other

Freedom felt on Eve’s first dawn Long lost, no longer known Her sisters’ lot ‒ Oh! How forlorn? This angel soars above them

Bless’d breeze she feels on skin Sun’s warmth need stray no further Uncloth’d she rises ...

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RubiSleepinBuuty 64 F
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Celebrate   8/7/2008

Come and celebrate just one day with me. For each day is my birthday, don’t you see.

Come catch the rays of the sun in each hand. Just you come and catch me if you can.

Won’t you just try and guess how old I AM

On this day I am immortal, I don’t feel any pain, but I AM a portal.

On this day some rain somewhere will fall. Can you wish it to ...

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RubiSleepinBuuty 64 F
4  Articles
Sins   8/7/2008

The darkest veil of shadowed sadness around me lies A trail of tears for one, I yearn, but he does not try To span the distant miles across the azure skies Boundaries kept, passions reserved in check, but why?

I have wont to seek another, tried and failed, why should I bother From my domain, I searched in vain, it makes no difference to the other Still my heart yearns for a mate, for ...

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_JKH54_ 64 M
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Your day!   7/1/2008

May your day be filled with blessings,

like the sun that lights the sky,

and may you always have the courage,

to spread your wings and fly.

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ltw222 70 M
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Have You Ever ........   6/6/2008

Have you ever sung with a sparrow

By imitating it's "tweet"

Though the bird looks a little baffled

Boy, it is a great duet

Have you ever climbed up a tall, thin

And gangly papaya tree

To have it slowly bend down to earth

Because of the weight of thee

Have you ever pulled the pony-tail

Of ...

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ltw222 70 M
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Sunset   5/17/2008

As the blood-red sun sinks into the sea

Beyond the quiet tree-lined sandy beach

The parched Hibiscus and Bougainvillea

Flowers drooping, for water they beseech

Homing birds fly over the sea, green-blue

Above the silhouettes of tall palm trees

Against the sky, a blazing orange hue

As the land is swept by the ...

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ltw222 70 M
35  Articles
Fickle Love   5/13/2008

Your love just like a soft tender caress

Excites and titillates me to the core

Torrid passion, combined with fine prowess

Enthralls and makes me yearning for much more

Entwined lovers, lost in a world, insane

Feasting wildly on a fervent affair

But then, slowly, your love begins to wane

I'm left broken ...

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ltw222 70 M
35  Articles
Negativity   5/11/2008

Why is everyone so negative To deem your post as provocative Your accusations Created tensions And yet, you claim to be positive


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ltw222 70 M
35  Articles
Thunderstorm   4/15/2008

Ominous clouds in downcast sky

Lightning strikes, thunderclaps

Reverberate, as rain clouds cry

Falling rain, round us, wraps

Rattling harsh, the window pane

Trying to get within

The howling wind, amid the rain

Raises one raucous din

Endless raindrops splash and splatter

Drenching the ...

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ltw222 70 M
35  Articles
Tomorrow   4/8/2008

Sometimes life's a joy, happy and gay

Sometimes life sucks, an utter dismay

Whatever it may be

Tomorrow you'll be free

For you cannot take along today


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winkay66 78 F
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Chrysalis   4/3/2008


In my garden hangs a delicate cocoon, suspended by silken thread to delicate bough. The changeling inside waits, shrouded in loneliness, encapsulated in tears, sustained only by what lies within, Faint outlines of beauty-promised show through the glassine walls, sadly only visible to those without.

I wonder: Is this creature aware of its fragile ...

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ltw222 70 M
35  Articles
Opinion   4/3/2008

It's just an opinion one is making

Even when it's used for attacking

If he were to defy

And dare make a reply

Why is it then that he is judging?


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winkay66 78 F
7  Articles
MAGIC   3/28/2008

What magic fosters this yearning Crinkles the face with smiles Provokes the one buried laugh Weakens the limbs And brings that delicious flood of warmth?

And opens the mind to possibilities Accommodates the daydream Threatens the status quo Stirs such hope And ripples on the surface of the heart?

Stardust, alchemy, karma, love? Part of who we are Where we hve been and where we ...

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ltw222 70 M
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If I were to leave first   3/25/2008

If I were to leave first

Do not be sad

Just remember to cherish

The time we've had

I will forever love you

With all my heart

And even in death

We'll never part

This is not farewell

It's not goodbye

For I will be waiting

So please don't cry

It's time to stop mourning ...

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ltw222 70 M
35  Articles
Morn   3/21/2008

I see the rising sun

Peeping above the hill

I see the rays of light

Slicing the early chill

I see the fluffy clouds

Hovering, grey and still

I see the early birds

And hear their songs so shrill

I see the dewy grass

Glistening in the light

I see the flowers bloom

My, ...

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ltw222 70 M
35  Articles
Dancing In The Rain   3/17/2008

There was once a lady who sells tomatoes on the street Red and orange tomatoes, all juicy and so sweet Then one day she decided to chat on the Internet And promptly fell in deep love with someone she'd never met She could not believe that love has blossomed once again In the city of Valenzuela, she went dancing in the rain Yes, in the city of Valenzuela, she went dancing ...

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ltw222 70 M
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A Limerick   3/10/2008

There was once a philosopher

Who aspires to be a writer

Although he writes well

His articles can't sell

Now he has become a blogger

He likes to play with fire

Writes posts that raise people's ire

He stirs the pot

Until it's hot

Not what we all desire

He was then ...

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ltw222 70 M
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There was once a cricket   3/1/2008

There was once a cricket

Who, somehow, obtained a ticket

To watch a game of cricket

In the city of Nantucket

But his stepmother, so wicked

Who dislikes this little cricket

Decided to throw away the ticket

Into the dirty waste basket

Alas the floor of parquet

Was not well-laid and crooked ...

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ltw222 70 M
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Beneath The Open Skies   2/1/2008

Lying here inside the tent

Gazing into the starry night

Snugly wrapped in quiet content

Ensnared by the camp-fire's light

Leaves rustle gently in the breeze

And the tree-tops alluringly sway

As the lost wind through the branches squeeze

Whilst searching for its way

Hoping for a shooting star

To ...

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ltw222 70 M
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When Love dies   1/26/2008

When love dies,

Are you surprised

By its demise

Do you know why

Do you want to cry

When love dies, do you

Mire in sorrow

As the tears flow

Cling to the memories

The forgotten promises

When love dies, can you

Wish him all the best

Harbour no ...

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ltw222 70 M
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I want to dance with a fairy ........   1/18/2008

I want to dance with a fairy

And make my dreams come true

As the kind and lovely lady

Always grant a wish or two

If I were to drink with a goblin

And down pints and pints of ale

Would he take me treasure-hunting

Across meadows and down dale

I would sing with a merry elf


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ltw222 70 M
35  Articles
Love Is Just A Four-letter Word   12/1/2007

Love is just a four-letter word

But do you know what it is?

Believe in me, my dear friend

It's not just eternal bliss

Puppy Love affects the young

The old, and not so old

How do you know it's Puppy Love?

Why, it blows hot and cold

Eternal Love or True Love

Some have the privilege to ...

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ltw222 70 M
35  Articles
With You Beside Me   11/17/2007

With you beside me

On life's meander

Ahead we trudge

With no surrender

Through thick and thin

And tears that splatter

The love we forged

Withstands forever

With you beside me

So soft and tender

You caress my soul

And stoke my fire

My arousal tweaked

To the ...

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ltw222 70 M
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An Ode To The Seniors   11/10/2007

Recently I have met two charming senior ladies. One of them, seated in a wheelchair, would smile broadly and wave at everybody she meets at the Taiping Lake Gardens in the morning. The other, who sells lottery tickets at the market, is friendly and vivacious. Their zest for life has impressed me. As such, I have decided to update a verse that I had previously written.

Dusk is ...

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ltw222 70 M
35  Articles
Stupid Cupid! Start Shooting At Me!   10/14/2007

This article is inspired by anecdotes from Lou's Love Notes Diary

If Cupid's Arrow strikes you in the heart

You'll dream and yearn for his tender kiss For it will lead you to eternal bliss

You want to be forever by his side As a gushing, blushing, beautiful bride

You long to share with him this life With him, the husband, and you, the wife

If ...

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ltw222 70 M
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The Lizard   10/12/2007

I stood by the window and looked outside

And spied the lizard so bravely glide

From up the hill the bold lizard launches

To touch down safely on the Bauhinia's branches

And in case you think I'm talking crap

That cute lizard has a wing-like web

In my garden it plays hide and seek

With lots of insects and bugs to pick ...

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ltw222 70 M
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Can You Show Me The Place   9/28/2007

Can you show me the place

Where dreams go to meet

Where wealth, success and glory

And love, I get to greet

Can you show me the place

Where hopes end their flight

Where I can pick up the pieces

And at last see the light


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ltw222 70 M
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Positive Thinking   9/18/2007

Remember to look at the best case scenario

Because there's always a calm after the storm

You are reading this with a smile so quizzical

But why should we always follow the norm ?


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ltw222 70 M
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Comment Denied   9/13/2007

Yesterday my comment here was denied because of profanity. I went through my comment again but could not find any (profanity).

"We can all look at the same thing but see it differently.

Can we see the same thing if we look at it differently?"

- T.W. Lee

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ltw222 70 M
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"Loneliness is when you need someone's company

Solitude is when you enjoy your own company"

-- T.W.Lee, September 2007

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Catlinghaven 64 F
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Velvet Nights   9/9/2007

I dream a dream of hot and dark Of passion rising, raging, soaring All through the velvet silent nights Tangled sheets hold ankles tight Like fisted hands, so very strong There’s no escape, no way gone and Even so where would I go When all I want is those hands on me Holding on, caressing soft, pressing close My whispered pleas, your guttural words Fill my head, Wrap tight around and ...

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ltw222 70 M
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A Soon-To-Be Famous Chinese Saying   9/1/2007

"If you choose to love, then love with all your might

Your love may not be reciprocated but your right to love cannot be denied"

- T.W.Lee, 2nd September 2007

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ltw222 70 M
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You're in love !   8/31/2007

When you can give everything and still not feel empty

When the very sight of him makes you feel so happy

You're in love !

When you can feel warmth in the depths of winter

When his very presence makes you feel it's summer

You're in love !

When you can see the sunshine in dark gloomy weather

When, in the still ...

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ltw222 70 M
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SFF Battle Ground 2   8/29/2007

Some have left, they can't stand it anymore The fights, the feuds and the complains Of those who remain, many of us are sore That you fighters can't feel our pains

You accuse each other, at the top of your voice Of bullying and all that crap But if you would listen, despite all that noise "It takes two hands to clap"

The thousands of us on this site Aren't impressed by ...

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ltw222 70 M
35  Articles
What's this thing called love ?   8/21/2007

I hold my breath, so you can't hear

My thumping heart, when you get near

I act nonchalant, to disguise my fear

But when you leave, into my heart falls a tear

What's this thing called love ?

Then we start this dating game

Affairs went and affairs came

Raging passions. Raw and untamed

Wild lustful sex. Who's ...

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ltw222 70 M
35  Articles
The Humbug   8/12/2007

There was once a humbug, which can hum rock n roll

Made a number of recordings, and every song hits "gold"

Success after success, it was on a roll !

Then everything came crashing down. Heck, it caught a cold

Footnote:- Catching a cold is fatal for bugs. Even if it were to survive, it would lose it's voice/hum. That is why until today, the ...

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ltw222 70 M
35  Articles
Lament Of An Old Man   8/6/2007

Dusk is here, the day is done

How the years flew by, one by one

Only memories linger, where once was fun

Will I be here, to face tomorrow's sun ?

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TheHag 71 F
26  Articles
Soft Morn   7/22/2007

it's good daylight now through my windowpane a muffler-grey sky whispers a promise of rain the birds are quiet the leaves hang still a spider's web decorates the windowsill a thousand thoughts swirl through my head not a one makes sense i'm going to bed

The Hag 07/22/07

Have a blessed Sunday my friends! Hagitha

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TheHag 71 F
26  Articles
You Stand For Me   7/20/2007

You stand for me on foreign soil, Drawn weapon in your hand, With quick-held breath and sharp-tuned ear, It's my rights that you defend. The life you live is no longer yours, Nor the loved ones left at home, You've sworn at need your all to give, Mind and heart, flesh and bone. There are no words, there is no gift, Nor tribute great enough To bestow upon the brave, true souls Who, ...

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Life Lessons   7/17/2007

I didn't like being married, Turned out, it was never much fun. Seemed nothing I did was worthwhile, Seemed all I'd dreamed was undone.

I recall telling folks, I know what's best for my life. Figured I'd surely ace this, But...guess I was not the best wife.

One night I went out with a friend, We couldn't dance, we didn't smoke. We were both afraid to drink, We were innocents ...

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ltw222 70 M
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Why is it that the grass is green..........   7/9/2007

"Why is it that the grass is green, And why, the wind, never seen"

Read this line in school, When I was still a teen

Stuck in my mind all these years, Wherever I have been

I now share this line with you, Especially you, my queen

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ltw222 70 M
35  Articles
Easy Lays   7/7/2007

A guy, on this site, once say We are looking for an "easy lay" Well, that really made my day I bet he could even hear us bay

I can only wonder why He wants to make the ladies cry And implore plaintively to the sky Who the hell is this guy?

"Easy lay" because of their age? That really fills me with rage Who is this "wise old sage"? To come out with such an adage ...

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TheHag 71 F
26  Articles
Day's Ebb   6/29/2007

I have sown, not wild oats, but bitter rice, And in the darkling morning have often paid the price Of empty, broken dreams bought with too much .....sacrifice. § Yes, I hate the struggle. § Yes, sometimes it's hard. § Yes! I do get angry! and oh, yes. I do get tired. § But when I think about the options, and consider where i might be, § I realize it doesn't matter: I have survived and ...

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TheHag 71 F
26  Articles

Dedicated to the Family and Friends of ParisDreamer

I'll never see a white balloon ..........again my whole life through, That I don't catch my breath and sigh, ..........then smile, as I think of you; O, light, elusive, floating form ..........rising on the wind, The symbol you chose to mark the time ..........that your new life began. And though we mourn the mighty loss ..........of ...

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TheHag 71 F
26  Articles

let me sit in gentle silence, acknowledging the pain that has no words, nor even voice, but falls like holy rain upon the souls of all who mourn, who seek to find that peace the path of hope that winds its way to rest and tears' surcease there is no logic that can shield us from this sword of burning truth and no human wisdom can heal the void left by a beloved youth we know we must accept the ...

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Today's thought...   5/31/2007

You cheered me on in basketball and in everything I've done you've been proud to be my father, I've been proud to be your son. When my life's finally over and our next life has begun We will have to get together for a game of one on one......

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TheHag 71 F
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To Childless Mothers Everywhere   5/1/2007

'Tis true, I have no children, but into my simple life, God sent m any precious little ones, with troubled hearts and minds.

He's given me a tremendous love; an understanding clear, Of all their emptiness and pain, their hopes, their dreams, their fears.

He's let me hold them, O, so close, in my arms, my heart, my prayers,

And He gave to me a place of honor in their ...

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ltw222 70 M
35  Articles
No Inspiration   4/29/2007

To write a poem, to get it right To allow others, to get an insight But struggle I did, with all my might No inspiration, nothing tonight

Rest you say, and sleep real tight To allow my imagination, to take flight Thank you all, for understanding my plight But, no inspiration, nothing tonight

Tomorrow is near, it should be alright Dawn is breaking, sonn it will be ...

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TheHag 71 F
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Midnight   4/7/2007

Along the deserted road, we walk In silence too profound for talk. The ink-black shadows are moonlight kissed, And laced with a soft, white-fingered mist, And where the vine of honeysuckle clings, Fireflies spread transparent wings. Music played by an evening breeze Cries in the willows and sighs in the trees, An old bullfrog, staunch and strong, From his lily pond bursts into song, As from the ...

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TheHag 71 F
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Man Enough   1/13/2007

In this world where nothing matters, Where today is all that counts, Where the answers to your questions, Are only other people's doubts, Where the gods are Barnum and Bailey, Looking for someone they can 'use', Where all roads lead to nowhere, And you're high when you've got the blues, It's good to be reminded, every now and then, That I know a special someone ...

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brightday 73 F
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Doggerel   1/3/2007

Doggerel can be delightful A way to say what you see as rightful In words unhurtful With humor and sizzle Your heart's desire may not fizzle.
Find peace and decency ...and I hope it comes recently.

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TheHag 71 F
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In The Land of Blog   1/1/2007

Dear Lord,
You know, I love it here in Blogland, for in this space I see A world of unique people, all searching, just like me, With diffferent thoughts and feelings, different hopes and dreams, Please grant that I remember, Life's not always as it seems. All here are YOUR CHILDREN, not a single one unwanted, Though we struggle with our loneliness, and long to be rewarded ...

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Still......   12/23/2006

Still... the sound I heard before you the silent heart of dreamless sleep
I heard your voice I held your heart and Still became a memory
In losing you Still has come to find me It fills the days, the lonely nights Still... the silent spring that feels your kiss

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tazmantenn 72 M
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Be aware of the bears   11/28/2006

Bears In The Woods!
In light of the rising frequency of human conflicts with bears in the field, the Department of Fish and Game is advising hikers, hunters, and fishermen to take extra precautions and be observant.
They advise that outdoorsmen wear noisy little bells on their clothing, so as not to startle bears that aren't expecting them.
They also advise ...

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TheHag 71 F
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I remember silver heads, humbly bowed in prayer, I remember songs of praise, when the Lord was truly there, I remember a gentlefolk who worked their lives away, Convinced that One Great God above will make it right one day, I remember country boards set with harvest's fare, Garnered by those work-worn hands, Clasped in faithful prayer!. The Hag (c) 1997

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TheHag 71 F
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for Pawpaw and Fantasy50: FRIENDSHIP'S POWER   10/21/2006

Can you hear me thinking of you? Can you feel my heart's concern? Do you know that friendship's power Does give you a place to turn? Sometimes only friendship, The assurance of its strength, Can bridge the gap that separates Our hearts wand'ring on the brink Of that wide and waveless river That flows forevermore Between the broken hearts on this ...

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TheHag 71 F
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Medals   10/20/2006

A good soldier went home to Glory this morning. He was a wonderful friend. Thank God! I shared this with him as we spent what would be his last Thanksgiving together, in 2005.
they're what you showed me first so caringly arranged in their small case and i could not speak - scarce could breathe to hold so much of your life in my hands so quickly, so ...

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TheHag 71 F
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Dedicated to Ola because she likes it.   9/23/2006

Children of the Seasons By The Hag
When all the world is yellow-green, And lies refreshed in the glow of spring, Back to the hills and fields they come, Laughing, singing, glad to be home.
When a tender earth lies still and sweet, Basking in the summer heat, They sit and muse in their favorite glade, B'neath the green and leafy shade.
When all ...

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TheHag 71 F
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MY CELEBRITY   9/16/2006

GEORGE C. SCOTT October 18, 1927 - September 23, 1999
This body of work, to which you gave your life, Is both strong instruction and priceless delight; It has shown me the world as the world truly is, Has given me courage to fight for ideals, Has helped me find strength when I stood alone, And helped me admit it when I knew was wrong. Among all that I've cherised ...

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TheHag 71 F
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For StillwaterToo, Sycamaria and The Family   8/18/2006

IN MEMORIAM Out of the hours of loneliness Amid the sorrow and pain, My heart yet reaches out to you And continues to call your name.
The love and joy of childhood, Its beauty, innocence and mirth, Reflect in the velvet evening The light now sleeping in earth.
Dreams, visions and memories priceless, Treasured above all of God's gifts, Glow in the light ...

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TheHag 71 F
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Nostalgia   8/5/2006

I walked out in the dark this morning, After a night of rain... Under a soft, grey, misty sky That whispered of soon-coming spring.
I walked past sleeping houses On quiet city streets, I smelled the country far away, And longed to feel earth beneath my feet.
My heart ached for the winding river, Or a remembered country pond, Where the morning mist used to ...

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The Road Ahead ...........   7/18/2006

The road ahead is empty It's paved with miles of the unknown Whatever seems to be your destination Take life the way it comes, take life the way it is. Horizon in the distance So close ..... and yet .... so far away You shouldn't be surprised when on arrival The dream has flown away and fears not here to stay.
The road ahead never gives away a promise The road ahead is a ...

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TheHag 71 F
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for all you infatuous lovers out there ...   7/14/2006

To MY dearest heart:
Walking to meet the bus this morning Through the dark and the rain, I saw you begin to wake, Heard the break In the rhythm of your breath as sleep departed, Marking the smooth transition of your conscious soul; Saw your hand reaching for the remote, Seeking your morning report To know what evil the night has ...

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FreshEmerald 60 F
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The Conduit   7/9/2006

... The pictures I see Are not blue, Or green or brown, But a shade Of which the color Has not been invented, And a shape Which cannot be imagined. How can people be satisfied By accepting someone Without exploring them? Is the connection Only physical?

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*Beginnings*   6/30/2006

Beginnings can be delicate or explosive. They can start almost invisibly or arrive with a big bang. Beginnings hold the promise of new lessons to be learned, new territory to be explored and old lessons to be recalled, practiced and appreciated. Beginnings hold ambiguity, promise, fear and hope. Don't let the lessons, the experiences of the past dampen your enthusiasm for ...

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TheHag 71 F
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Woodstock and Camelot, The Kennedy generation, We waited for the revolution, As we worked to move this nation, "Onward and Upward!", the shining logo read, But, "God! It's hard to study tonight!" And "Oh, my aching head!" Still, we struggled onward, Through strange and changing years, Though the banner now lay buried In ...

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TODAY   6/20/2006

TODAY I will delete from my diary Two days: Yesterday and Tomorrow Yesterday was to learn And Tomorrow will be the consequence of what I can do TODAY.
TODAY I will face Life With the conviction that This Day Will Not Ever Return.
TODAY is the Last Opportunity I have to Live Intensely As no-one can assure me That I will see Tomorrow's Sunrise!

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Tx_Pegasus 70 M
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On Beauty   2/6/2006

True beauty is like the smile that overtakes you when you first spy your soul mate. It starts inside, spreading warmth and radiating throughout until, unable to be contained, it bursts forth for everyone to see and admire. <br> Pegasus (Terry) February, 2004

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MyrddynEmbrys 70 M
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Hell's bells   10/16/2005

waitin for the phone to ring, is like waiting for the second coming, ahh but when it finaly rings. it s someone sellin something it RINGS, and i pick it up with much anticipation, and its just some schmuck trying to peddle a vacation a curse on the man who invented the phone, . its just another albatross when you are alone i just dont understand why i dont get any calls, i ...

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MyrddynEmbrys 70 M
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Twang   10/15/2005

cupid shot an arrow aimed it at my heart but i suddenly turned around for deflection is my art <br> its not love i need cause love can realy suck just a willing partner and a quiet place to <br> so cupid took his arrow back and wished me lots of luck and said love is what it will cost if you want to <br> so now im stuck ...

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MyrddynEmbrys 70 M
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Wonder   9/17/2005

Soft, the wonder of your voice thru my ears, fills my soul, The magic of your gentile face makes me heal, makes me whole. <br> When softly you enter the room it lights my eyes with delight. Thru the deepest, darkest gloom your radience brings sunlight to my night <br> Without a trace of selfishness you give freely , from the heart With the power of ...

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MyrddynEmbrys 70 M
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Care Package   9/13/2005

No matter how long you walk life's trail with a smile to hide your fears no matter how often you fail with laughter to hide your tears no matter weather you try to live your dreams or live like there's no tomorrow no matter how lonesome life sometimes seems feeling burried by your own sorrow so, when life seems to bury you with all it sends leaving you lonely sad and blue ...

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MyrddynEmbrys 70 M
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Dreams?   9/12/2005

Our tongues entwined, in rhythmic dance as i, your lips sweet nectar taste eyes slight open, sultry glance i melt in the beauty glowing from your face <br> by arms surrounded, mine and thine our hearts together beating lost in distance no sense of time reality's grasp retreating <br> lost in passion beyond pride all self control eroding the final thrust, deep ...

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MyrddynEmbrys 70 M
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Oh day at a time   9/10/2005

I didn't mean to hurt you, or to make you cry It wasn't my intent to make you blue But things didn't work out, i have no idea why But , Oh baby, all i wanted to do was love you <br> I have no idea when things went wrong You were always serious when i wanted to play ahh, we sounded so good when we sang the same song But , Oh Baby, i never ment to drive you away <br> ...

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MyrddynEmbrys 70 M
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Fakin it   9/10/2005

They had tried going out with others, but THAT never lasted long They KNEW they were ment to be together They were schoolyard sweethearts, their love was young and strong They never planned for stormy weather <br> some how they survived the early years life was a little work and a lot of play working things out with a balance of laughter and years juggling between jobs and ...

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MyrddynEmbrys 70 M
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EMPTYNESS   9/10/2005

cast adrift, alone and lost at sea at times it feelslike theres no one but me compass useless, at th emercy of the wind is THIS my punishment, how have i so sinned?? <br> no one left to try to understand no one left to reach and lend a hand no way can i see to avoid the rain no way can i find to dodge th epain <br> everywhere i turn another door closes i Find all ...

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MyrddynEmbrys 70 M
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ANgel Kisses   9/9/2005

Shall we share angel kisses?? shall we ride upon our lips the path to heaven? be lifted upon wings of firey passions to fall like Icarus into the sun of our desires for i feel your lips calling me, with a promise fulfillment to free my soul from its prison of yearning. I await the petal soft touch of your sweet lips. <br> ©1999 Myrddyn Embrys <br> ...

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Katie_au_lait 73 F
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I believe   8/26/2005

I believe- <br> that we don't have to change friends <br> if we understand that friends change. <br> <br> <br> I believe- <br> that no matter how good a friend is, <br> they're going to hurt you every once in a while and <br> you must forgive them for that. <br> <br> <br> I believe- <br> ...

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Katie_au_lait 73 F
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A Poem On Aging   8/26/2005

When an old lady died in the geriatric ward of a hospital in England, it appeared she had left nothing of value. The nurse, packing up her possessions, found this poem. The quality so impressed the staff that copies were distributed to all the nurses in the hospital. This poem then later appeared in the Christmas edition of "Beacon House News, " a magazine of the Northern Ireland ...

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MyrddynEmbrys 70 M
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PATH   8/16/2005

As I meander down the path of life my happiness, i try to nuture trying to dodge pain, despair and strife i seek the visions of my future <br> I don't know what im looking for hopefuly i'll know it, whatever i may find but i fear i may have had it before and foolishly left it far behind <br> among our urges dreams and wants our passions and our fires the ...

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MyrddynEmbrys 70 M
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masque   8/16/2005

He always wears his "public"face to hide the thoughts within He always appears out of place and never quite fits in <br> You wonder why his eyes are dim and never match his smile you'll never get too close to him not even for a while <br> He'll never let you touch his soul there's nothing there to gain the game of life has taken it's toll and he'll never ...

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MyrddynEmbrys 70 M
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never too late   8/15/2005

once again, or so it seems, She prepares for a flight on wings of broken dreams still awaiting a shining Knight hoping that his armour gleems bright enough to dispell the night, <br> wondering how she is suddenly old, why her mirror no longer lies Too long, alone and cold, in lonliness she sighs wishing only friendly arms, to hold her closely when she cries <br> ...

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MyrddynEmbrys 70 M
17  Articles
Mirror Image   8/15/2005

You are not truly the person you see in the mirror that image is not the real you For the mirror can not reflect the hope in your heart or the depth of feelings in your eyes Nor the spirit that may get kicked down but never quits neither the fire of your passions nor the love you have to give it cant even reflect the dreams tucked in your mind The mirror can only see the surface, ...

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MyrddynEmbrys 70 M
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Echo   8/14/2005

somehow this is not where i'd Planned to be at this the autumn stage of my life i had pictured things quite differently a little more pleasure, a little less strife <br> There are many lessons that life has taught i have learned the feeling of being lonely while not being alone Though it's not the situation i would have sought it's like living in a house that's no longer ...

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MyrddynEmbrys 70 M
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Chrysalis   8/14/2005

life has been a long struggle yet you survived thru the years i wish i could have been there to whisper encouragement in your ears so slip into the shelter of my arms and let me hug away your fears let me take your face into my hands and i shall kiss away your tears <br> As i look at the lines on your face i can see the pain-shadow in your eye when i listen to your ...

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MyrddynEmbrys 70 M
17  Articles
The Call   8/13/2005

In the evening while passing, by soft silence surrounded, at the timewhen the shifting shadows darken, on the wind a mournful song sounded, and did i pause to harken. <br> at first i wasnt sure that what i heard was true, the distant voice of a lady fair singing, lonesome, blue carried to me on the evening air. <br> i looked around at forest and plain in what ...

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MyrddynEmbrys 70 M
17  Articles
The Tower   8/13/2005

She sits on the sidelines behind cynical armour, silent, always watchfull of the follies of mankind <br> In sadness tinged with sorrow she waits for a tomorrow that will uncover feelings so long ago left behind. <br> and therein lies her secret the hidden beauty within long hidden in a tower built one layer at a time <br> By sadness it was ...

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frenchsalsa2 72 F
29  Articles
HOW TRUE IT IS   12/6/2004

(A friend of mine passed this on to me and I felt it was so 'à propos' for this column...enjoy!) <br> <br> Another year has passed and we're all a little older. Last summer felt hotter and winter seems much colder. <br> There was a time not long ago when life was quite a blast. Now I fully understand about "Living in the Past" <br> We ...

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frenchsalsa2 72 F
29  Articles
Twas The Night Before Christmas   12/6/2004

Twas the night before Christmas--Old Santa was p--sed. He cussed out the elves and threw down his list. <br> Miserable litttle brats, ungrateful litttle jerks. I have a good mind to scrap the whole works ! <br> I've busted my a-s for damn near a year. Instead of "Thanks Santa"--what do I hear? The old lady bitches cause I work late at night. The elves want more ...

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frenchsalsa2 72 F
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Message in The Stars   12/6/2004

Message in The Stars <br> Can you read the stars shining very bright? Can you read the stars in the sky at night? Words in light that shine and twinkle with the sign. Words across the sky saying that you’re mine. Infinite the words telling of love strong. Words expounding ever with me you belong. In the heavens words of love there for all to see. Words that shine ...

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frenchsalsa2 72 F
29  Articles
Deep Love   12/6/2004

(This was sent to me long ago from someone very dear to me who has since passed on. So, since I've just located it once again, I would like to share it with all of you): <br> Deep Love <br> Love is an extension of things within my heart. It has always been there from the very start. Deep within this soul of mine expression is the need. Listen to the things I say to ...

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frenchsalsa2 72 F
29  Articles
A Poem to Share   11/26/2004

I just had to share this lovely poem I found among my personal treasures...from years gone by: <br> <br> She came some sweet song..... And swept me off my feet. <br> We talked and laughed..and got along.... I couldn't wait to meet. <br> I can't define, with any name... This kid I feel inside. <br> It's nice she feels the very ...

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1happysoul 70 F
4  Articles
My Own   11/24/2004

~ My Own ~ <br> I have ridden mountain trails where few have dared to go And marveled at the majesty of peaks white capped with snow. I have seen the red hawk take to flight and eagles soar on high Wings spread wide in graceful glide across an azure sky. I made my bed in hidden meadows where grass grows lush and deep And while the northern lights did dance I counted stars to ...

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1happysoul 70 F
4  Articles
Always   11/24/2004

Always <br> Too soon my love, the day will come when I must take my leave And not because I choose to, so I pray that you’ll not grieve. I’d rather that your heart rejoice because you know I cared And smile at the memories of all the things we’ve shared There is no point to wish in vain that we could have more time Far better to be grateful that this was so ...

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1happysoul 70 F
4  Articles
Dawn   11/24/2004

~ Dawn ~ <br> Dressed in radiant robes of a pale crimson hue Hemmed with threads of gold and pearls of silver dew, She rises slowly from her bed and bids the night to go Then glides across the heaven’s threshold, blushing, all aglow. <br> Flowers lift their heads and smile, the birds break into song. The rooster heralds her coming, “Wake up, ...

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frenchsalsa2 72 F
29  Articles
My Grandson   11/20/2004

(My late hubby wrote this for our grandson, the apple of his eye; he would always perk up when our little guy came into a room...and yes, he is missed!) <br> <br> My Grandson <br> Little grandson don’t you know? One day soon that I must go. No more will I play your game. I must go whence Adam came. <br> I watched you from a baby grow. ...

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frenchsalsa2 72 F
29  Articles
Vengeance   11/9/2004

Out of the darkness of my mind Feelings of vengence arise Of recent encounters left behind Forming thoughts no more wise <br> Are these feelings real or a dream We don't always know for sure Because we keep them on stream We no longer can find the cure <br> Rejection and disappointment amass To the point we no longer can endure Emotions become fragile as ...

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frenchsalsa2 72 F
29  Articles
The Age of Fifty Something   11/9/2004

We thought that we would never get there Reflecting back on those early years From a time that we did not have a care To a time today with many fears <br> In our fifties not far from the pension We begin to wind down our working life At an age we do not care to mention We end our many long years of strife <br> At a time in life when we should be happy Instead ...

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frenchsalsa2 72 F
29  Articles
The Chat Room   11/9/2004

Chat rooms allow you to be Any person that you are not For those who are there see Their pasts are now forgot <br> Making new friends on line Is not as simple as it seems Personalities that appear fine Are not ones with the means <br> Being careful not to attract In this pretend world on the wire All that is revealed may not be fact Going from frying pan ...

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frenchsalsa2 72 F
29  Articles
The Wheel   11/1/2004

The wheel turns round and round Into our life every day it revolves Natures energy no longer abound Our thirst for travel it absolves <br> Look at the wheel today How it affects our personal life Pollution it spues into our airway Poisoning our minds causing strife <br> It can be both good and bad Connecting the world in many ways Transporting the new grad Or ...

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frenchsalsa2 72 F
29  Articles
Ode to Mom   11/1/2004

Mom's passing has left a void in my heart As I reflect back on the times we had Tears fill my eyes now that we are apart When on Mother's Day I become sad <br> I spent more time with mom than with dad Since she survived longer than he Mom was the fabric of the family I had But dad was real strength to me <br> Mom never expected much from others She was always ...

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BrokenLady2000 75 F
20  Articles
Drama Called Life.   7/19/2004

In the drama called Life, the control we have over our destiny, is as a "shadow-puppet" on a darkened stage. The gloom is suffocating, when FATE presses hardships on our beings. Only stubborn, determined mind-set can "cut-the-strings", Thus releasing freedom to revitalize hopes and dreams. To give up is foolish, to push forward is refreshing to our spirit. Since this drama is in the ...

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"Gentle Is the Night" (a hot summer night in 2003)   7/8/2004

Gentle Is the Night (a hot summer night in 2003) <br> Sitting here… reading my friends, With window raised to the breeze… I listen to the owl that softly hoots in the trees. <br> Thinking here…reading my friends, With leg raised upon the chair… That I really should be tucked in bed, for this is getting me nowhere. <br> ...

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A Poem For the Widows and Widowers   7/8/2004

I gaze peacefully up at your star tonight As it flickers freely, blue and white... Remembering how sweetly we loved that night... The night before you became my starlight. <br> Hugs for us all... <br> PrairieSky

0 Comments, 33 Views, 12 Votes ,5.63 Score
BrokenLady2000 75 F
20  Articles
Moment To Moment   6/25/2004

Moment to moment along the way, We`re chasing our dreams from day to day. Angry or heartsick, happy or glad, We except Life`s lessons, be it good or bad. Living is learning, troubles or falls, Sometimes it feels like the back`s to the walls. Trial and error-we gain or we lose, Kicking and screaming, even singing the blues. No matter what`s given, we say thanks be to Heaven, ...

0 Comments, 10 Views, 27 Votes ,0.61 Score
BrokenLady2000 75 F
20  Articles
Thoughts   6/9/2004

Some dreams are illusions, they "flash" then they fade-leaving residue of both cynical and jade.So hopeful on one hand, so down on the other, seems everyone`s too selfish, both friend, even brother.Where are the heart-whole, loving, caring??To keep faith and stay strong on the soul`s daily wearing.You grow-up thinking "doing right" is the answer.Just to have loved ones shatter dreams--like ...

0 Comments, 5 Views, 8 Votes ,4.87 Score
Heavens Door   5/23/2004

Today's the day you completely changed my life Today's the day that you became my wife and now the world looks so much lovelier to me and as you stay that's how it's always going to be... <br> For now the sun shines brighter, I hear more laughter and I feel things I've never felt before my dear you've helped me open heaven's door <br> So as we walk together down ...

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"Death??"   5/6/2004

Death?? Oh yes! I'm familiar with him. He has taken my brother, my sister, my friend. He has taken my nephew, my granddaughter too. He has taken the old, he has taken the new. <br> And each time he came he tore me apart and left my such a big hole in my heart, but all you who loved me, knew of my pain and helped until I felt normal again. <br> Still I know that ...

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1happysoul 70 F
4  Articles
My Own   4/27/2004

~ My Own ~ I’ve seen the red hawk take to flight and eagles soar on high, Wings spread wide in graceful glide across an azure sky. I’ve ridden mountain trails where few have dared to go, And marveled at the majesty of peaks white capped with snow. I’ve made my bed in hidden meadows where grass grows lush and deep And while the northern lights did dance I counted ...

0 Comments, 13 Views, 41 Votes ,1.12 Score
Us!!!!   4/22/2004

It was twenty years ago today you came into my life to stay I have never felt more okay and I know you feel the same. <br> Through out all those twenty years we've wiped away each others tears. You've helped me conquer every fear that's why I always want you near. <br> So now to heaven I implore please, won't you give us twenty more ...

0 Comments, 39 Views, 37 Votes ,5.27 Score
Tiny Fingers   4/20/2004

Tiny fingers wrapped around my thumb, baby's laughter, your face is full of crumbs. Lie beside the one who gave you birth. She and I will tell you the wonders of the earth. <br> The beauty as the sunrise starts a brand new day. The wonder of a smile that chases tears away. Flowers in the spring time, the colored leaves of fall. The wonder of a friend with whom to share it ...

0 Comments, 29 Views, 52 Votes
All He Sees...........   4/12/2004

White cloud in a blue sky Looks so lovely to my eye. The green leaf as its floating down to the different colored ground. These are things that we see every day <br> but someone unlike me and you would love to see the things we do. This is what he'll never find, for you see the man is blind. All he sees is blackness every day. Still he's ...

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BrokenLady2000 75 F
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This Sinner`s Prayer   4/10/2004

Lord, if this is a test, did I pass ?? With all the problems coming hard and fast?? You know I believe in you, but will you see me through?? When the troubles out before me seem so vast.I know I can turn to you when no one cares, my hope, my faith, my sorrow, I often share.Without your guiding light, I couldn`t make it through the lonely night, so thank you, Lord, for listening to this ...

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The Mind   4/7/2004

When trying to quiet the mind, glimpses of memories come to the surface to haunt my solitude, causing chaos.Reflections of past dreams stand as sentries, showing what-if`s, and lost hopes from by-gone-days, leaving in their wake, meager sorrows.

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Seven til two...   4/1/2004

It was seven til two, it was heaven with you It was pure delight. You were with me at 1:53 It was a magical night. You made me smile, for such a long while We were as one as two people can be. It was heaven with you at seven til two Yes it was 1:53 <br> We had so much to say that all the next day We walked hand in hand. Together we walked. Together we talked. ...

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Lullaby   3/28/2004

My little child the day is through I hope that it was good to you your precious face has made me smile Now let me sing to you awhile <br> There was a time I felt alone your mother came, we made our home and now you're here and you're so sweet I need no more, my life's complete. <br> So close your eyes and go to sleep your mom and I will try to keep you safe ...

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Reformed   3/25/2004

Sometimes I sit and wonder- where would I be today If instead of coming to our house, you'd gone some other way My father was a drunkard up until the day you came But since that day you left our house he has never been the same. When you left my father changed, in the process he changed me. Had you not come so long ago, today, where would I be? Would my children be my ...

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I Served Too   3/24/2004

When ordered in 66-67 to Vietnam, his honor and pride said it was the right thing to do.The one that came home was a diseased shell of the man that went.I watched helplessly as he struggled with the endless nightmares, when reality was too much to comprehend.I held him tightly in my arms trying to stop the "shakes" that never end.For 20 years he smoked and drank hoping to forget and forgive ...

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The Power of Innocent Love. [ about 9-11 ]   3/24/2004

With all the terror and trauma of the past month`s events, people`s hearts are heavy with grief and sadness.Thank God for a 2-yr.old grandson`s smile, giggle, and hug to lift the spirit and make one understand ALL is not lost.Emotions run high and anger abounds when you feel helpless.Reality won`t be absorbed into your mind, because to comprehend the complete truth of the future that may ...

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A Man`s Touch   3/23/2004

A man`s touch, when anger and conflict is shown, can be harsh, cruel and hurtful.When loving concern and friendship are behind that touch, warmth, a protective haven, and the center of home are revealed.A man`s touch, with tools, is decisive, disciplined, and dedicated to meeting goals, and accomplishing work.A man`s touch, if children are involved, brings complex signals forward that he ...

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No Such Thing As Forever   3/22/2004

When we meet and are attracted like magnets, we vow forever.When emotions run hot and passions rise high, we claim, true love.With time and age we realise, that words and feelings are fleeting things, like whispers in the night.No one is promised tomorrow, we only have today, so please think before you make a commitment about how your words relate to others hopes and dreams, because love ...

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