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Explaining AstrologyBrad Pitt...Saturn in Aquarius in the 3rd. House.3/6/2013  2  
Explaining AstrologyExplanation of John Lennon's Birth Chart.1/22/2013  0  
SEEING EYE TO EYECollege Football Bowls12/19/2010  3  
SEEING EYE TO EYEJ.D. Salinger, Anyone?1/30/2010  3  
Widows n WidowersNew to this group7/18/2009  2  
Younger Women for Older MenOlder Group Newbie6/23/2009  1  
Older men for younger womenOlder Group Newbie6/23/2009  1  
PennineLinkRose-Bless Her5/5/2009  3  
Younger men, older womenSo Sorry4/24/2009  2  
SEEING EYE TO EYEThe U.S. Electoral College9/14/2008  4  
Interracial RelationshipsSlowing down??9/5/2008  9  
PennineLinkLeft Or Right Handed ?;)6/29/2008  11  
USA Political ViewsA Court Victory for Republicans in Texas6/5/2008  0  
Erotic and Sensual PoetryTWIN MOONS.1/25/2008  0  
Younger men, older womenAny Southern Cal Young Men: Orange County, Beach Areas12/30/2007  1  
Writer's UnanimousReference Books12/2/2007  4  
Speak Your MindFootball11/11/2007  0  
PennineLinkLocation, location, location.11/7/2007  8  
SEEING EYE TO EYELooking for the perfect town9/2/2007  7  
SEEING EYE TO EYELooking for Evil in Everyday Life6/4/2007  12  
SEEING EYE TO EYESmart A$$ Answers5/16/2007  8  
Interracial RelationshipsWhat Black Men Think4/21/2007  0  
BookBabes And FriendsI FLUNKED THAT ONE!3/25/2007  4  
PennineLinkIt's difficult3/22/2007  3  
Do you love Reggae?Eek-a-Mouse3/8/2007  1  
PennineLinkHolidays!2/14/2007  4  
Senior Singles Social ClubThe Birthday Gift1/24/2007  0  
Auburn/OpelikaLooking for a MILF11/14/2006  0  
PDX Musicmusic group10/25/2006  1  
Disabilities, Aging, & DatingREHAB REDUX8/11/2006  4  
health kicklooking to meet new people in Houston8/4/2006  2  
Younger men, older womenYounger, but experienced male looking for an older lover in Palm Bay Fla.7/8/2006  0  
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Mature LoveYour first solo Turkey Day11/13/2005  3  
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Adult Friend FindersYour first solo Turkey Day11/8/2005  7  
Adult Friend FindersYour first solo Turkey Day11/8/2005  0  
Dahlonega, GAPeople Who Love Arts & Crafts8/13/2005  0  
BBW Pearls of WisdomLARGE is not a problem with MEN7/17/2005  31  
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Senior Singles Social ClubSenior Funnies6/5/2005  1  
Cat Lovers Uniteintroduction--my cats3/24/2005  0  
Life After 50...the Best YearsReturning to College2/25/2005  0