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You Just Won't Believe It !
Posted:Feb 8, 2019 12:16 am
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2019 2:29 pm
Last night, after enjoying a few cans of beer, I got into bed just after midnight and I fell asleep almost immediately. When I woke to use the bathroom at 3:30 I somehow contrived to lock myself out of my room dressed only in my underwear.

There was no rea whatsoever for me to leave the room and I have no recollection whatsoever of what it was that induced me to go outside of it and allow the door to slide over and close tightly behind me.

I have often done that sort of thing before, as was witnessed by Maudie many times, but on this occasion I was not sleepwalking and I was fully conscious if, perhaps, a little dim minded at the time. That simple, but very serious, error put me in a terrible predicament because I was confined in a short and narrow corridor with no means to use a toilet or do anything else other than stand and wait until reception was manned at 8am unless someone else could come to my rescue sooner.

What an unholy mess to place myself in and not a soul to blame except Moi! I was instantly reminded of the occasion in Sweden when Maudie managed to lock us out of our room in the hotel beside the garage just five minutes after we had arrived there and I was dressed only in underwear on that occasion too. Fortunately a man working in a car rental premises next door managed, by whatever means, to gain entry to the room for us and allow us back inside within about twenty minutes.

So, I had a potential wait of four and a half hours and no means of using a toilet which was the rea I was out of my bed in the first place. I managed to hold 'my fire' for twenty minutes but by then it was getting tougher by the minute. There were doors for five rooms in the corridor and I was in #5 which was the furthest one from reception.
At 3:50, just as I was facing the imminent prospect of just urinating on the bare floor, which wasn't carpeted, thank God, I noticed a door with no number on it and when I opened it I found it t be a very narrow cubby hole that was used for housing the electric fuse board and some plumbing connections. The floor in it was just raw and uncovered concrete and I knew right away that that was the place where I would be relieving myself if 'the cavalry' didn't come to my rescue in time, which, at that stage, needed to be very soon.

Then just a couple of minutes later, mercifully, and to my great relief, a young American guy, named David, rolled home from a night out and he was able to gain access to reception and the kitchen area and allow me to take up temporary residence there for the rest of my 'vacation'. There was a toilet in the kitchen and I availed of that in double quick time, but was it worth all the bother? LOL.

I now had the means to make unlimited cups of tea but there was not as much as a single biscuit or slice of bread to eat. There are two sofas in the kitchen area and I was able to sit on one and use two small cushions to cover my modesty and help to keep my bare legs from going numb with the cold. David was very sympathetic about my situation and I was very grateful to him for turning a nightmare into just a run of the mill bad dream. It was only after he had gone, to where, or which room, I didn't know, that it dawned on me that I should have asked to borrow a sheet or blanket from him but it was too late for that now.

I didn't get particularly lucky after that and almost three hours later I was still whiling away the time, ever so slowly, and drinking my umpth cup of tea when, at 6:50, a mature French couple came along to leave their room key in a box at reception for that purpose. Not surprisingly they thought I was the night porter and the man handed the key of room #14 to me.

They must surely have been wondering why I was dressed so scantily before I put them out of their misery and explained my plight to them. At least I managed to and put smiles on their faces and send them off with a slightly unorthodox expression of 'Bon voyage'.

It was only after they had gone, beyond recall, that it struck me to go to their room and borrow a blanket. Unfortunately there are codes for entering the hotel's doors on each floor and the one for the next level up was different to the one on my level and I couldn't gain access to their room. Back on went the kettle and the tea drinking spree continued, seamlessly.

At 7:05 a young, and very tall, Polish chap named Adrian happened along and he knew the code for the upper level. Just to make sure that I didn't create any more problems for myself I convinced him to go upstairs with me so that I wouldn't run the risk of getting stranded again. Then I took a light bedspread from the bed in room #14 and if I had had that all night it would have made my situation a lot more bearable than it actually was.

Throughout the long lonely night I tried to ensure that I wouldn't look at my watch in time lapses of less than five minutes and I managed to achieve that with just one exception. Adrian had his own food with him but it had to be cooked and I told him my life story while he was preparing his breakfast. I have been in Poland eleven times and I told him what cities I had stayed in and which Nazi death camps, four, I had visited.

With Adrian for company, I hadn't looked at my watch for over twenty minutes when the janitor arrived on the scene at 7:30 and when I explained to him what had happened he let me into my room right away without a moment's delay even though he couldn't speak English. As soon as I got into my house shorts. I went back to the kitchen to thank Adrian and he posed for a selfie picture with me. He is so tall that he makes me look like a dwarf. It is now 8:35 and I have decided to post this unique little adventure as a blog exactly as I have written it here in my diary - live.

How to post pictures on a blog
Posted:Oct 24, 2018 10:34 am
Last Updated:Dec 14, 2018 2:04 pm
I'm not aware of any limit on the amount of pictures you can attach in one montage but I have combined as many as twenty in one go in the past:

1) Go to Photoscape and select the combine option.

2) Drag the relevant pictures into the frame one by one.

3) Select 'down' from the options at top right of page to place the pictures in descending order as opposed to being in a horizontal line across.

3) Put a margin of 25 or 30 between pictures in yellow or white for the later insertion of titles.

4) There will be no white or yellow margin to insert a title beneath the last picture so what I do is add a superfluous picture to the final selection and then remove it by cropping but retain the margin that will appear above it. See the example on my montage - the very tip of the cropped out picture can be seen beneath the margin.

I have just noticed that members can now add as many as ten pictures to a blog, it used to be just one (montage) so you may not the instructions I have given, unless you want to post more than ten pictures.

To title pictures go to PhotoScape and drag your picture or montage into the frame then click on 'Object' at bottom left. Then click on the single T and a menu with a range of options will appear that allows you to choose the size, colour and font of the titles. Size 28 is a good fit for a margin set at 30.

Type the desired title in the text box and as you type the characters will appear simultaneously in the text box and in the centre of the frame. When the title is complete just drag it from the centre to the margin underneath the picture and click 'Save'. To title a montage just scroll down to each picture in turn and repeat the process.

I find it best to save the titled pictures on my desktop and add them to the blog from there.

I hope there is sufficient, and clear enough, information above to enable you to complete the task.

Foto Friday: Christmas Scene
Posted:Dec 9, 2017 1:28 am
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2018 12:22 pm
I put a huge amount of effort into producing a good series of pictures for this week but the best I could manage is what you see below; a picture of a colourful store window and a couple of tiny village scenes taken at home.


Foto Friday
Posted:Dec 1, 2017 11:52 pm
Last Updated:Feb 19, 2019 1:42 pm

Due to being away in Rome for a week we didn't get around to putting up the Christmas decorations yet. Usually they would be up by now but all I have to go with at the moment are pictures from last year which were taken on November 26.
I'm Back - all of me
Posted:Dec 1, 2017 4:03 pm
Last Updated:Dec 29, 2017 3:26 am

After being banned in/from my original SFF account as Lothringia for over 4½ years, upon appeal, the abuse team at SFF have deemed me to be suitably rehabilitated to be allowed to resume from where I left off after some very dubious complaints got me banned in April 2013.

Henceforth, I intend to participate a bit more in the blog section than I have done over the past few years using secondary handles. Just as I prepare to resurrect my participation I'm very pleased to see that the exceptional poet, comedic and astrology writer, Mr Ronald King, is also back on the scene just ahead of me. I will be participating in Sandy's revamped Foto Friday starting in the morning - Irish time.
It Seems That I Only Imagined These Remarks Were Meant As Insults - REPOST
Posted:Apr 2, 2013 7:38 am
Last Updated:Jul 5, 2018 2:51 pm

I thought these comments referring to me by the drama queen were slights against me, but seemly I was overly sensitive and only imagined they were meant to be insulting.

"Don't get too excited. He promised he'd always remain here to continue his battle to shed the light of 'truth' on us all. He is obsessed with and possessed by his anointed mission.

Then again .... maybe he finally blew ALL of his gaskets. Maybe he's in an asylum somewhere restrained from damaging himself any further. That be the case, I'd feel really, really badly.

This (SFF removed a word here) claimed that SFF was launched in 2005. Did you note that? Well, I've been here since Sept. of 2003, and there were lots of peeps here long before me! Have to wonder just where he musters his 'facts,' huh?"

BTW: Her final paragraph was completely wrong and it was actually her that mustered some of her own 'facts' incorrectly.

Click here ---> [post 158841]
Drama Queen's and Her Lie Exposed
Posted:Apr 2, 2013 3:57 am
Last Updated:Apr 3, 2013 2:46 pm

Quoting the drama queen

"Coach ... When he leaves momentarily, he's busy combing blogs for perception of 'slight'. The post I made that he included in his first of five was not even remotely referring to HIM."

Click here --->[post 159843]

The Drama Queen Supreme of SFF claims that when she dredged up those words below in red, which contain a major boo boo, she was not referring to me. She even admitted it on in a blog she posted "UH OHHHHHHHHH" that she later deleted because she didn't get any of the support she was expecting when she posted it. How cowardly can you get.

Does anyone want to make a liar of themselves by declaring that they believe her? Some of you have done that sort of thing before with regard to the blond so I do expect a few takers to show up. But remember this; what she claimed I said and what I actually did say were not that much different....and although I'm loath to admit it....I can prove it.

"Don't get too excited. He promised he'd always remain here to continue his battle to shed the light of 'truth' on us all. He is obsessed with and possessed by his anointed mission.

Then again .... maybe he finally blew ALL of his gaskets. Maybe he's in an asylum somewhere restrained from damaging himself any further. That be the case, I'd feel really, really badly.

This claimed that SFF was launched in 2005. Did you note that? Well, I've been here since Sept. of 2003, and there were lots of peeps here long before me! Have to wonder just where he musters his 'facts,' huh?"

Hey Queenie, If not me, then which were you referring to - where are that yahoo guy's remarks?

Who'll be the first liar, oops, I mean the second liar, to come forward here.
I Only Imagined That This Comment Was a Slight Against Me #5
Posted:Apr 1, 2013 1:06 pm
Last Updated:Apr 2, 2013 12:15 am

I foolishly thought that this gentle and sensitive comment by Utah woman was an attack on me but seemingly I was wrong.

"I guess that you must really have difficulty reading or comprehending. What part of "we don't care" do you fail to comprehend? Your convoluted thought process and self conceived slights and resentments are of no concern to us. We have lives that don't involve loading our gullet with brew so that we can pretend to be manly or worthy of notice.

"Did you not comprehend what I said earlier about your blogs being overly long to the point of being boring? Do you understand? boring!!!

"I have no need or desire to defend what I have said about you. Your actions and your words are evident for all to see. Once again,in your comment above, you feel compelled to justify your existence by telling everyone about your lame accomplishments. For your information, real men do not need to shout about their inconsequential attempts at achieving noteworthiness. They are not braggarts, drunkards, and weak sniveling creeps. Do you not understand? We Do Not Care!!!"

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I Only Imagined That This Comment Was Meant As a Slight Against Me #4
Posted:Apr 1, 2013 12:56 pm
Last Updated:Apr 1, 2013 1:21 pm

It Seems That This Post By Utah woman Wasn't Meant To Be Insulting Either

"I responded to your lame attempts to discredit a member of this site. Your ignorance and your mean spirit, once I pointed it out, became apparent for all to see. You are in such deep denial of the poor example of manhood that you are that you will probably never wake up in this lifetime. Why do you think that it is your duty to try to bring another per to account. Especially when the account is concocted in your own mind. Especially when you show no, I repeat no respect for a woman.

"The fact that you claim the dubious honor of a poll in a fifth ranked web site where a few people picked you out as the best of the worst is a sure sign of the weak sniveling creep that you are.

"I will say one thing for you though. You are consistent in a few things the first is that you are consistently trying to assert yourself in the most terrible ways. Additionally you are consistent in your wardrobe. What is it that you call your style? Is it early thrift store, single suit or is it named dumpster diving?

"Go back under your rock where you belong. You are dismissed again!"

Click here --->[post 158841] to read all the exchanges between us.
I Only Imagined This Was Meant As a Slight against Me #3
Posted:Apr 1, 2013 12:43 pm
Last Updated:Apr 1, 2013 1:23 pm

I imagined that this comment from Utah woman was a slight against me but I didn't know that it wasn't until Earthyterror told me that it was only a harmless and benign observation

"What a sad sad copy of a man you are. You find meaning in what someone claimed about your long winded, overly convoluted, poorly photographed and boring, did I mention boring posts. You truly are what others have said about you and I have perally come to observe. Go crawl back under your rock you are dismissed."

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