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In Victory, Magnaninity
Posted:Oct 17, 2018 5:49 am
Last Updated:Oct 18, 2018 11:41 am

" Sir Winston Churchill said, ‘in victory, magnanimity.’ I guess those days are over,” Scott Kelly tweeted Sunday."

The twitter responses ticked me off......

Primarily the so called LIBERAL responses....

Then after getting ticked.. I realized how stupid some Liberals are... how prejudiced they "politically correct" they to be.... for some they fell into a trap that Conservative, set... for others it was just the way they think.... Just the same as Trumpian supporters

If you haven't heard.. basically the twitter responses were about Winston Churchill.

Liberals calling him a racist and White Supremacist....

First of all.. not that stupid.. to believe twitter accounts are REAL people... I kind of judge it by the purpose and design... to determine the level of it's truthfulness. along with my past experience with people.

So to explain that.. First thing is the truthfulness of the tweets about Churchill are meaningless to me. In the context of the "quote"..
Second.. the end result... of a context about Churchill... totally distracted and diverted the context of the quote
The "political correctness" as exhibited by Liberals.. did nothing but service the purpose of Conservative..
So the purpose and design of the responses came into question.. the truth of the distraction and diversion came into question... And why would "someone" want to diminish the quote, who wasn't Conservative? And maybe it was just"fake tweets"

Anyway.. let's assumes Liberals are THAT STUPID.. to cut their own throat.. Then they are also too stupid to not understand the quote, and not abide by the quote.

I have to deal with the National Right... about almost everything.. about it..
Who said it.. and not about what was said... who said it.. detracts from what is said

I deal with it here..from both sides
Moral vs the Amoral..
Posted:Oct 15, 2018 10:45 am
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2018 4:09 am

I wrote this to katie.....I didn't mean for it to be directed at her personally.. I know she understands better than most.. Not that it's untrue that America is disrespected , because of an amoral Trump .... It's an explanation as to why I think that disrespect, is unfounded despite Trump

I disagree about AMERICA.....I disagree in the "labeling"....not in
the fact.... that America is NOW disrespected....but that disrespect, from a logical standpoint is unfounded, prejudiced, irrational, and in many ways propaganda..

Countries have three choices..... The "autocracy" having no morals.. The self-governing that is satisfied with it's limited morals.....Or a country willing to battle out the two sides.. America has not decided it's fate.. but is a "battle ground" to determine it.
America is truly the only country in the world...That is a "testing ground"....We have always had that strength.. to become that ONE.
They call America the "great experiment" ... Well American view it different...Some believe the experiment can be completed.. and other believe it is a never ending process..
America is the only country that washes it's "dirty laundry"... in front of the world. For the rest of the world the only things that matters is the dirt we get on ourselves... The fact we try to wash it means nothing.. America reveals and tries to get out the dirt....America is the "laundromat" of the world.

To the moral countries..which understand how....Power tend to corrupt.. and Absolutely Power corrupts absolutely..
Compared to a tenet of Trump..
That Power tends to corrupt.... but absolute power negates corruption.
So with this... we "battle" Trump.. the battle of the moral against the amoral...

For the "Moral Right"..the unbelievable hypocrisy of bringing a God, the Higher Power.. "down to earth".. .....Doing it...... they deny the Commandments, deny the Constitution, and deny our Democracy.. ....
According to some people, the 'idealistic" Democracy, is not TRUE.. The moral Right SUPPORTS our "REPUBLIC" (the earthly Power)) so it can deny our "idealistic and moral" Democracy.. That our "idealistic and moral" Democracy is an impossibility to achieve......But we'll be damned.. if we allow someone, Foreign or Domestic, to tell us it's an impossible.. and we should no longer TRY...
Think of it this way...LuLu tells you God doesn't exit.. Well, we react that same way when you tell Us our Democracy doesn't exist.

So the truth is.....WE take on our leadership role.. and battle it....So other countries don't have to..
We got to believe in having FAITH in each other...That the end result will be worth the battle, both revealing and true.. That truth is an American Way....That Right overcomes Might... That America hasn't lost America...God.. I got to believe....because if it's all bullcrap. NOTHING I believe is true..
Trump is Always Right, because he's got the POWER
Posted:Oct 14, 2018 3:40 am
Last Updated:Oct 15, 2018 1:10 pm

I always am trying to explain what the 'outcome" mentality is..

It's putting the cart before the horse..

Yesterday..Trump said.. it was right to separate kids from parents .. because parents were crossing the border with their kid.. to make it easier for them..
And if you separate them...Then that deterrent would mean.. they wouldn't think about coming across.

Most people, like big, would think it has to do with them being "illegal" and Hispanic..That justifies doing it.
But not to Trump.. it's a means to an end... just like a wall is a deterrent.
Separating families has no meaning... except Trump's desired "outcome' as a deterrent.
Trump has no moral sense about what he's doing.. it doesn't matter, as long as he gets his desired outcome..

This is what I call "outcome" oriented....The What of it matters.. the HOW doesn't matter.. and if one has the Power, one has the Right, to make the HOW not matter..

Trump failures in life.. and there has been plenty.... has always occurred for the same reason.. Getting caught in the HOW and not the what....Trump learned that with power... he has greater control over the how......Trump sought the Presidency, the greatest power, so that he could do, whatever he needed to do to get his desired outcome..
That was the problem for him .. in the Mueller investigation.... Trump's desired outcome was to win the election... He wins.. and then Mueller is going to question the How he did it... No, no , no.. you can't question the How from someone.. who's got ALL that Power...

Lord Acton's quote... "Power tends to corrupt.. but absolute power corrupts absolutely"... is personified in Trump....... Because the corruption is not in the WHAT.... it's in the HOW.

My Gosh.. i write all this stuff... like it's obvious,, because it is... and then can't understand how people don't understand it... Then I realize.. they don't understand because.. they don't WANT to believe it's true...because if they had the power.. they would do the same thing Trump does.
The Right of the Power
Posted:Oct 13, 2018 7:54 am
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2018 4:33 pm

It's the basic tenet of Republicans..... They won't admit it....but they know it...Everything they do says it..

It the singular reason why winning is everything.

What is right... doesn't outweigh..the Power of the Right, and the Right of that Power
Human Rights are NOT equal.......those who have the Power have more Human Rights than those who don't.
Those who have the Power have earned their rights....nobody has given it to them
The rights of the powerless is a "gift" by those who have the Power.

It's the reason for allowing voter suppression, and gerrymandering,.. The Power has the right.
It's the reason the Power of the wealthy or a business owners...have more rights than the poor or the employees.

It's the reason this President and This Congress.. can pretty much do what they want, without repercussions. They have the Right of Power.

It's why an election as a democratic institution doesn't matter anymore, and voters lose their rights with their vote. they give up their power... It's a reason why anything goes to get the vote, or prevent the vote.. Because once gained..that which came before, doesn't outweigh the Right of their power

It the reason for needing to WIN this upcoming election..The fear of losing Power and being faced by those who have gained the Power..and the suppression of Republican Rights and their goals by the new Power.
Losing those rights they have earned by being ELITE....That those who have come before them, have earned for them....The fear of losing their AMERICAN ELITISM, because without the Power there is no Elitism..
Vote Your Conscience
Posted:Oct 11, 2018 10:36 am
Last Updated:Oct 13, 2018 1:44 am

The Kavanaugh thing.. and the truth .. about the HOW of it.

Democrats would do anything to get him off the court
Republican would do anything to get him on the court

How do I know that.. well, it's simple..

The ONLY reason Kavanaugh is an argument is because of the filibuster rule.. of 60% Senate vote to confirm a Supreme Court Justice. Its the right thing to do....Kavanaugh would have NEVER been nominate if the rule was in effect..
The Supreme court.. must be Bi-partisan...everybody says it... but nobody believe it.

The Republicans will not go back to the rule.
Democrat will not change the rule... if they get the power.

Anybody... and I mean anybody. Democrat or Republican ,.. in the Senate that will NOT reinstate the 60% rule for Supreme court Justices... needs to be voted out of office.

The idea that is so terribly wrong in this country.. Is "Who's got the Power"
It's FUBAR....

WE ALL GOT THE POWER. We need to start acting like it..

SO JUST VOTE... and vote your conscience.. No need to know the WHAT of it.. just the HOW of it.... Because it doesn't matter WHAT this country does.. It only matters HOW we do it.
Sue Collins is the Elephant in the Room..
Posted:Oct 8, 2018 4:22 am
Last Updated:Oct 11, 2018 6:01 am

I wondered what Sue Collins vote would be on Kavanaugh.....If she could be talked into and talk herself in to voting yes, for a Kavanaugh confirmation.. The others, I had a pretty good idea..

I knew the end result would be a confirmation...when I listened to McConnel, I just KNEW he had all his ducks lined up in a row. This was before the hearing, and it made the hearing virtually insignificant. The media, had the mistaken idea of this being about getting the confirmation before the election....Republicans rushing it through. Well, that was just "fake news"

The rush happened because McConnel had all his ducks in a row.....and time was his enemy... Time could allow duck outs and shooting ducks down.. Being "outcome" oriented.... the fear of a changing "outcome" is not in lies, but in the truth.

When the truth creates the outcome there is NO FEAR...

Which brings me to Sue Collins and her vote....I was not surprised by it.... Party loyalty, individual loyalty, leverage, and going against her word given to McConnel to vote yes, , and her political survival.. were all factors...

What I was surprised about....Was her justification.. a 45 minute dissertation on why she voted yes....That was not the truth, that was not a result of consideration. that was not thought out...but simply went along with the republican "outcome" orientation....She would have been better served by voting yes, and keeping her reasons to herself. At least then she be just a Republican ..instead of a Republican LIAR.
Donald O'Kavanaugh
Posted:Oct 6, 2018 2:07 am
Last Updated:Oct 6, 2018 5:23 pm

Better known as Bart O'Kavanaugh's alter ego..He was Left out of Mark's Judge's book.."WASTED".

Not a story of a prep school drunk.. but that of an advantaged society...Who's permission is granted by the elitism of their surroundings....

So that what applies to "lesser" people.. does not apply to them..
Their drinking, partying, sexual behavior, conquests and accomplishments. Do not take on the same acceptability and responsibility of "lesser" people. How the application of God's laws, and man's laws..... and responsible behavior is applied differently to them..

Brett Kavanaugh growing up elitist....
The outward acceptability of their "Locker room talk" for theirs is not evil, but a joke on the rest of US
The Year book of Brett Kavanaugh...can not be read and seen through the eyes of the "lesser" people... Lesser people can not understand it..."Lesser" people can't do what they do....
The coded language, the locker room talk, The prop ups and the put downs.
Where the "regular" ideas of high school participation, accomplishments, athletics, and a service to class and school are too mundane in this elitism...
Brett Kavanaugh was born into the right, earned the right....and most important deserves the right. those things haven't changed

Define the Question, Control the Answer
Posted:Oct 3, 2018 1:56 am
Last Updated:Oct 4, 2018 2:09 am

Political normalcy.... becomes abnormal
The transition...has been completed and we have allowed it to happen.

Once we had problems... that defined our questions.. Those question resulted in a common search for answers to solve our problems

It transitioned to.. We have problems......that defined our answers.....that only posed the questions.. that defended our answers

Now our current state of affairs...

We have answers, That control our questions, that define our problem.
And the "Keys to the Kingdom"
The keys that open that door.... are distractions and diversions, propaganda, hidden truths, misdirection's, fake news, and PARTISANSHIP
The Hypocrisy in Accusations..
Posted:Sep 30, 2018 6:08 am
Last Updated:Oct 2, 2018 1:10 pm

It's hard to be here as a "loner".. And discuss things that nobody want to hear.

I said it before.. I don't care about the WHAT... I don't care if Trump builds a wall, deports every single illegal....reduce taxes for the wealthy...or tries to become a dictator... I don't care if Democrats raise taxes. spend more on entitlements, regulate business, and give amnesty to "illegals"
However, I do care about the truth
I care about HOW one goes about getting what they want

Most people here only think about the WHAT...once they make their conclusion about the What... then HOW simply becomes a tool to get what they WANT, or prevent the other guy from getting What he/she wants.
That is the first of many Lies and hypocrisies.... I see happening.
HOW one thinks,, and HOW one does... shouldn't change... It's a matter of integrity and honesty with oneself.

There are two things about this hearing I need to explain MY OPINION..

First is that.. WHAT happened 36 years ago.. when Kavanaugh was a teenager.. has NO bearing on this for me. It says nothing to me about him NOW.... For me it's never been a "He says.. She says"... it's only been a "He says" that matters... On two fronts about that..... Kavanaugh has failed to convince me, that what COULD have been then isn't what still is NOW. Not in his actions.. but in his mindset..

Second is "innocent until proven guilty" when someone is confronted with an accusation. Not in a court of law, but in a hearing for a promotion to the highest court. MY OPINION is that.. it doesn't apply.. but Let's assume it does..
A judge should adhere to the premise that when applying a legal situation.....It's needs to be applied equally.
Kavanaugh....does not apply the law equally.. his presumption of innocence for Dr Ford's accusation... does not apply to his accusations against Democrats.. He has made accusations against Democrats.. that HE KNOWS can not be held up in a court of LAW.
What I heard from Kavanaugh... was do unbelievably Trumpian... Deny, Deny, Deny....
Accuse the accusers.....and the whole time "pat yourself on the back"..Forget the WHAT... That was Kavanaugh's HOW

So the "How" of this.... makes the decision easy.. You can believe that Kavanaugh is a choir boy, and has NEVER done anything like he's accused of.....His accusers are Liars, falsifiers, conspirators, and witch hunters..and against all evidence and logic, believe Kavanaugh, under oath, has told the whole truth and nothing but the Truth
Or, You still DON"T have to find Kavanaugh guilty.... you can just believe that Kavanaugh doesn't belong on the SUPREME COURT.
Why.. I hate Trump
Posted:Sep 29, 2018 6:26 am
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2018 10:04 am

I wish I could talk about issues and disagreement, about the color of his skin and hair, about compassion, about jealousy, even about right and wrong.. but that not why I hate Trump

My hatred of Trump has really very little to do, with his treatment of women....
Liberal women.... think I am siding with them... I am not..

My hatred of Trump is much greater than that for ME.. It's personal... I don't hate him because of ideological differences, or what he "says" about women, people of color, illegal immigrants, narcissists, "shithole" countries, and his LIES....
I don't hate Trump because of how he reflects on this country, or how he reflects on the Republican party.. how he wants to be an autocrat...or how I consider him... incapable, inhumane, and unworthy.

I hate him because of what he "says" about MEN.
I hate Trump.. whenever someone thinks he's a man's man.. a woman's man.. or even a MAN
I hate Trump because of how he reflects on a MAN

And again with the irony,
For those that support him...It's simply amoral, hypocritical, conflicting, illogical, and diametrically opposing, and inhuman
....because they are out to prove him right, and with that.. prove themselves WRONG, and ME along with them...

I can't accept Trump, because there is not a single thing, I can find redeeming about him....I don't hate Trump because he's a disgrace to Our ocuntry.. I hate Trump because he's a disgrace to MY GENDER.

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