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Let people make up their own minds.
Posted:Apr 24, 2019 11:53 am
Last Updated:Apr 24, 2019 12:07 pm

In a way this is the true test of a Democracy..

We are constantly bombarded with conflicting negative influences.
In a way it all balances out..

So we end up with two sides of an argument...negatives sides.
For most, the argument is made way....It Allows a vocal minority opinion to assume leadership in the discussion.. It's allows the influence to become the goal..

The problem for the majority is negative influences don't work...Many people tune it out. The more it happens the more they tune it out..It simply defines, promotes, and consolidates the ends and leaves out the middle. When it's the middle will decide.

The test of a Democracy.......
Is the argument has been made..are we willing abide by the decision generated by the middle.
The test of democracy fails.. when the ends don't allow, or accept the decision of the middle.

It's cowardly...form both sides...The NEVER have to "Stand" on their own argument..they just "Sit" on someone else's

Being right and Doing right
Posted:Apr 23, 2019 10:05 am
Last Updated:Apr 24, 2019 10:58 am

I know I have a strange view of Life....It just hard for people to understand..

The truth is always ifs, ands, or butts.

Nobody "gets away" with anything
As such.. I would prefer to be the oppressed than the oppressor. I would prefer to be the victim than the criminal

The choice between..... being right and doing what's wrong............or being wrong and doing what's Right.... I choose doing what's right..
I would rather be wrong and do what's right.. than be right and do what's wrong.

Because, in my mind, doing right is never wrong..
I trust people.. who could believe the same.. No matter what you think is right or wrong..... I trust Republicans who can believe it.. and I don't Trust Democrats who don't.

I trust "black" people who are against oppression... I don't trust black people who only oppose "black oppression" they can become the oppressor.
Don't gets your panty's up..oppression has no color.
Bar sheep
Posted:Apr 22, 2019 3:33 pm
Last Updated:Apr 24, 2019 11:07 am

I can't pissed off I get hearing from Democrats about Barr....
It an amazing jsutification..for discounting Facts....

Barr is not a Trump supporter.. Barr is not a Trump defender..Barr is just doing his job.

In Barr's hearing by congrees... he was asked about the repeal of Obamacare.. Stupid democrats didn't hear his answer.

Barr..was in charge of the redactions in the Mueller report.. Stupid Democrats..didn't see what he actually did

Barr like on the repeal of Obamacare... dealt with the possible defense of the repeal, by the Department of Justice... BASED ON THE FACTS..He didn't think it was possible.. but it was his job.

Barr gave an opinion about the Mueller report.. in the same manner as the repeal of Obamacare.. he outlined the ONLY possible defense FROM THE FACTS..... He gave the Democrats the only possible counter FROM THE FACTS.

He did not support Lies.. He did not indicate Mueller report was LIE....He said nothing other than his job was about THE FACT and the uncovering of the FACT.

You are wrong if you believe BARR will distort the FACTS, or lie.. He has PROVED he won't.
When Trump finds out....Barr will be out.. and the Democrats will Never be able to defend him. It never works to say one thing about someone and then change it.
When non-impeachmetn becomes impeachment..
Posted:Apr 21, 2019 9:10 am
Last Updated:Apr 23, 2019 10:02 am

When the truth becomes the truth?
The idea a house divided can not stand...

the issue of impeachment, only is not sustainable.. but plays into the The total aspect of our countries problems. Without bi-partisan support Impeachment can't and should not happen.

Whether you are like me.. who believes impeachment is an obvious truth or a Republican who chooses to believe different. The truth wll win out...

The reason for Trump supporters not to see the obvious.. is based on priorities begin with owning the seat of power.. Trump as long as he is President , will recieve most of the Republican support, maybe for... different reasons, but they see him as theirs.

History will not be kind to Donald Trump.. And will not be Liberals who make happen it will be Republicans. Republican ability to focus on the whole truth all stems from Trump as the President..

What's going to happen is when Trump is no longer President, and again for varying reasons.. Republicans will sink his Presidency.. Republican will then "impeach" him.
Trump will not only lose his power of the Presidency.. he will lose his power over the Republican party
The reasons.. First and foremost..Republican have had to bite their tongues will not longer need to..Second, those see the advantages from having their power in the Presidency.. Will fear the same abuses of power will be used against them.. they will be the first to enact new preventive laws and reverse trump's "laws".
Third they will try to take away the Democrats Trump card... Like Republicans used the Hillary card.

Republican will see their truth.. when Trump is not longer President..
IF you have to try to establish sanity...You're insane
Posted:Apr 20, 2019 8:52 am
Last Updated:Apr 21, 2019 6:48 am

I wrote this to leaf.. but it's not his problem.. It's OUR problem. I could give a shit what side your on..

The problem is....... if you have to establish sanity...You're insane...

Impeachment doesn't establish the truth of the Mueller report, or the Your Truth..

It either is or it isn't.. A guilty VERDICT doesn't ESTABLISH guilt.. You either are or your not.

We are now in time the truth and facts are disputed..Trump has made it that way..

Trump is innocent til proven guilty.. It's not about truth or facts..It's a challenge... Trump challenges you to prove it..His guilt doesn't matter if you CAN'T Prove it. His whole life has been run that way..He always leaves the door open, even if it's slight.. So you can't close the deal.

You and I KNOW the truth.... that's all we need.. those that don't know the truth it's their problem, not ours.. You won't solve their problem by PROVING the obvious to yourself..

Like i said...The impossible has become possible....and You and I can't change it.
Little did we know, at the beginning, what was going to happen..WE didn't FEAR it, because is wasn't possible.....From the moment Trump threw his hat into the ring...the truth has been challenged...

This was NEVER about policies... it was about TRUTH..

It began on the nomination campaign.. with Lyin Ted.. Little Marco, and Low Energy Jeb.
I moved to the election campaign... Russian interference propaganda and Lies.. Crooked Hillary, "Lock Her Up", "Just her", Locker room talk, The greatest, unbelievable deals. ever.. the only one that can do it... And Mexico will for the Wall.
It moved into the Presidency..
Enemy of the people, Fake News, Clinton News Network,
Low IQ Maxine, Pochahontas, leaking Lyin James Comey, Jeff Flakey, Al Frankenstein, Sleepy Joe, Wild Bill, Sneaky Leaking Feinstein. Moonbeam Brown, Little/Liddle Adam Schiff/Schitt, tax, Crime Pelosi, Waky Jackie, Dicky Durbin, and Crazy Bernie...
Tax Cuts, Healthcare, Drug prices, and "Shithole countries",
Undesirable immigrants, criminal immigrants, Invading immigrants, and murders, Caravans and Crisis..
"There are "good" people on both sides"

You see. the truth doesn't matter.. and hasn't mattered since 20...
The impossible becomes possible... you're an , just like Trump, who also believes he elected himself. He had to... with that many Lies.
Impeachment doesn't solve it.. Doesn't PROVE IT
If it's not OBVIOUS already.

The horse is of the barn......and NOW you want to close the Door?

We got bigger problems than Trump...Might as well burn down the barn.
The Mueller Report...
Posted:Apr 18, 2019 11:02 am
Last Updated:Apr 19, 2019 10:53 am

The release, the content, and so called "exoneration"...Is simply the most pivotal moment in this Trump Presidency..I believe between Mueller and Barr...It was the purpose of the release at this time.

We have been arguing about it for so long.. there was no end in sight.. There are two reasons the argument goes NOWHERE.. First the "politcal" nature of the argument....and second the idea of a "witch hunt"

In both cases...the argument was not about two different conclusion from the facts... It was about two different alleged facts. No argument can be made or settled without an agreement to certain facts.. We have gone two years, without an agreement to ANY facts.

Barr and Mueller have "set" Us up.. and more important have "set" Trump up...He doesn't even know it. Trump is going to hell. trying to change it.. But He will try..

The different conclusions from the facts, as people see Mueller and Barr.. are not important...What's important, and the most damning to Trump, are the agreed facts...not the conclusions.
Barr and Mueller... did it
At this point, and what Trump will HAVE to try and change... There has been NO the Mueller reported FACTS..
Mueller, with help of BARR... Has eliminated the political argument and the 'witch hunt" from The Mueller Report. The truth of both the FACTS as they are now revealed.. and the FACTS that have been redacted.

The pivotal moment.. is for the FIRST time in two years this argument can be settled
The Loss of Integrity
Posted:Apr 18, 2019 1:01 am
Last Updated:Apr 19, 2019 12:29 am

When what seems to be impossible, becomes possible.....
We begin to fear the possibilities.

I am pretty much DONE with Trump....I've stuck my fork in him and he's DONE..

But I fear now.. that which, I once thought was impossible...

As a country we are losing our integrity.....I don't blame it on the Republicans...

Trump has been the catalyst.. but we have ALL fallen in the trap..

We have been forced to see the division and the derisiveness...that no matter which side of the fence your on..It appears your getting screwed...from your Truth by their LIES..

The price you pay for that.. Is the loss of your own integrity.
A justification to ruination

Seriously.. I don't how someone recovers it....I don't know, as a country, if we CAN recover it.
Barr and his direction...
Posted:Apr 11, 2019 9:20 am
Last Updated:Apr 13, 2019 7:53 am

I wrote this on leaf's blog

In politics i talk about directions and not results. How we to look the direction we are going and not the end result..For example "healthcare for all" is not and end result it's a direction. Or immigration is not about about open or closed borders it's about the direction. it's not about how we treat other countries it's about the direction of how we treat other people.

To the point of your blog...Unlike the general public... the intelligence agencies and federal law enforcement agencies is ALL about direction... It's the base root of their's in the DNA.. the idea any group inside it, or any ideology can change it, or any president can be effect against it....IS absurd.

The FBI..
Will THEY lie.....sort of
Will They Hide the Truth.....of course
Will They approach the boundaries of their limits..All the time.
Will They be concerned about appearances.. Like empowering themselves, or adoration, or convincing people, for their personal benefit, they are what they are not.

Will They change their direction....NEVER.....With or without Trump.. direction has NEVER changed

The most telling..and surprising,.... leak about the FBI.. came from Andrew McCabe... although it got twisted...they NEVER self defended.. they didn't think they should or needed to.

They sat around an discussed what they should do about.. what they FOUND OUT.. how to prove it..How to get the evidence.. they did it not "politically" they did it just like any other "investigation".. When Rod Rosenstein, suggested wearing a wire... what do think meant? Rod Rosenstein was on Trump's side or the FBI's side.

The FBI spies on US...WTF? the matter with you people.? Of course, they spy on Us 's their job......J Edgar, would be proud..It's not the spying.. it's what they do with the spying matters.

To get to the point about Barr...ALL you people are so biased and miss the point.

The point is...about Barr
He's lying.. sort of
He's Hiding the Truth.
He's approaching the Limits
He's not self-aggrandizing or promoting

The you have a bias, and an end result in mind.. makes it so you have no clue.. of exactly who he's lying to.. I'll give the choices....You, America,
Congress, Trump, the FBI, or himself.....Take your choice..
Maybe it's ALL of them.. but I know....Truth or lie about Barr.... certain..the one person being fooled by Barr is TRUMP.

In the log run.. it doesn't really matter.. He's taking it.. in the best direction he can..
The FBI either denounces him... if he's NOT.... or supports him if he is?..

I talk about political goals and political result......I infer is the greatest LIE...And IT CAN"T BE TRUSTED... Is it possible for Someone to believe the FBI has Political goals or desired political results?..
I have what I ..To TRUST...... an organization where THIS President, and His political goals..doesn't matter.
Trump is a bigger fool than I already believe.. if he thinks he can make it different

Let ... I incorporate the FBI and DOJ together.. I wish i could incorporate Homeland security too... But 's a horse of difference color. and hasn't been around long enough to have a Non-political PURPOSE, YET.
Today's news.. is unbelievable
Posted:Apr 8, 2019 12:02 pm
Last Updated:Apr 10, 2019 10:21 am

WE have had times in the past of unbelievable news. The big stories.

We try to explain it....but there's alway intervening factors.. That hurts our credibility.

You ask Why the Mueller investigation is over.. Well, first thing our credibility can be restored. Second thing.. we can see what is done now. as in relationship to the truer meaning of the "impeachment" of Trump.

Collusion, manipulation, lies, the firing of Cohen, The firing of other Trump associates,
The resignation.. the separation of children, Trump's immigration ideas. Criminal cooperation... Trump's bulling, blackmail and intimidation.

Today, the news in regards to that was spectacular. The reasons for it became not Defensive but Offensive. Creating a justifiable reason, NOW, totally loses its credibility. The reason is only... that it was done..

What we now know is that Trump fired Comey because of Loyalty.. What we have now learned is that Trump idea of his associate's Loyalty doesn't end there. The boss doesn't just put people in a position of power for their loyalty.. Trump idea of loyalty runs from top to bottom.. It is the "duty' of those loyal to him him.. to make sure that anyone who works for them.. is also loyal or fired.

This is where it gets dicy.. what we have seen is people who are loyal to Trump.. are put in that bind..What we have seen is those who do it.. get moved to a position of greater need for TRUMP.. ...Those who don't do it... get fired.

Today there has been three unbelievable stories about that.

First Kirstjin Nielsen, Head of Homeland Security was fired... Can anyone say ...caging children
Second Randolph Alles, the head of the Secret Service was fired. Can anyone say Mira Lago?
Third, Trump is going to appoint a new head of ICE.. can anyone say GESTAPO...... Using deportation and operating outside the Rule of Law

We forget.. That Trump employees are not Trump.. they have limits.

THINK.... Justify Trump's reason for doing it.

Why don't people who support him... Just ask him...

Trump's tax returns -
Posted:Apr 6, 2019 8:17 am
Last Updated:Apr 8, 2019 6:37 am

It's beating a dead horse..

So we miss the big picture in front of our eyes.. to find a point of light
Does it really matter what Trump has got to HIDE? Finding out what that is.. seems be the only thing that matters.
Does it really matter..Exactly what Trump and Putin talked about in their absolutely PRIVATE meeting.

Does it really matter about that which Trump LIES...Does it become less of a Lie or more of a LIE.

Does it really matter WHY.....Bannon, Hicks, Priebus, Spicer, Macmaster, Kelly, Seesions, Tillerson, Price, Omaroosa, Mattis, Zinke, Haley, Pruitt, Cohn, Porter, Gorka, Shine, Reid and McGann.. No longer work for the President?
And add to that list....The reason WHY specifically......Papadopolus, Flynn, Cohen, Gates, Manafort, and Stone are facing Prison?

Does it really matter WHY... 25 people working at the White house couldn't get, FBI and CIA clearance? Had to be overruled.

Does it really matter.. that since it's been proven.. there was Russian interference.. that we have to prove COLLUSION?.. To do anything about it?

Does it really matter what's in Trumps Tax Returns?

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