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Posted:Dec 5, 2019 2:39 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2019 7:01 am

Okay those that don't follow will think this is off the wall. But I can tell for smart people.. and people want GET IT DONE..It's the right thing.

There have been indicators...

Let's begin with Al Capone being convicted of tax fraud, and things about Gangsters and Godfathers.. First NO one but the mob boss, knows the whole story.. People know their part.. Al Capone, one the most ruthless mobsters was caught on Tax evasion.. because that was a part, that could stand alone. that was a part that was apart from his entire operation

When this impeachment is all done.. and Trump is gone, one way or the other.. do you think The Ukraine is what people will think of?

It is pretty evident that the accusation of the greater crime, gets criminals to admit the lesser crime.
The overreach of an accusation leads 2 an acceptance of a truth of something lesser. For example...Accusing the Hunter Biden of corruption.. leads the Bidens 2 admit a mistake

Nancy Pelosi today talks about the ground for impeachment.. She wouldn't say specifically...... but said all roads lead to Putin.

The Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are going 2 drop a bomb...And either directly or indirectly make 1 of the acts of impeachment TREASON. There is plenty of circumstantial evidence 2 apply it....It expands the Ukraine issue and includes the Ukraine issue of helping Russian policies.. it brings in Syria, Turkey, and the Kurds, the Black Sea, Afghanistan, NATO, Sanctions, Emoluments, Oil and natural Gas, money laundering, Campaign finance. Nuclear deals, Trumps sons, The Mueller Report and the 2020 election.

If you're going 2 go down.... GO BIG... And watch ALL the RATS scurry.
Leaf... the How and the What
Posted:Dec 3, 2019 2:36 pm
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2019 6:15 am

I talk about how you may have the best chance to understand it..but YOU Don't.. You continue to confuse the two when it's to your own benefit..

Kamala Harris dropped out today..

Bloomberg came in this past weeks.

Kamala dropped out because she didn't have enough

Bloomberg and Steyer came in because they have too much .
DO you think WHAT they stand for matters..... as much as How they can become President?

That it's not okay for HOW Big buys a Presidency..Unless WHAT kind of Presidency they are going to buy?

Shame on YOU.
The "Black Vote"
Posted:Dec 3, 2019 4:46 am
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2019 8:39 pm

I get sick stomach about the Democrat Party...and the news media.. somehow make their primary about the "Black vote" WTF is ?
Getting the "Black vote" for YOU..Like a Democrat politician NEEDS the "black vote" .. Like you better talk about "Black issues" if you want get elected.
WTF is wrong with these people?
Like Black people will determine your election.. Like Black people determined the election of Obama. and Black people determined the defeat of Hillary.
WTF? wrong with YOU people..
Like healthcare issues, infrastructure issues, Climate issues, and wealth inequality issues.. aren't good enough get their vote.
the negative racial issues professed by Right .. is insufficient get their vote.. You've got cater specifically Black Folk get them vote?.
Is the way AMERICA is suppose operate?
If so F*CK YOU and F*CK them.

And F*ck Trump supporters who think they can use this get Trump support.. Because some would support Trump, because Democrats cater the Black vote.... F*CK YOU too and the hypocrisy you ride on..

Because the only thing I hate worse than All of THEM is TRUMP.
Who caters bigotry, ignorance, and fear.
Posted:Dec 2, 2019 2:55 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2019 2:58 am

There are many types of accusations..

Two different types are very important at this time.

First is an accusation, neither evidence nor a retractions, can completely remove. They are character assassinations. Trump good at those

I want talk about a different kind of accusation .. would be based on some evidence . but not sufficient prove the allegation..
I want condemn..... Obama, Clinton, the Democrats, The FBI and CIA.. for NOT making kind of accusation... The idea a President could be a criminal.. but before you can accuse him.. you need sufficient proof..
Well maybe all well and good... but NOT when national security is at stake. the idea catch someone for national security breaches is not as important as preventing someone from National security breaches. Especially a President..
You don't catch a president for past acts.. you catch a president with his hand in the cookie jar..but.. it's really not about catching him.. it's about telling him he needs keep his hands away from the cookie jar.

What would have happen if Obama and Clinton accused Trump of Treason, and not COLLUSION before the election.. obviously they wouldn't have sufficient proof. And if they had continued to accuse him after the election... What would have happened.
The incomplete accusation would not have the change the election and maybe have helped Trump..
But it would have prevented Trump to do what he's been doing for the last three years. Trump would NOT have been able to withhold aid from Ukraine for any reason. Trump would not have been able to support Russia in the Crimea. Trump would not have been able to side against our intelligence agencies.. Trump would not have been able to have SECRET meeting with Putin.. Trump would not have been able to support Russia blocking the Black Sea and taking Ukraine ships.. Trump would not have been able to defend Russia corruption and criminality in the Ukraine.. Trump would not have been able to deal with Turkey and abandon the Kurds. Trump would not have allowed Russia to negate a nuclear deal... Trump would not have been able to curtail Russian sanctions.. Trump Would not have been able to shake up NATO. Trump would need to be careful about Supporting autocrats and dictators.. TRUMP WOULD HAVE HAD TO PROTECT OUR ELECTIONS against interference.

Either that... Or we would have gotten all the proof we NEED...
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Impeachment..What's going to happen.
Posted:Nov 29, 2019 4:24 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2019 7:12 am

Republican Senators are shaking in their have to vote on whether or not to impeach..

Each and everyone would prefer not to cast that vote.. It's a losing proposition.

What i said about this impeachment is that Trump really doesn't matter.. It's the Republican Senate that matters.
Trump is only ONE that can ride on his own coattails. The judgments about Trump are pretty much set in stone.. Which in itself is an amazing feat...It all about Trump..He alone is above reproach
Senators don't get to ride that coattail.. they are judged independently.

so what's going to happen ... How are Republican Senators going to get out of it..

Here's whats going to happen...
No matter the evidence.. Don't expect virtually any Republican voting for impeachment..
Expect most Republican NOT to DEFEND Trump.. they will not want to make Trump the issue.
By agreement and for purely political reason.. They will vote against impeachment..To defend the Republican Party, Not Trump, as being attacked by Democrats. That will be the issue.
The Republican Party can not afford any disagreement on that issue.. Only very few Senators will be Trump supporters .. all the others will be Republican supporters.
I'm confused
Posted:Nov 24, 2019 6:01 am
Last Updated:Nov 29, 2019 6:37 am

I know we break down the evidence analyse, and put together our own conclusions.. That are sometimes biased and self serving.. In a way we all do it.

So straight forward fact, can ultimately be misconstrued, with sides of an argument. So any real policy issue to be an issue requires asides and facts and their interpretation.

I get that...

What I don't is the misinterpretation of the actions of a person...Not based on evidence..
But the way they present their own evidence. This idea is not based in fact, so your chance of being wrong are far greater than analyzing the facts..

I am confused about feelings and intuition, not facts.. The only difference between a good actor and a real person.. is your feeling about what is real. It's like our lives are watching a movie passing in front of Us, where reality is JUST a choice. What is it about the actor and the actions that make it real?

The sense the feeling and the intuition of what is honest reality. I find it difficult to believe.. I can be totally wrong.. That no matter the agreement or disagreement..No matter the story line.. That my judgment of the actors can be that far off from reality..

My only conclusion is not that those would disagree have a different view.. I simply must conclude they have no view at all.
Posted:Nov 23, 2019 6:34 am
Last Updated:Nov 26, 2019 7:26 am


WE see things a little different... You believe that what Trump did and what Trump can do, if allowed.. Can be disastrous America. so he must be stopped.

I believe the acceptance of Why and How Trump does things, is the disaster. It's already happened.. and can't get any worse.

I wish I could control the media....and NEVER mention Trump. The transition from WWII to Now...Has been the transition from a strong Military, ability to destroy, boots on the ground, and national security. To a totally different set of rules..As the combatants, battlefield, and lines have transition to the INFO WAR. Played at the same level.. of kill or be killed, destroy of be destroyed. Those who understand the different tactics for this kind of War, are successful. Those the stick to old rules are ALWAYS DEFEATED.
We find it easier to understand this At home than we do abroad. the info Wars at home..In Which the truth puts Republican under siege and Lies are their defense. The Info War battle That used to dismisses right or wrong or muddle Truth and Lies.

So we must reverse the tactics of the Info Wars..I believe that Trump's action in regard to foreign policy are treasonous.. but I also believe that it can NEVER be proved in America, with American News..
I doubt there are very many countries which understand the actions of a different country.. more than they understand the actions of America.
As we fight the info wars of our own.... The world becomes ripe for the Info wars about US. And it is only there that the Truth of what's happening here, can become evident.
It's hard to prove the truth, but easy with open minds and open ears to see the LIE.
It began with the idea of America First. So we can shut our eyes to what's happening in the rest of the world. They don't matter ...they aren't important..

To answer my question.. of what I would do, if I controlled the media..Not mention Trump and all.. Trump is NOT the point of sword. He is the end result of our stabbing at it...
I would inundate Us with events of the world that pertain to US..and Trump actions.
Never mentioning Trump's actions.. as they themselves are self explanatory and need not be challenged.. We don't NEED to challenge his actions, if he's not willing to explain them

It is our failure to understand what's going on in Russia and the Ukraine.. In Turkey and Syria.. What happening to the Kurds.. What's happening in Iran and Saudi Arabia. Why should we care? When it's America only and America First.

It is in that failure... that the Info Wars can lie, propagandize, influence, and interfere with Us.
It is in that failure. That Trump...With his America First, can commit TREASON.
Don't listen and judge Trump by his treason, the treason is NOT in his action.. It's in his result..
Listen to Russia and Putin, listen to Turkey, listen to the Kurds,, understand what's going on with them..To understand it.
Evidentuary Questions?
Posted:Nov 22, 2019 5:51 am
Last Updated:Nov 23, 2019 6:35 am

The hearings where a challenge for those giving evidence..For the most part they were amazing.

I know very few of you understand it.. How the Republicans rolled in this inquiry and how the witness responded..

Question and Statement posed almost all Republican is what they entered into evidence.. In search of witnesses to misinterpreted the question.. and expose themselves with their answers.

These people gave testimony were smarter than most. They understood the peril of the question. It a way that conforms to what they do everyday., not to be caught in the question.
In most cases their answers dispelled the question..but in being careful and indirectly dispelling the question.... Nobody was listening, and the question became the evidence.

The statements, where evidence is ignored.. and the statements that contained evidence not in Admission.. became evidence.

The unfairness of this hearing was was based on their saying, they have the right to confront the whistle-blower and the Biden's and taken their statements.. It's amazing that you people can be that ..This misdirection of this hearing of IMPEACHMENT is to put the whistleblower and the Bidens on trial... Granted they have that right, but not the right to put every single witness on trial, then simply misdirect an put the Bidens on trial. Which was the purpose of the quid pro quo in the first place.
Lyndsey Graham has requested the FBI and DOJ do an investigation of the Bidens about the Ukraine..absolutely do it.And it doesn't take a genius to realize that wth this President and this Attorney General it hasn't already been done..

I say do it.. Do it to Bidens and Do it to the whistleblower.. But don't do it FOR the President. Don't do it Like it meaning something in regards to this impeachment. Don't do it to misdirect from the president..Don't investigate the president's EXCUSES.
If you want to do it..Do it because it's stand alone, Do it for America, NOT FOR TRUMP

This is design and aimed at Trump supporters and Senators... Where THEIR truth is trying to make an appearance.. It becomes the appearance of TRUTH.
Putting two and two together..
Posted:Nov 20, 2019 2:55 pm
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2019 5:52 am

Some of you can't do it, others can't admit they can do it..

But don't be fooled everybody can do it.

Everyone this drama has done it.. they only questions becomes when they did it..

Those involved in Ukraine policy did it immediately. Those not involved did it as soon a Gullianni became the point man.

In 20, Gullianni first express his concern about Ukraine involvement in election interference and the Bidens... Publicly.. As much as Gullianni tried get traction with.. It wasn't working.. Gulianni dealt with both American and Ukraine officials in expressing his ideas.

Ukraine in 20 was very familiar with Gullianni ideas about them. The Ukrianian and American diplomats were familiar with Gullianni's positions. but they too did not give it credence.

Gullianni may have then been confronted by Trump as not getting it done.. and Trump was going to need to get involved. But Trump knew he could not trust anyone to expand on Guillianni's idea.. weren't already prison.

So the idea of a new government, a new president, foriegn aid, and meetings.. were hatched by Trump get traction on Gullianni ideas.

Ukraine and our ambassadors aren't .. and putting two and two together was easy as soon as Trump made Gullianni the point man. Ukraine knew, maybe not ALL the specifics, but they knew what Gullianni was expressing since 20 was what Trump wanted. and trump would not give , unless they did what Trump wanted. It didn't matter if it was military aid.. They knew Trump wouldn't give anything, the NEW President, if Trump didn't get what he wanted.

the Ukraine had make a decision.. who America has the power? Ambassadors, Congress , the secretary of State , the courts, the people....OR THE PRESIDENT

regards evidence. this is also an article of impeachment....Not the evidence, or the reason.... The Ukraine is a reason for impeachment.. Because what the Ukraine saw in America TODAY.. Is ONLY the President has the POWER...
Of the people... by the people.... and for the people.. in America was just a bunch of malarkey.. There was going to be no difference between how they deal with Putin and how they are going to have to deal with Trump;
The hearings are a disgrace
Posted:Nov 20, 2019 5:54 am
Last Updated:Nov 21, 2019 5:05 am

We talk of what is the right thing, doing the right thing, bi-partisanship, compromise, explanations... In regards to these hearing.

WE talk of ONE bad apple spoiling the whole bunch..As a defense for other "bad" apples.
Like Trump is making them do it..

What exactly are they doing? Well it's an entire "bad apple" contingent.
It's so fricken bad that even those that COULD appear to be "good apples" are rotten to the core. And as I search for "good apples" I can not find one.. I thought Will Hurd could be a "good apple"...But a "good apple" who will not spoil the bad ones.. A good apple that conforms to the bad ones certainly isn't a "good apple" ..

People here would think I am biased, partisan, and agenda ridden... I am not....not to any extent that it effect my reasoning...I don't care what label any of those people wear..

The disgrace is in the division of the groups....that labels have nothing to do with.
The division is in the questioning not the answering.
The division is the grounds for impeachment.

A congressional hearing... Where half the people are in search of a truth.. and the other half are in search of a Lie..
In a court of law, and the rights of a defendant to an attorney.. It's an appropriate method of defense.. The search for a lie that could stand up. but even in a court of Law, there is a line between the search for "alternate facts" and the search for out and out Lies.
The search for alternate facts, doesn't dispute the facts in question, but tries to explain them in a different light.
In the final straw.. it is the out and out lies that ignore the facts and try to create a different reality.. Short of admitting GUILT.. It is the final straw of evidence , beyond a reasonable doubt, of GUILT.

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