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Posted:May 22, 2018 11:08 am
Last Updated:May 27, 2018 4:14 pm

I'm getting ready to go.... It's not going to be with a bang, but a whimpers... Almost everybody here is looking for agreement or disagreement.. I look for neither.
I do challenge people... everyone equally....and within an instant ..can tell if they accept my challenge or refuse it.
There were two people here who I KNEW accepted it... Leaf and TX....They didn't have to tell me.. I knew.
TX is best one..because he can even deny it... but my last poem...he gave a two word response "Stop that"...My gosh, I have never been more grateful for a response...It said it all.......All that I wanted and All I needed....
Leaf said.. I was one of the reason he was still here.. Most of you don't get it, because you won't think about it.....I don't close doors. I try to open them..leaf understood it.
Leaf departure.. is a challenge to me also...there's more to life than dealing with this.. so for the time being "Sayonara"....
I never challenged Leaf about it... That's not me...I don't do that... If i can't say it to your face. I won't say it behind your back..
So ET...under your breathe you can say "good riddens"....And have a chance to develop your own "little minions".. like maisie see, LIZ doesn't understand jealousy he thinks it's about him.... but I do.....I've seen it for the last 15 years.. in you... I've seen how you operate....underhanded...You'll NEVER live down "elgible" and before that.. all your "little minions".. You were maisie before there even was a maisie.. You were an Adolpho, before than even was an Adolpho....And you are a Liz, before ...Liz even knows what a LIZ is.
The Rabbit Hole
Posted:May 20, 2018 6:13 am
Last Updated:May 21, 2018 9:11 am

I wish you ALL can find happiness.....and make your way out of this Rabbit Hole.
I'm still looking..

The Rabbit Hole

It seems. I fall down that White Rabbit's hole.
If I choose to lose happiness, a truer goal
And tell myself it doesn't matter
Until I'm greeted by the Mad Hatter,
Then the Cheshire Cat smiles at me.
and directs me to a place ...I don't want to be
Where I'm forced to confront the hidden parts
To prepare myself for the Queen of Hearts
It's a hard pill to swallow....
The meaning of becoming too tall
Or just another way of becoming too small
And the truer meaning of being too old
Stops the journey, and puts you on hold.

So through the looking glass, I roam
Until happiness finds me......
and I can find my way home.
Your conscience.. Do You listen
Posted:May 17, 2018 11:56 am
Last Updated:May 18, 2018 10:07 pm

I wrote this on Leaf's blog.....thought everybody who doesn't have access or doesn't Read Leaf.. needs to see it......

The right or wrong of it really doesn't matter....So I'll avoid specifics.. but we'd like to think that EVERYBODY HAS a conscience.....That whispers to them the right or wrong of it....the specifics don't matter for they could be different, for different people.. What matters is ...if people listen to it..

To different degrees everyone has and listens to it. Everyone to different degrees battles it. We start life developing it, listening to it, and doing it...
The battle first takes place.....when our conscience... doesn't serve our purpose.

We learn that our conscience is not out to make friends. Our conscience SEEMS to not have our self interest at heart. Our conscience doesn't understand the VALUE of the truth and the VALUE of a lie, It's either a truth or lie....It is... what it is. ..We cannot be self reliant upon it.'s let us down too often.. But like I said... it's in different degrees in different people.

Nobody battles their conscience like a politician.. For them, not battling it.. is a road to oblivion.

Letting your coscience be your guide... is the easiest thing in the world.. when you got nothing to LOSE... When the worth of the battle, becomes worthless.

So...Leaf, you forgot to mention names.... Where the conscience matters and the specifics don't. Agreement is not an attribute of 's conscience, and disagreement does not define the lack of .

So the question is....who follows their conscience... For most in politics we can Never really tell. But there are some.. who give us indicators.

John McCain, follows his conscience, Circumstances makes it so..He's got nothing to lose anymore. He doesn't have to battle his conscience anymore.

Donald Trump..... is the exception to my rule.....Donald Trump HAS NO CONSCIENCE to even follow...there IS no BATTLE... HE disposed of a conscience a long time ago...In a way... That's what gotten him... to where he is today.
Donald Trump.....gets what he want by NOT having a Conscience......Look where it's taken him....."The" leader" of the "Free" world.

Truly.... it's the basis of what's now happening.....As Trump followers ..follow Trump.

So Trump followers also try to lose their conscience to get what they want.

But in reality......they only lose conscientiousness

"BOTS FOR TRUMP"....... that only becomes power grabbers, money grabbers, and pussy grabbers...
And, truth and lies, are only in the value you can make of it. That other people are to be used..... Leverage and blackmail are tools of the trade.. "fake news" and "alternate facts" is a way of life"..... that everybody REALLY thinks the same.. and the only way to get ahead... Is to do it to them, before they do it to you....... that winning always has to means some else loses.

Find the truer meaning in maisie's diatribe about participation awards and equality.. For in her world......It's only possible..... with fake news, alternative facts, with the way measures, 's worth..., Of bias and prejudice, that can only build you up by putting others down... by doing it to them before they do it to losing your following Trump's lead...

What maisie would have you believe....

"If Nobody wins.... then everybody loses.........."

When in fact.. the truth is....

If nobody loses .. Then everybody wins.............
"Collective Consciousness"
Posted:Apr 26, 2018 11:56 am
Last Updated:Apr 28, 2018 8:11 am

The "collective consciousness" is an interesting subject....

What you first have to understand is that NOBODY does what THEY think is wrong.
That's the underlying meaning of "collective consciousness".....However, they can do.. what YOU think is wrong....

Trump is a perfect example.......Even Trump doesn't do what he THINKS is wrong.
However, Trump does what he thinks is right, only in terms of himself. The consequences of what he does is about himself.. The consequences for others just doesn't matter....In fact, it only matters.. because he believes what's right for himself, by it's nature, has to be wrong for someone else.. or it's just not right enough.. ZERO BALANCE that's what Trump thinks ......his gain is YOUR loss...
That's the way an amoral egotistical narcissist thinks.

Maybe I'm prejudice, maybe I'm seeing more of what I want to see.. but I don't make shit up.....I look into the man's face, I listen to his words, I see his expressions....It's amazing that some people can't see... at least part of what I see....It's written on his face, it's written in his words, It's explained in his negativity, It's verified in his inconsistency...and finally... it's obvious in his LIES.... in which he has no remorse, no responsibility, takes no blame, and has no realization of it's consequences..
"In Rebuttal" to ET
Posted:Apr 24, 2018 8:51 am
Last Updated:May 26, 2018 1:40 am

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time.

"In rebuttal" just saying.. I'm a "good person" .......I read it just the opposite.
As your actions speak volumes against that..

Certainly this isn't political, because politically we agree a lot more than we disagree, but as I once said. I'm about people, not politics.

I see the traps people lay and the prey they are after..
"The collective consciousness of right or wrong?" Is based on what?
Your consciousness of right or wrong...and disagreement makes it not collective?
You need to self-analyse on what you say and then what you do... You see, in my world, there is already a collective consciousness..that sometimes hides itself, but it's always there...
Anyone who denies it.. is only trying to make it something it isn't.

Your blog title.. "Melania Trump is not Barbara Bush". Might as well been titled.. Barbara Bush is no Michelle Obama..The blog was an abomination. As I read it and the responses, the irony was the only person who made SOME sense to me was "big".. that alone told me something.
His responses were attacked, yet his words did not deserve that.

Melania Trump.... sample responses

"I suspect, like all of Trump's former mates, Melania is under threat of non-disclosure. It seems apparent to me that this is what happens when one chooses to sell their soul to the devil for fame and fortune, especially being third in line! H-E-L-L-O!! Just how smart is this woman? Let us not give credit where credit is not due. She obviously had her own motivation in hooking up with this thug to begin with ... as the ultimate eye candy? How soon that fades! "

"Yes, Mr. Block, we have all seen those very dignified photos of her posing naked.......and it must take a lot of quiet strength to carry those big fake tits around.......She seems to be completely lacking substance or personality....a clothes-hanger".

"Well, my friend, people are judged by the company they keep. Besides, I'm not so sure just what she has achieved as first lady. I know she threw out the notion of dealing with bullies which was highly criticized due to the company she keeps, the biggest bully on planet earth. Otherwise, what has she done but strut around in high fashion looking mopey."

I tried to inject some empathy and compassion into the blog.. but, I must have misunderstood your "collective idea" of right or wrong........
To self-analyze and my lack of empathy that accompanied my own wrongdoing.... I called you an Adolpho wannabee.. I sort of regret that.. but then again. I had my reasons..

At any rate......I was deleted..So be it... You can delete me... but you can't shut me up.
The REAL Fake News is Fake News
Posted:Apr 22, 2018 7:58 am
Last Updated:Apr 23, 2018 10:16 am

It's roots probably began at the beginning of time...but in the last fifteen years that tree is bearing it's evil fruit.

Defining "fake news"....Not as lies.....but as to the motivation for using the truth.

When the truth or lie doesn't matter just the motivation...

How can fake news be fake news if it's not a lie?

If fake news depends on which political side your on.. then it all becomes fake news...

Throughout our history, "the news" has tried to motivate...But since George W... It's grown, not only to new levels, but to be the modus operendi.

How can we fault Russian interference.. when they are just doing what we are doing to ourselves. They are just giving US our own "fake news"..where motivation Trumps truth.

Both the Left and the Right do it.....When the truth is not judged on it's own merits... but one's perceived motivation of the news teller.

The beginning of the end, began with George W Bush.... political motivation became the order of the day to define the News.....At least it seems that way to Conservatives.
Then came Obama..... and the Conservatives put the shoe on the other foot. Political motivation, became the definition of "the news' about Obama..How does the News motivate people...whether it was the truth didn't matter.

So now with Trump..we go shoeless...It's all "fake news".. no matter which side your on.
Is it by design, or an outgrowth of what has precede it? I'm not sure, but what I do know is Trump is using it......... If there can be no truth..There can be no lie.
Who's the slimeball?
Posted:Apr 17, 2018 10:14 am
Last Updated:Apr 20, 2018 6:32 am

It's hard to keep up with Donald Trump,, but like I said about slimeballs.. Once a slimeball always a slimeball

Lets do some Pre-Presidential slimeball review..

First in the ties, there was a racial andal about his properties and minorities. He would not sell or lease to minorities.. Now ,whether or not you think that to be racist..what we can assume..that if it wasn't racist it was pure "business dealings' ..that he thought prevented a rich white backlash.

Then we got his mafia connections.. well documented....Also, if not him appeared good for business.

Jeffrey Epstien , a billionaire pedophile Trump friend,, who Trump party with and was accuse of sexually assaulting a thirteen year old.

Trump construction dealings, in which he avoided ing contractors. He also had brought illegal immigrants to work on them lower wages, and then stiffing them with the threat to have them deported.

Trumps bank dealing... and 4, count them bankruptcies.. Trump inability to get American bank to loan . and forced to look elsewhere for financing, foreign banks and oligarchs.. Trump continuing dealing to stiff investors, and protect himself.

Trump's beauty pageant dealings... his overseeing and under seeing young ladies. His advances and use of his power for sexual harassment.

Trump University... his slimeball selling of "get rich' hemes .. the" Art of the Deal".
His not delivering what what was promised..

Trump's idea to make America great....but to continually invest in Foreign properties, export jobs, use foreign manufacturers....Of course that's not about America. that's just business.

otland... his mothers home land... which he said he want to leave his mark for his mother.. To make otland Great again....His dealings in otland..building golf course and fighting the wind mills.. makes him the most untrusrthy American slimeball in all of otland..

His Access Hollywood Tapes.. that was just locker room talk..who are you trying to kid?.. it was slimeball talk.. His interviews with Howard Stern....His "voluptuous daughter" .
His accusers...and his treatment of his accusers... and to me the biggest slimeball of all... I would NOT do that to her.. "just look at her"

Now like I said .....once a slimeball.. always a slimeball.......
He just andalicious..Of course, it's all just a "witch hunt", just a 'andal" and N of it can be true.. Or can It?....and I a haven't gotten to his Presidency Yet....

Emoluments, accusations with name calling, tax returns, maintaining his business dealings. Russia and Putin...government spending like it's HIS ,, and throwing his own friends and Republican party members under the bus

And the truth be known.. the only true friends, associates, supporters, appointees and family members left.. tells us that.... slimeballs only can surround themselves with people who are going to get slimed...Until they too become slimeballs...
My response to Lizst
Posted:Mar 25, 2018 9:48 am
Last Updated:Mar 27, 2018 7:57 am

Quoting Lisztomania:The role of the teachers in all of this can't be ignored. Our public schools from bottom to top are indoctrination camps for the left, preparing future members of the Ruling Class. The walkout the other day was a prison break incited by the wardens. One wonders how a walkout for a conservative cause, let-s say strengthening our borders, would be treated by school administrators.

And why the constant demonization of the NRA? It's estimated that about 6% of gun owners are NRA members, and I would venture to say they are the least likely gun owners to use their guns carelessly or illegally. It would be a sacrilege for them. But the illegal guns in the hood are belching fire every day in our inner cities.

We do have a gun problem. There are ways to address it without making war on responsible citizens who own guns.


You have no ability to empathize...You can't see the forest through the trees.

I don't want to discuss the right or wrong of it about guns....that's not the point.
It's not about YOU, or the parents, or the teachers.

It's about survival and coping.

You weren't the one cowering under a desk or in locked closet... you weren't needing psychological evaluation and help..because of it...
You missed the point........this isn't about guns....

There's time enough to grow old and be put down with our limitations, and oppressed by the power of others. these kids haven't experienced that yet..

When we listen to them.. What we hear is they're going to do something about it.
what you perceive as manipulation.. to them doesn't even matter.

.to them it's stems from the feeling of hiding under a desk...fear...and being powerless.

You think for them it's about guns?...For them it's about coping with guns How to cope with what they went through..? How do they cope in their lives...
It hasn't happened to you...but if it did...I doubt you wouldn't do everything in your power to have it NOT happen again.
For them right or wrong about guns doesn't matter.. ideology doesn't matter.. just DO SOMETHING to prevent it..
Those kids are standing up.. not for anything in particular.. but standing up, because the alternative is to "lay down", hide behind a desk and just take it.

They are not OLD like US......they are mad as hell... and are not going take it anymore...

Maisie wrote a blog and sure some of them are Vulgar and angry.. but that's what it takes to changes things..

They have had to take it, and now, they are not going to take it anymore.......No matter your ideology.... F*ck the teachers, F*ck the government representatives. F*ck the NRA, F*ck their parents, F*ck the rhetoric....And F*ck YOU..... they "call it "BS"......Just DO Something, Anything..... about it! Or sure as hell.. they will.

You want 'someone to blame"... these kids have got it right..
There's no one to blame....everybody's to blame.
Love Ala Carte
Posted:Feb 26, 2018 2:53 pm
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2018 11:36 pm

Love Ala Carte

You can search, for love to find you
Checking it out... far and wide
But there is.... no truer love
Than yours....the one inside.

Find it in your favorite book
A cozy blanket, or a warming fire
A puppy dog's inquisitive look
In your heart and desire

In a baby's eyes
and in a child's laughter
With their souls.... on loan
for you to look after.

In the sorrow of a friend
that giving a hug can cure
And getting one back
A friendship that's pure

To know about love
doesn't require heartbreaks
Discovering mistakes of love
doesn't define, what it takes

Love doesn't require dues
It's free magic from inside
That sees all the colors and hues
giving lies no place to hide

So.... look into the mirror
the mirror of your heart
To see if love can flourish
Finding it Ala Carte.

I'd like to apologize to my French Canadian friends for my "bad" French
For the people who JUST speak French.. I really don't give a shit.. You can't read it anyway.. may you be put in a slow boiling pot......also please excuse my general cussing....It's just..... cuisses de grenouille.
Posted:Feb 26, 2018 9:20 am
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2018 11:37 pm

Hate's not the same, for everyone
People show it, in different ways
directed at a group, a thing or a person
sometimes different on different days.

Is it genetics, or maybe the environment?
That attempts to create a hater
Less for the young, than for retirement
Is there really a hating common denominator?

I found an answer, I need to impart
Not being specific, but on the whole
The hate that can be found in one's heart
Is matched, by the fear in one's soul.

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