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Trump.. Impeachment or Imprisonment?
Posted:Sep 11, 2019 12:28 am
Last Updated:Sep 13, 2019 11:23 pm

Well comparatively speaking..
All of trump's compatriots have been found guilty... And financially wiped out.

And those guys aren't even that responsible!.

Impeachment was not to be a punishment.. a removal from office to prevent the harm a President could do.. .. it was a preventive measure.. Well, the cat's out the bag...Impeachment, Now, ain't going to prevent squat

The failure to complete the impeachment... creates a scenario for double jeopardy.
The lesser need for specific evidence... and not a guilty verdict. doesn't bode weell
Impeachment.. right now ... is "spittin in the wind".Trump needs to GO TO JAIL.. and his assets, in which he utilized the presidency for emoluments .. need to be confiscated..If taxpayers spend a dime on his properties.. then the punishment is WE TAKE THEM

Never have we had a President who was more treasonous to this country..
WE have allowed Trump to "experiment" on US....
He's undermined our election. he's undermined our intelligence agency.. he's undermined our courts. He's undermined our Constitution.
WE have allowed Trump to change what is the truth..
We have allowed Trump to ABUSE his power. to the destruction of our Constitution.
We have allowed Trump...To Defame, Blackmail,..... Court our enemies. and leverage our allies.
We have allowed Trump to hire and fire.. without due process.
We have allowed Trump to circumvent our security procedures.
We have allowed Trump nepotism, and the hiring of unqualified staff,, simply because they are "loyal" to HIm and not he country
WE have allowed Trump to blame the blameless. and protect the guilty. Pardon the unpardonable..and make "deals' behind our back...

And some of YOU.. just want to Impeach him.. WTF? wrong with you..

He needs to go to JAIL.. And if I "locked him Up"... I'd throw away the fricken key.
What's wrong with Democrats is the same thing that's wrong with Republican..
Posted:Sep 10, 2019 11:38 am
Last Updated:Sep 11, 2019 6:44 pm

A response to leaf about what's wrong with Elizabeth Warren...

Again you confuse the problems... with the solution..

Warren is giving solutions.. but those solution do not deal with the problems at hand..
You want them to.. but they don't.

They are the same solutions.. existed before Trump.. to the same problems.

They do not deal with the new problems Trump has created.
They are NOT dealing with it.. you think they are.. when I think, they are just making it worse. The solutions Warren has.... need to stand on their own.. Trump has nothing to do with it. She is propagandizing you and maneuvering You to think it does,...this is MY fear about Democrats.. Using Trump as the focal point to implement Their agenda.

So.. the irony of course.. is i agree more with the Democrat agenda.. But won't agreed to HOW Democrats want to implement it..

So give me a Democrat who wants to correct the election process as the only thing matters.. so it is fair...FOR EVERYBODY.. the integrity of our elections.. and the integrity of our entire country is at stake
Give a Democrat who's willing to work within the system of the electoral College.. it's not a political responsibility.. but a "social responsibility".. the electoral college is not to be used or abused to facilitate an election.. each State is as important as any other State.
Give a Democrat who refuses to make race an issue, or acknowledge anyone else who choose to make it an issue. Because the solution to the race issue.. Is to make it not an issue. There are ONLY solutions, not issues and NOT a debate.
Give Democrat who doesn't expect the Supreme Court to rubber stamp Democrat policies.
Give me a Democrat who believe . A President's power is limited, who believes the President of the United State.. is not a Trump..A president is NOT the where all, end all. A president can be anybody,. because nobody is important.
Give Democrat who realizes the only important elections in 2020 is for the Senate. And if democrats win it.. let the chips fall where they may
Give a Democrat who believes the How we do it. is More important than what we do.

You know anybody who fits .. if you do .. send them my way.. they will get MY VOTE.. and Trump won't matter to .
The "big" question.. why isn't Comey being prosecuted?
Posted:Sep 6, 2019 10:15 am
Last Updated:Sep 8, 2019 6:49 am

Well.. I can't read big's blog ... but I already know the real reasons.

It's a fricken CONSPIRACY.......

Nothing else could possibibly make sense...????????

Like all of 'big's" reasons. for EVERYTHING.. doesn't go HIS way.. It;'s a fricken CONSPIRACY
It's important to him we have a President.. WHO doesn't conform to the fricken CONSPIRACY.. It's important we have a President who's is will to FIGHT the fricken CONSPIRACY..

It's important we have a President can do something about the fricken CONSPIRACY..

What big needs to ask himself... Is why isn't Comey being prosecuted?
Certainly a prosecution and discovery could reveal the fricken CONSPIRACY.... Why is it we have a President, the most powerful man in America , and it isn't happening?

My suggestion to "big".... Is if a fricken Conspiracy does exist...and you want to prove it, and reveal it..You need to find yourself a New fricken President.
Racial, Cultural, and Economic Prejudice..
Posted:Aug 26, 2019 6:56 am
Last Updated:Aug 28, 2019 4:20 pm

.. What is Americanism both culturally and economic.? We have destroyed any idea of what that once was... With fear and protectionism.

We can easily understand "religious cultures" The cultural differences between..Muslims, Hindu, Jews, Buddists, and even difference between Christian sects. there are cultural patterns from each religion..However each religions avoids the economic aspect of their part of their culture..
It is a 'cultural decision" That our country decided a long time separate church and State. Not an economic one..
Conservative , however.. blur that. to make it an "economic" culture..That also identifies the religion..Jews would be the best example...
But it's a LIE.

What happens is Conservative blur a religious preference with an economic prejudice.

But for Conservatives it doesn't stop there.. it seeps into every cultural aspect of every group..
Every RACE... EVERY Place of origin, Cultural aspects of Urban living and Rural Living.. or Wealth and poverty, Those aspects become blurred with Economic issues. If one doesn't already have a prejudice against a culture.. then certainly one can justify a prejudice based on economic grounds.
And Liberals play right into it..

Racism... exists..The prejudice against the color of a persons skin.. Some people do it for just that reason... however that number of people is meaningless.
Cultural prejudice is more wide spread.. the differences in a black culture and white culture and brown culture. lends itself to a prejudice that is more meaningful..But when one can make it both cultural and economic .. The Prejudice is sealed.
of course it doesn't matter.... that it's ALL a LIE..
And Liberals play right into it.

Let's take illegal immigrants.. and break down the lies.. first racism.. the color of their skin.... and pure Racism...There are just too few of those to mention.
Culturally we begin to see the prejudice.. The Hispanic culture taking over.. that has made their own country POOR... That takes siesta.. that speaks Spanish...that doesn't have an education.. that are all "r*pists and murderers".. that know nothing of Democracy and freedom..
That economically costs Us money and takes our Jobs,, That think of Us as a "pineda" to be broken, and spill the candy, so they can 'take" it..
Of Course it's all LIES..but you know you can readily see... they are all "brown" skinned.. We know that's true...

And Liberals play right into it..
When they 'offer up the "pineda"
And say .. They do the Jobs WE aren't willing to do...?????.
You got to think about that one...and it's significance towards a cultural and economic PREJUDICE... Liberal are saying the same thing..they aren't fighting it.. they are justifying it.
I wish, I didn't KNOW
Posted:Aug 23, 2019 7:09 am
Last Updated:Aug 24, 2019 8:47 am

I always knew I have lived through the end of era... where freedom and choice.. were be the greatest ever..

That Opportunity, movement, communication, success, and tolerance would be the most ever seen by a generation..

I know to most of you the "facts" don't speak to that,. but the point is the facts Never spoke against it.
Most of us believe we have a choice and politically we can change things. But we CAN'T.

the impact of "circumstances" is REAL..Circumstances change people... people don't change circumstances. The circumstances for the 69 years I have been.... have seen the greatest changes in history.. And the greatest changes in people..

We tend to think of the circumstances....and their direct impact.. and how we deal with them.. but it's really not about that.. The circumstances now.. are not about.. what we can do about them.. but simply the impact of robbing US of our Freedom in ways we NEVER thought of before..

You think "climate change" is about a changing climate?
You think computer and the internet and automation... are about advancements, information , opportunity, and making life easier?
You think wealth is about what someone has but you don't
You think jobs are still about a Choice of what to do
You think Science solves problems.. but doesn't create them..

You think that if you KNOW more .. you're better off. That knowledge is power..When the problem are so many and the solutions are too few. That knowing is better than NOT knowing

What we are discovering is it's better to HAVE the freedom.. you don't have...than to NOT have the freedom you wish you had.. We never knew what was 'good" for US.. until we thought we could do something about it.

There are just somethings... we can't do anything about. And it's scary.. we now live in a scary time. People in the past lived in scary times.. To fight or flee..was a choice you could run away from it or try to change.. There were places on this planet. That were sanctuaries ... America was once a sanctuary.. or one could find a desolate place to not be impacted, by circumstances.. America as a sanctuary is gone.. and there are no longer ""desolate places to run to. A CHOICE we can longer make.. the FREEDOM to move about, both literally and figuratively, and find our place is gone...Those places no longer exist. We have seen to it... there is only one PLACE.
The "Circumstances" has seen to that.
Trump's Payroll cuts??
Posted:Aug 20, 2019 3:38 pm
Last Updated:Aug 21, 2019 8:12 am

If you haven't heard Trump is proposing payroll cuts.. what is that .. well it's companies payments the government, and companies payment that are made on YOUR behalf..It is being implied that payroll cuts will increase a workers paycheck.....Like for example... less withholding.

You people are fricken idiots..Seriously... the dumbest.. most diabolical plan, most Hidden agenda, and "fake News" since the Tax cuts.. but so much worse.. Cutting payroll taxes is truly an amazing feat the pockets of the business and cut the throats of it's employees..
As an employee may see an increase in of the payroll the decrease in withholding. But..Unlike the tax cut..Come tax time it all comes in the wash..Except this time EVERY worker is going wear the dirt. The benefit of a payroll cuts is 100% the benefit companies., and a Trial balloon see if Trump can make it stick. If the message isn't clear about what happening... healthcare payments, social security, medicare, retirement funds, Unions, and any other company payments on your the reason for our companies, as oppose China's, are not competitive, are not creating the boom economy. You are fools not see that it's the repeal of the past 100 years of hard fought worker rights....That For a few "fake pennies" our employees will our country down the river.......Worker's are being hoodwinked, trashed and "Trumpified".. It all about company costs.. and employees are the biggest cost. Countries like Mexico and China do not have the costs..So they are more competitive. The idea make them increase cost make Us more competitive.. things like tariffs and forcing them Have worker rights. Doesn't WORK.. So we need do what will work....If you can't bring Mohamed the mountain..bring the mountain Mohamed..don't be fooled...if not cutting you by payroll cuts.. It going be cutting you by automation... It's the American way.... Tighten up your sphincters's all coming down the pike. You know, I personally don't give a shit... Ya'll are going GET what you deserve. That's, what once made America Great! ...And that's what will bring America down..
Allies and Enemies?
Posted:Aug 19, 2019 9:53 am
Last Updated:Aug 21, 2019 12:55 am

(I wrote this on starwoman's blog.. with the idea some things i say get deleted .. I thought I'd like share it with a wider audience and save it.) I'm not immune.. Your not immune.. No one is immune.. from the imaginary..

Allies and Enemies???
Who gets to decide? Do YOU get to decide.. who's your ally and who's your enemy? Like it some divine right...When like the "divinity" it is an imaginary thing. A simple creation in your own mind..

Leaf's response disappoints me.. As to who he sees as an enemy and as an ally..It's not based on his principles.. It's based on CHOICE..

In the problems of ......race, religion, politics and foreign policy ... the idea of who's your enemy and who's your friend... Is the battle one has to have within their own principles, and their own "imagined" commonality..And commonality tends to win out more than principles.
Principle are mitigated self interest.. Like somehow is the "Trump" card over principles..
It is so hard to understand one must stand on their principles...No matter the ally or the enemy?

I know it's way over your head.. the idea of an imaginary friend.. and a created enemy.

I don't want to discuss what your principles are.. It doesn't matter, as long as you have them.. But I will ask you.... if your principles are designed to create enemies or make friends?

Which again brings me to Donald Trump.....Mr Trump has NO Principles..
It's evident to me... He has thrown too many "friends" under the bus.. and made them your enemy...Trump fully understand friends and allies are totally imaginary The people He throws under the bus are not his enemies.. He doesn't care.. but he wants and NEEDS YOU to care...... Trump has clearly shown his view of allies and enemies is totally based on agreement and disagreement... is his one "principle" of allies and enemies

And his one principle......... Which USES YOUR principles.. So you can see who's your imaginary ally and create your imaginary enemies.
Race, religion, politics and foreign policy... Nothing is immune.. and no one is immune.
Should Have Known...Better
Posted:Aug 13, 2019 11:03 am
Last Updated:Aug 18, 2019 8:45 am

I live my life with saying.......For me it's an ADMISSION, An EXCUSE, and a do better.

I allow everybody the same....As I give myself..

Should Have Known Better is an Admission, and excuse and a promise.. for everybody..
When I don't know for sure their intent... It's my giving them the benefit of the doubt..They should have Known better.

Hillary Clinton with Benghazi and her E-mails should have Known better.
George W Bush in regard to IraQ and Weapons of Mass destruction... should have Known better.
Barrack Obama, and the biggest Lie EVER told.. If you want to keep your insurance and your doctor..You can.. Obama should have known better..
Trump supporters... Should have known better..

I believe each and every one.. will find out the truth.. if they haven't already... and admit to themselves .. they should have known better.

Trump may be the only person on the planet.. I don't give the benefit of the doubt to.
Trump doesn't think he should have to known better about ANYTHING.....Trump believes his duty is to make the BEST from what he knows. There is no room for doubt, admissions, excuses, and promises. In his entire life. One must conform to his truth, so he doesn't have to conform to TRUTH
Although Trump wants to b liked and admired..He doesn't DO likeable and admirable things.. but again.. He will try and convince you.. you're wrong about what you think is Likeable and admirable.
What do you think it means when Trump NEVER apologizes..?
It means he will NOT allow someone else think he's done something wrong. Whether HE thinks... he did something wrong or not.. He will NEVER allow YOU to think it.

I keep telling you I could care less what ideology trump has .. I could less about his politics.. I know, it doesn't matter..

The person I have described.. TO ME.. is the most loathsome person on the planet.
A person who thinks he's a God.. but is the anti-thesis.
Trump is a RACIST?
Posted:Aug 12, 2019 7:01 pm
Last Updated:Aug 14, 2019 9:25 am


You think it matters... what you define a Racist as.. does it matter that people HAVE agree with YOU?.. that a racist act .. doesn't define itself.. you got tell them..

That you got The choice not let people fit themselves in their own box..
That you get choose HOW the person defines the box.....not the act..

I"m sick and tired of it.. try and define what people are.

You think You NEED do it? Tell people Trump is a RACIST?

Why do YOU need do that?

I'm sick and tired of it... What people think they NEED do?

Besides the fact it makes you feel good about yourself.. undeserving.. and it justifies YOU.

It does things. First it gives his supporters and . They are NOT going believe you... Trump is a racist.. that would mean they too.. Are racist.

Everything Trump does stands on its own.. calling it racist doesn't change it..

Second , and for Me the most important is it's limits Trumps... I sits and I say myself.... I WISH all Trump was was Racist!.. When he does something.. worse than being racist.. like TREASON, Unconstitutional, Destroying our Democracy, Changing what is the Truth.. blackmail , and destroying ideals and principles.... and you it racist.. You mitigate it....You change it something its not..You shatter your own argument.... When you try and fit the person in the box..Instead of just letting the box fit the person.

And the hypocrisy of the smaller pot .. calling the bigger kettle Black..
Racism is not NEW.. Trump as a racist is not new, Even as being President.
But Trump does DOES DO DO.. a lot of NEW things.. things this country has NEVER seen before.
"Making IT Happen"
Posted:Aug 12, 2019 9:12 am
Last Updated:Aug 14, 2019 9:44 am

I am confounded the idea, others choose to believe "Making IT happen" and "Fixing IT"... are one and the same..
When my idea is "Making IT happen" broke it..
And "Making IT happen" can't Fix IT.

We have lost the greatest American Attribute.. Not because of Trump....Trump is the symptom..not the cause..It's been happening for a long time.. It finally reached the breaking point..

Sacrificing TODAY for a BETTER Tomorrow..

I begin to wonder about the sacrifices we choose and the sacrifices we are forced to make.. How it changes things..

WE did it for America.. Now we do it to ourselves.. NOW we need to ....
"Make IT happen"
We once choose to sacrifice for a better Tomorrow..In spite, of the fact, some people took advantage of it.. WE were BIGGER than .. "Bigger" than "other countries Bigger than Corporations and big business. Bigger than Religion, Bigger than race divides. Bigger than criminals, welfare, the poor, the uninsured, the homeless, and the "illegals".. WE were the "BIGGER PEOPLE".... Inclusive... Not exclusive..
WE fought the Bullies... We didn't become one...

NOW we are forced to sacrifice.. because there can be NO Better Tomorrow.

And Nobody is going to take advantage of US... For NOW we are ALL the.."Little people"

"Making IT Happen" ..The Fall of Great Empires.... History is strewn with it.

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