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Good neighbor policy
Posted:Apr 5, 2018 6:02 pm
Last Updated:Apr 7, 2018 2:09 pm

MEXICO CITY (The Borowitz Report)—Hoping to resolve the seemingly intractable conflict over immigration, Mexico surprised the world on Thursday by agreeing to pay for Donald J. Trump’s psychiatric care.

Speaking to reporters, the Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto, said that he had authorized funding for the psychiatry and proclaimed, “Work on Donald Trump could begin tomorrow.”

Peña Nieto displayed several photographs showing prototypes of therapists, including a bearded Freudian analyst whom he said came highly recommended.

While some Mexican taxpayers argued that a full course of psychiatric treatment could prove more costly than a border wall, Peña Nieto warned against skimping on such a necessary expense.

“When the safety and security of the world is at stake, eight hundred dollars an hour is a bargain,” he said, but added that Mexico would try to find a therapist who takes insurance.
Anti-Panic medication now available
Posted:Mar 22, 2018 7:37 am
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2018 10:20 pm

The staunch right wing, unwilling to consider the ever growing body of evidentiary speculation, must be clearing the shelves of Ambien and similar sleep inducing products. Their posts seems to get more and more panicky as the Mueller investigation gathers steam, witnesses and information. It's a foregone conclusion Mr. Mueller has President Trump's income tax returns, the ones he was and is reluctant to share with his faithful following. Therefore, whatever information President Trump wants to keep from the United States electorate is in the hands of Mueller and his band of brothers. The President can't be pleased with that scenario.

After making deals to create state's witnesses through indictments and arrests, Mr. Mueller now has granted immunity to a potential witness. Prosecutors don't grant immunity frivolously. It's a cost/risk analysis which always leaves some room for error, however, Mr. Mueller is adept enough to reduce the risks sufficient to create a viable witness who, because of the cost of immunity, must be worthwhile.

President Trump has become noticeably more belligerent regarding the Russian affair according to his ill advised tweets. He apparently doesn't realize the tweets are like wiggling in quicksand, the more you do it the worse it gets. The President and his attorneys have, for some time, called to an end to the investigation, forgetting the Watergate matter took more than two (2) years to conclude and observers have noted this matter is far more complicated than Watergate.

Now, if all that weren't enough, the President's past has returned to bite him in the derriere. His lifetime of grabbed pussies has arrived at the point where the piper is demanding his due. The few lawsuits currently filed represent that small crack in the dam before the dam breaks and the flood waters begin their destructive journey. Just to add some color to the flood waters, the lawsuits are filed in state courts where the presidential pardon in invalid. That's why President Trump's attorneys have tried to move the porn star's case to federal court. I think he knows he's he has one foot out the door and that foot is standing on a banana peel.

Equally as interesting, however, is the co-joined panic we see in the blogs from the right wingers here in SFF. We've seen blogs with lists of questionable double standards trying desperately to transfer the panic to the left. We have blogs with outright whining criticism of the left trying desperately to demonstrate the right's position is stronger than it might appear. We even have a blog making the President look like a liberal the desperate hope some lefties will align themselves with the failing despot. The problem with sliding down the slippery slope is there's nothing to slow the descent, it's a free fall, especially when the sole bragging point for this administration is the appointment of a SCOTUS justice.

This is what it's like when the sky really is falling........
It isn't difficult
Posted:Mar 11, 2018 10:26 am
Last Updated:Mar 22, 2018 4:56 am

The Second Amendment is not sacrosanct. Justice Scalia as much as said so in the Heller Case when he allowed the government has the authority to regulate firearms. Regulating firearms is a necessity. It's a necessity because people are humans and humans are not perfect. Moreover, it's the people who hold the entirety of the responsibility of proper firearm handling, use and storage, not the guns. Contrary to the misleading policies of the pro-gun lobby, the legislation concerning gun control is directed toward people, not guns. The idea is to prevent irresponsible people, mentally ill people and people who have proven unworthy to have firearms to possess firearms. It's really just that simple.
There is another issue which is more firearm intense. Which firearms should be available to John Q. Citizen? Rifles are instruments of hunting, but would a hunter need a sniper rifle? How about a Howitzer cannon? How about any rifle specifically designed to incur maximum damage to the human body? As part of the duly recognized authority to regulate firearms, the government has the authority to regulate which firearms are available to the public. Machine guns, "Tommy" guns, cannons, various missiles and bombs have been restricted. The question now remains where, exactly, shoild that line of demarcation between acceptable and unacceptable weaponry be placed. Physicians who treated patients at both Sandy Hook and Parkland were astounded at the damage done by the AR-15 or similar weapons. That particular weapon is specifically designed to incur maximum damage to humans, since the weapon is designed as an instrument of war, not an instrument of rabbit hunting. The current movement is a general restriction on the AR-15 and similar weapons. The pro-gun lobby has yet to announce a viable reason for a private citizen to possess an AR-15, beyond their old standby that such possession and ownership is guaranteed by the Second Amendment. Unfortunately, for them, however, no such guarantee exists.
Pro-gun advocates lie in wait eagerly anticipating an opportunity to employ the well worn comparison between vehicles and guns. Personally, I believe treating guns like vehicles is a great idea. Register every one of them. Require those who carry or own them to have licenses to do so, and licenses issued after passing tests for competency. Issue severe fines for violating the responsibilities associated with gun possession and ownership. Require registrations fees for both guns and licensees with both being periodically renewed. If someone commits too may violations, revoke their license and revoke their guns. I get the distinct feeling the employment of any of these laws would meet with serious resistance.
The GOP and the Faustian conundrum
Posted:Feb 26, 2018 2:42 pm
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2018 6:25 am

We have a complicated governmental system. We elect representatives from 435 congressional districts nationwide to work toward legislation beneficial to the nation as a whole, while the representatives also protect the best interests of their respective districts. We elect two senators from each state and then send the 100 senators to work toward legislation beneficial to the nation as a whole, while the senators also protect the best interests of their respective states. Whether acting on behalf of the nation or their respective districts, the 535 representatives work for the citizenry.

At some point the GOP was lured by the power associated with the positions for which they were elected. Due to electoral issues the GOP found itself outside the power centers and decided to systematically go about reversing the scenario. A victory in the Citizens United Case, nationwide changes in voting requirements prejudicial to democratic voters and the nomination and subsequent election of a bully clearly racist and misogynist. The GOP wavered for a while, but has since rallied firmly behind the power monger to the detriment of national benefit. Pandering to the top 10% of Americans because money equals power and worshiping them as "job creators" when creating jobs is inconsequential when compared with increasing wealth.

In casting aside the national interests in favor of power, the GOP made a Faustian decision. Power is not the purpose of elected office, although it has become an ancillary benefit. The GOP unabashedly professes a desire for the power over the nations best interests. In this case power is the devil and the GOP has sold its soul to it. Typical of the GOP's inability to plan for the future, the time for the devil to get his due is fast approaching. Although I most assuredly do not know what Robert Mueller knows, from what I've seen predictions of an eight year presidency for Donald Trump seem less likely every day, despite the President's protestations to the contrary.

The recent CPAC convention was the new GOP coming out party.
Quoting an American President, "I want to make this perfectly clear".
Posted:Feb 17, 2018 8:52 am
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2018 6:26 am

The White House and the President have taken the new 37 page indictment to mean there was no collusion and the Russian intervention in our voting had no effect on the outcome of the election. Since it came from the White House and the President, the 30% are even more emboldened to believe President Trump and his campaign are free from charges of obstructing justice and "collusion" with the Russians. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the indictment which would give rise to such a belief.

Agent Rosenstein made some statements in the indictment and asnswered some questions after his statement. The following is a transcript of portions of both.

" Now, there is no allegation in this indictment that any American was a knowing participant in this illegal activity. There is no allegation in the indictment that the charged conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election."

"QUESTION: Jack, is there concern that this -- the (ph) indictment undermines the outcome of the election?

ROSENSTEIN: Well, haven't I (ph) identified for you the allegations in the indictment? There's no allegation in the indictment of any effect on the outcome of the election."


"QUESTION: On page 4 of the indictment, paragraph 6, it specifically talks about the Trump campaign, saying that defendants communicated with unwitting individuals associated with the Trump campaign.

My question is, later in the indictment, campaign officials are referenced, not by their name; by "campaign official 1" or "2" or "3." Were campaign officials cooperative, or were they duped? What is their relationship with this?

ROSENSTEIN: Again, there's no allegation in this indictment that any American had any knowledge. And the nature of the scheme was the defendants took extraordinary steps to make it appear that they were ordinary American political activists, even going so far as to base their activities on a virtual private network here in the United States so, if anybody traced it back to that first jump, they appeared to be Americans."

Please note, in his answers and in his statement, Mr. Rosenstein's statements refer specifically to the indictment. His statement and his answer begin with, " allegation in this indictment..." He deliberately does not refer to the investigation itself. just the indictment. Statements such as these are very carefully worded for very specific reasons. Robert Mueller has not revealed a single tidbit of information about this investigation until it was absolutely necessary. He still hasn't. Nothing in either the statement by Mr. Rosenstein or his answers to questions referred to the investigation, the information was limited to just the indictment. There is no reason to believe the statements made at this announcement had anything to do with the ongoing investigation. Don't confuse the lack of evidence in this announcement with a lack of evidence in the investigation.
Florida shooting
Posted:Feb 14, 2018 2:10 pm
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2018 6:36 am

Parkland, Florida was the scene of yet another school shooting, and at this time of this writing there are 20 injured and one dead. I'm just wondering when Congress will..................oh, hell, nevermind no one gives a rat's ass anyway.......................
It's beginning to get clearer
Posted:Feb 9, 2018 10:59 am
Last Updated:Mar 14, 2018 10:25 am

Roy Moore was accused of leading under aged females astray but consistently denied the claims. Rob Porter was accused by former wives of physical abuse and substantiated their claims with photographs, but Mr. Porter has consistently denied the claims. Hillary Clinton has been, and continues to be, accused of all sorts of nefarious deeds by the far right and continues to deny them with substantiation by millions of dollars of federal investigations. President Obama has been continually criticized for practiy everything he's d from being born in the wrong place to initiating legislation which provided health care for millions of Americans to taking too many vacations. All of the support for the abusers of women and for the criticism of President Obama has come from Donald J. Trump. Neither the support for the women abusers nor the criticism of President Obama have any substantive proof, but all of it has a very strong basis in bigotry.

This bigotry forms the basis for a very large percentage of the direction the Trump Administration has taken. The news media, a group notorious for demanding multiple sources for the purpose of accuracy, makes their reports which become labeled "fake news" by the Trump Administration for no other reason then the report is contrary to the Administration's best interests. The intelligence gathering community of the government, long admired for its tenacity and accuracy, becomes the target of Trump Administration ire because they report circumstances contrary to the best interests of the Administration.

It is almost understandable these thoughts and feelings exist in the United States, but the astounding fact is about 30% of the population are in full agreement with this bigotry. They actually believe there is "fake news", they actually believe the intelligence community is anti-American, they believe Roy Moore and Rob Porter are telling the truth and the complainants are merely vindictive individuals with a plan, they believe the Obama health are plan was not beneficial and they believed President Obama took too many and too long vacations. It's really the only manner in which they can justify support for an illiterate, incompetent and failing president.
Deep states, secret societies, treason, governments and policies
Posted:Feb 8, 2018 12:19 pm
Last Updated:Apr 11, 2018 5:35 am

At the risk of irritating the evangelical contingent, everything evolves. Currently there are 2.9 million federal employees compared with the entire population in 1790 of 3.5 million. Of the 2.9 million employees, 537 are elected. 435 House members, 100 Senators , a president and a vice president. Every of the remaining 2.9 million employees are either hired, appointed or enlisted. If, for a single moment you believe those 537 elected employees are the real government you are in desperate need of a large dose of reality.

People who have worked their way through the maze of government employment for decades have come to be the real government and make the real decisions on how things are supposed to work. Generally speaking things work in a way easiest for them. They are the "deep state" and they have been making the government work for decades.

As "Deep Throat" said in "All the President's Men" when asked to spill his knowledge, "these aren't very bright guys." These, "guys" rely on the faith of the voting public to vault them into respect sufficient to get by with tall tales to explain curious circumstances. Every administration has been guilty of this but the current administration has taken it to a whole new level. Misogyny, lies, racism and a general disrespect for the people who elected them. Bill Clinton was impeached because he lied, yet I've not heard a single criticism from our right wing friends regarding the constant barrage of lies coming from the current White House. Instead we see blogs deribing some quirks in the Trump personality, perhaps some language to which we are not accustomed to hearing from our elected officials, but overall a wonderful president whose made great accomplishments in his first year in office. The list of accomplishments sets the bar pretty low.

So, we can blame secret societies, deep states, treason or anything else except our elected leadership, but the 2,9 million federal employees still show up at work every day and the government will still move on because of them. The difference here is not them, it's the folks we've elected to lead them.
Sen. Duckworth Award
Posted:Feb 7, 2018 4:17 pm
Last Updated:Feb 9, 2018 12:20 pm

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—The Pentagon has turned down Donald J. Trump’s request for a grand military parade in Washington, D.C., citing a sudden outbreak of b spurs that would prevent men and women in uniform from participating.

Harland Dorrinson, a Pentagon spokesman, said that, within an hour of Trump’s request, more than a hundred thousand military personnel complained that they were suffering from acute cases of b spurs that would make marching in such a parade a painful ordeal.

“In the history of the U.S. military, we have never experienced a b-spur epidemic of this magnitude,” the spokesman said. “Regrettably, however, we have no choice but to issue thousands of deferments.”

A statement from the b-spur sufferers said that they would continue to valiantly serve their country around the world in a non-marching capacity, and offered an alternative to their participation in Trump’s proposed pageant.

“President Trump is welcome to march in the parade all by himself if he would finally like to enlist,” the statement read.
Vizzini said, "Go back to the beginning."
Posted:Feb 3, 2018 12:02 pm
Last Updated:Feb 5, 2018 12:42 pm

Where was the starting point? Was it with Papadapoulous (sp)? Was it with Carter Page? Was it with the Russians? Was it with the Clinton Campaign? In my opinion it began June 17, 1972. The Watergate break in.

That singular act perpetrated by a group of "plumbers" started a chain of events which goes on to this very day. A couple of reporters ( oh dear not the press ) began asking questions which couldn't be answered, at least not easily. Their curiosity piqued, one question led to another. Then the FBI became involved leading to the Saturday Night Massacre. President Nixon was never impeached, but the House passed a resolution allowing the House Judiciary Committee authority to investigate whether or not impeachment was available. Before any of that could proceed further, President Nixon resigned.

This devastating blow to the GOP still lingers. By pardoning Nixon, Gerald Ford negated any chance of his re-election which led to the Carter Administration followed by Reagan and the single term of George H.W. Bush. The Clinton Administration was marred by the President's impeachment, but saved by the Senate's failure to convict. President Clinton was impeached because he lied under oath. While not under oath, the current President lies as a matter of due course. All of this created a political divide irreparable to the present and, as far as I can see, well into the future.

We now sit on the precipice of yet another possible impeachment, and who are the "bad guys"? Lo and behold it's the press and the FBI. The President continually tells is what is not at issue in the investigation, as if he is even mildly aware of what Robert Mueller knows, all the time working toward yet another Saturday Night Massacre. The same desperation exhibited in the Nixon Administration is vividly present in the Trump Administration. The most recent attempt at diversion is the now infamous Memo. A clear embarrassment to both its authors and its proponents, the Memo is touted by the White House as a get out of jail free card despite the fact the memo is neither exculpating nor relevant. Methinks the GOP protests too much.

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