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Posted:Mar 7, 2019 9:53 am
Last Updated:Mar 7, 2019 7:27 pm
I will start this blog by quoting one posted around 4am earlier today entitled


Yesterday the All Stars games finished on Jeopardy. Today we get the devastating news Alex Trebek has been diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic . I have watched Jeopardy for and Alex Trebek is one of my favorite people on the planet. He also happens to be a Canadian as well. has no boundaries and can any one of us any time. My thoughts and prayers go out to Alex and his family." (thank you Shartaun03)

A few weeks ago when Alex first announced a brand new type of Tournament of Champions to be played in AN ALL STAR TEAM FORMAT, my first thoughts were one of wondering if perhaps this was a Tribute to JEOPARDY itself by having all of its greatest Contestant's reappear before us millions of viewers over a two week format

Was it going off the air due to Alex being 78 and physical strain of doing five shows a week with long hours and travel away from his home?

Never did I begin to suspect this was a TRIUBUTE EVENT due to his being in the fourth stage of Pancreatic '

Now about this most remarkable and amazing man!

His thirst for knowledge is only exceeded by his 34 plus (since 1984) as the sole Jeopardy host where he has given the world tens upon tens of thousands of answers covering the full spectrum of so many interesting and informative subjects.

This man has to considered the Greatest Teacher of all time as well as its most credible! personality.

No one will ever know how many young people his personality and demeanor have influenced into the art of further study and education.

Attention is gained by creating interest thus his presentation and delivery based upon an endless wealth of subject matter has greatly enriched my life.

Many ago, a big five publication called Readers Digest used to run a section called the Most Amazing Man I ever met!

Alex Trebek gets my vote as well as millions of others like us world wide.

I somehow get the strong feeling, our Alex will a vital future role for donations and private research funding donations forf Pancreatic Cance!

This to be revealed after his sad passing as a man of deep humility and humanity has carefully chosen to hide the pain and sufferings endured from his first four stages of this dreaded disease.

His words for enlistment to help others world wide just as his Affordable Life Insurance for seniors has over the past two decades.

I hope his professional life's work will continue in the form of JEOPARDY and the very first final Jeopardy question asked by his replacement show host under the topic of Humanity is as follows.


The FINAL JEOPARDY answer is


Posted:Mar 4, 2019 10:16 am
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2019 3:22 pm


Would having to stand and smile at the most diversified collective group of screwly Americans for eight hous a day test your intestineal (not bowls) fortitude to the far reaches of sucker punching the next creep that spits a big nasty wad of chewing tobacco on your second hand left sneaker?

Would having to listen to over 130 irrate very nearby customers per work shift loudly bitching to the sole return merchandise associate (clerk with her hearing aid BATTERIES stone cold dead) who retorts by having them sign the Return Slip on the bottom line if they are able to write their names properly?

Do you enjoy watching tiny skinny women unable to pull out a shopping cart from the long line of all badly stuck together ones that the angry parking lot boy has smashed together one at a time because the single 12 volt. battery on his cute little oange blinking light electric gathering push cart is getting real low and you dearly need to extract some degree of personal satisfaction from this minimum wage joke the Waltons label as a job?

Are you willing to under go a BATTERY of physical testing to find out if you can stand still and stay put in one spot for 480 minutes ( full eight hour shift not counting your ASSOCIATE 20 minute lunch break) while putting on a totally fake Smile directed at arriving people that collectively look like they all ransaked the same not so Good Will donaton dumpster located on the POST SIDE OF TOWN?

When you say hello, do you almost meekly whisper so that all arriving shoppers are humbled as to feel sorry for you and thus fail to observe those advertised falling price tags that really do not exist at all?

Would you believe that Walmark actually got started from Walton's Mountain when Grandpa and John Boy collaborated in selling all of their vast saw dust piles behind the mill as speedy dry kitty litter down at Ike Godsey's General Merchandise store? (if you are a dog person and not a cat person you need not answer this Walmark question!)

Have you ever wondered how in hell seven different bedroom lights went out within 11 seconds of each other on two floors as 6 Walton children all said goodnight to each other and too hard of hearing grandpa but not grandma?

Do you get tired easy as you will have to park at the very back left side of our giant parking lot and walk all the way into the store? Do you mind walking in slush and sleet wearing your special Greeter disguised for long shift sneakers?

Would you look down and away when spotting any of your neighbors arriving and thus realize you need to take a job in order to make ends meet?

Do you know the six time practiced ways to spot shoplifters? Perhaps the best way is to study the convicted shop lifter mug shot photos right over the time clock!

Would the smells from our snack bar make you hungry and prompt you burping?

Would you send rude people asking stupid questions to the wrong section of our store?

At what juncture of your work shift, would you stop having a lone shopping cart ready for the next arriving customer and just let them do the entire dam thing without receiving any of your help?

Would you spend any part of your 1% employee gifted merchendise discount on tobacco products you might spit out just like Josey Wales?

When sneaking off to the rest room all four times during your long work shift, would you sit on the toilet behind a locked closed door resting your tired legs without even taking down your pants or panties?

To keep from becoming totally bored, would you play a secret game with yourself as to whom is wearing the ugliest shoes contest??

If Clem the well known local Pig farmer were to extend his hand to you upon arriving, would you actually shake it, pretend at that very moment to deeply sneeze or lie and tell him both your arms have fallen asleep from yanking out single shopping carts and you will be sure to ^5 him the very next time?

How long would it take you to ask for a raise? Pick one. 1. ten years 2. five years 3. one year 4. one month 5. at the start of your second day on the job?

Are you happy that Sears and K-mark are both going down the tubes just like all of the mom and pop stores within a 20 mile radus when you sold your products dirt cheap to get a strong foothold so that today a simple once cheap loaf of rye bread you sell, is priced at $ 3.34?

Seeing that the Waltons were 100% American including Jim Bob and Mary Ellen, would you again sell their saw dust kitty litter so that at least one item out of the more than 780,000 are not foreign made and imported via slave labor combined with ultra cheap second rate materials?

If hired would you entirely skip our spider web covered suggestion box to be placed on the promotion list every door greeter truly desires after their first day on the job.

Would the constant shift ringing of the Salvation Army Christmas time bells upset you or make you want to loudly sing Bing Crosby's White Christmas right next to the fake Christmas tree display while shaking your head and starting a thick dandruff flow to the floor?

Last Question and we are done.........If you received a notice in the mail five months from now that I hired you, would you personaly call the store to thank me in a state of excited jubilation, and undercover donate 11% of your bi weekly pay check to my foundation to enrich Management?[/

Posted:Feb 28, 2019 10:31 am
Last Updated:Mar 17, 2019 1:24 pm

Centered within the five square block area of Derby Ohio, stood Ralph and Eddie's Bar and Grill, truly a landmark focal point that has stood quite proudly since 1937 when seventeen years of misguided prohibition had last came to a most welcomed end..

Certainly falling under the category of being a True Man's Watering Hole, it main core of patrons were the mine workers who found welcomed relief five days each week when the high pitched hilltop whistle would loudly blow freeing them from their almost daily rock dust tunnel imprisonment with pick ax and dim helmet lights.

Yes Ralph and Eddies was a mans place as few if any women ever showed except Ralph's daughter Emma who would do all of the washing of glasses, bar tops, tables and even faithfully mop the spilled beer and ale from the floor surrounding its mainstay attraction, a Brunswick regulation pool table where each and every game came with quite competitive wagers.

As one might suspect, being independent from their wives each afternoon, the subject of woman was always the main topic of choice presented in the forms of many unfair and quite judgemental comments. Jokes never failing to invoke loud instant laughter poor quite homely and always single 32 year Emma Barton would pretend not too hear as her mop and wash cloth tasks were always underhand.

One day near the end of summer, a large fashioned black board left over from Derby's elementary school's rentovations was brought in and almost instantly became its new communications center. Yes the white chalk messages always carried new funny jokes, most dirty in nature as again poor Emma would have the duties of erasing its contents at the end of her long low paying work shifts.

Soon with both Ralph and Eddies full approval and blessings, the female sex became its main most welcomed subject target as laughter ran abound increasing daily beer and ale sales by almost 20%. Erasing them every mid evening soon became Emma Barton's favorite shift duty and chore!

With men being men (actually being little boys), six foot wide by five feet tall board drew a good part of the pool room crowd to the three large tables located right in front of it.

Like all beer halls, the never ending search for laughter one day manifested a quite spirited competitive contest of sorts...........


Four men per day would post their personal space allotted opinions of course never daring to attach their names to their views of the weaker sex. Each day ratings of approval would be judged and graded so as to keep track which cleaver man was indeed the most MACHO!!!!!!

It would take some 16 weekdays until the last of the 64 contestants would post his final view on the TRUE DEFINITION OF WHAT A WOMAN REALLY WAS!

Being the senior of all those 64 men, seventy four year Art Dugan nick named Art the Fart, wrote the following which immediately silenced everyone present with its Meaning and handily and instantly won him the first place prize of $100 worth of free mugs of the beer or ale of his choice

---------THE TRUE DEFINITION OF A WOMAN IS --------------


End of part ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no comments allowed until part TWO
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