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Pattistuff46 72F  
168 posts
4/25/2019 4:23 pm
So, what do you get when you cross a little turkey with a little pig?

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Pattistuff46 72F  
137 posts
4/25/2019 4:24 pm

Recipes upon request.

Abelle2 78F
28984 posts
4/25/2019 4:37 pm

Hmmm, sounds interesting.....

MrsJoe 71F
10639 posts
4/25/2019 6:07 pm

Hunters have been mixing meats forever to add flavor and moistness. Sounds like you found a good combination.

Spring is here, it's beautiful outside. But let's sit on the computer and insult each other!

earthytaurus3 79F
39217 posts
4/25/2019 7:18 pm

Now that sounds pretty yummy. Yes, please do post the recipe. I'm not fond of straight up turkey burgers, but the added pork sounds like a great compliment.

Shartaun03 76F
3053 posts
4/26/2019 12:35 am

I rarely use ground pork. I have never thought about mixing turkey and pork together. Sage or poultry seasoning would be good in the burger. I always looking for new ideas for something different to cook. I get tired of the same old hum drum. I have been making packet meals. The other day I used Bassa fish. I layer whatever kind of vegetables you like in the bottom of the parchment paper and season as you layer. I lay the fish on top, season and lay thin lemon slices on top Fold the other half of the parchment paper over top and crimp the edges together to seal it all together. Bake in a hot oven. It makes for a delicious dinner and very little cleaning up.

sparkleflit 71F
4297 posts
4/26/2019 11:42 am

Your headline did create a very funny picture in my imagination......a gobble at one end and a curly tail at the other......with pink feathers between.......I don't eat pig, though. One of my sisters lives in a pig-raising area and whenever I even think about eating pork, let alone put it in my mouth, I can smell that god-awful reek......I went to a dance with my sister at their community hall. It was a hot Summer evening and I was dancing up a storm. I went out on the deck with a cold drink and the reek was so strong I started coughing........No one else was reacting to it and I asked a group of men what that awful smell was......they all sniffed the air and told me they couldn't smell anything.......I guess they were so acclimatized, that it no longer registered........

Rocketship 75F
15381 posts
4/26/2019 12:39 pm

I'm not into ground chicken or ground turkey, but with some ground pork .... and of course bacon.... I might try it!!!

Shartaun03 76F
3053 posts
4/26/2019 6:03 pm

Sparkles I recall driving through the area where you live and the rank smell coming from some of those farms certainly didn't smell like roses. I was glad when we got through the area. So I hear you.

Pattistuff46 72F  
137 posts
4/26/2019 7:21 pm

Speaking of the aroma from pig farms. I had to travel thru Smithfield Va several times and also other areas along the eastern shores of Virginia and North Carolina where there were lots of pig farms. My, the aroma is stifling.

I also have passed turkey farms and chicken farms in Virginia (like Tyson farms) where the aroma was stifling too.

Never been around a cattle farm, but sure know what cow manure shells like

None of those smells have ever kept me from eating meat or poultry though. Well, maybe the smell of chitterlings. I can remember smelling them being cooked and nearly choked.

Secondwave1 63M
50 posts
4/27/2019 3:42 am

Nice idea. I have mixed a bit of ground pork into ground venison from time to time. Adds a little flavor and moisture. One trick with venison burgers is to bake them for about 20 minutes flipping them once. Or to personal taste of course. Baking browns them completely through, but keeps them moist and yummy.

Secondwave1 63M
50 posts
4/27/2019 3:44 am

Oh and thanks for the recipe. Turkey hunting season opens up here in Ohio next week! Timely post!! LOL

Pattistuff46 replies on 4/27/2019 9:11 pm:
My x husbands brother is a butcher. He used to bring me venison sausage, roasts, and other cuts. I used to serve it at parties and people loved it.

Turkey needs flavoring from spices and other meats to make it desirable.
I love experimenting