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Pattistuff46 72F  
168 posts
3/28/2019 12:11 pm
Exercising my “Wright”

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Pattistuff46 72F  
137 posts
3/28/2019 12:12 pm

I see there are lots of you out there exercising your "Wright". Some more than others, I might add.

Shartaun03 76F
3053 posts
3/28/2019 12:23 pm

I am not a writer per say but when I was still working part of my job was replying to some correspondence so I had to be up on my grammar and sentence composition. I really detest poor grammar. Nowadays with all the tools on the computer there isn't any excuse. I love to read and read a lot. I too think it helps to keep your brain cells active and slow down the aging process.

Pattistuff46 replies on 3/28/2019 3:13 pm:
Recently, someone asked me to critique a writing. Suddenly my mind was in a whirl over nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and participles. Now diagraming sentences has become a game (challenge).

Dangling participles, misplaced modifiers. Lions and Tigers, Oh My!!!

MrsJoe 71F
10639 posts
3/28/2019 1:45 pm

I used to enjoy poetry and spent years searching for a poem that our 7th grade teacher had made us memorize. I also enjoy penning a verse or two, and often wrote my nurse's shift notes in verse form to the delight of the other nurses and supervisors. Even our administrator would come to the desk when he arrived to see if I had livened things up.

Spring is here, it's beautiful outside. But let's sit on the computer and insult each other!

Pattistuff46 replies on 3/28/2019 3:09 pm:
I remember having to memorize a very long poem "The Village Blacksmith" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. I knew it by heart, way back then. But now all I remember is the first line, "Under the spreading chestnut tree".

MrsJoe 71F
10639 posts
3/28/2019 3:24 pm

My seventh grade teacher was great. She not only read to us at the end of each day and made classics like Treasure Island come alive, but she taught us proper grammar and sentence structure. The poetry was a side line in which we had to memorize a stanza each week of such poems as Little Boy Blue, A Boy and His Stomach, The House with Nobody In It, and God Spilled A Rainbow, to name a few I remember quickly.
On Fridays, we each had to recite that week's stanza in front of the class, and at the end we had to recite the entire poem. Some of us loved it and some of us hated it.

Spring is here, it's beautiful outside. But let's sit on the computer and insult each other!

Pattistuff46 replies on 3/28/2019 4:07 pm:
I moved from New Jersey to Virginia in my junior year of high school. My parents were divorcing. My life was miserable. The only pleasure I got was in Literature class. My teacher, Mrs. Stronach was beautiful. She had her long hair pulled into a twist in back of her head and she wore big glasses. Her voice was soothing. She read passages that would lull you into another place and time. She was loved by everyone at school. Her husband was a music teacher at a neighboring county school. He was the high school band leader also. His band was always invited to the Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. He too was loved by everyone. Mrs. Stronach passed away early in life and we all felt a great loss.

earthytaurus3 79F
39217 posts
3/28/2019 5:22 pm

I can recall starting college with general studies classes that were required to round the base and then some that were electives. In the batch of offerings, my favorite classes were literature and composition and my electives were always of those persuasions.

I had a few lit professors that were dynamos and inspired me to elect English as a major. One was a visiting prof from the U. of Maryland that would literally sweat reading a poem. I kid you not. He was THAT into the delivery. I can remember thinking, now this is a guy 'following his bliss' - one who was doing what he should be doing . His calling was that passionately projected. He remained one of my inspirational idols.

Just one of the poems I attempted to commit to memory was Poe's, The Raven . I had the first six stanzas down pat ... and then life got in the way. DANG IT! I found it so rythumically musical and free flowing that it rolled right off my tongue in a fancy dance beat.

Sadly, I'd be hard-pressed NOW to recall all six of those stanzas accurately. However, I am still enamored with the alliteration of the lines: 'And the silken, sad, uncertain rustling of each purple curtain, thrilled me, filled me with fantastic terror never felt before ....'

I could go on and on .... but this post is becoming imposing.! You are taking me for a stroll down Memory Lane. Thank you. It's all good!

earthytaurus3 79F
39217 posts
3/28/2019 5:47 pm

Don't ask me what happened with all those misplaced Italics. They ran away with me..

Pattistuff46 replies on 3/28/2019 7:20 pm:
So glad you enjoyed literature as much as I. And no, you aren't imposing, you are sharing and improving my post. That's wonderful

Rocketship 75F
15381 posts
3/28/2019 6:24 pm

I love to read, but I'm not very good at creative writing~~~ Good for you!!!

Pattistuff46 replies on 3/28/2019 7:22 pm:
Creative writing can be fun. Just let your imagination run wild.
I could write about a trip to the grocery store and turn it into an adventure. Try it. You might enjoy the experience.

bijou649 69F
383 posts
3/29/2019 1:19 am

I worked as a Law Clerk and spent years drafting all manner of legal documents. I have always been an avid reader so when I retired I thought it would be easy for me to write a novel. After two attempts at writing a novel I realized it was not easy at all as I am not a flowery writer and should stick to legal documents.

I hope you continue writing your blogs here as I'm enjoying them.

Pattistuff46 replies on 3/29/2019 3:00 am:
I was going to apply for a job with a local magazine as a freelance writer until I read the requirements. I did not think that I could write the monthly minimum articles required. Mostly due to the fact that I write by inspiration and being forced to write would be mind boggling. I'm sure you've heard of writer's block. Well my mind immediately shut down just thinking about being required to write!!!

Abelle2 78F
28984 posts
3/29/2019 5:43 am

I have tried writing but never seem to get any further than....."It was a dark and stormy night"...…… ya s'pose I should start a different opening?

earthytaurus3 79F
39217 posts
3/29/2019 8:08 am

    Quoting Abelle2:
    I have tried writing but never seem to get any further than....."It was a dark and stormy night"...…… ya s'pose I should start a different opening?
ROFLMBO!!! You're too funny, Abelle! I don't think that translates as 'creative' . You'd be better off to start with a dead body on the first page …. although - come to think of it - that's already been done, too. LOL

DanDee1952 67M
20202 posts
3/29/2019 11:04 am

Most of the write I writ,
isn't really worth spit
too long
too short
makes me look like a dim wit

OK I love limericks

Pattistuff46 replies on 3/29/2019 7:54 pm:
Me too

sparkleflit 71F
4297 posts
3/29/2019 7:13 pm

I do a lot of creative writing and have, on several occasions attempted something longer than a longish short story, but I'm missing an organizational gene or something......I excelled at it in school, but the assignments only called for short pieces......same with the workshops I've taken in the past 20 years. I'ts frustrating, because I know I have several books in there, but the pieces remain scattered through the landscapes of my brain.

I was standing in a line-up in a bank one day, when I noticed the teller at one of the windows was having a hard time dealing with these two cowboys who were at the window together. They were wearing the boots, the dungarees, the hats....and seemed to be looking for a place to spit their snuff.......They were having what looked like a heated argument with the young teller. Apparently she called in a higher authority, because a man in a suit showed up and after a swift consultation, he handed the cowboys bundles of money......stacks of it. The cowboys, who I now noticed, were far from sober, started trying to figure out how to carry the money.....stuffing it into pockets and inside their shirts... It kept falling on the floor....the snaps on their shirts popped open, or the shirt untucked......and every time they bent over to pick up some money, some more would fall out. They continued like this, arms full of packets of bills......bending over to pick them up, losing more ....through the bank and down the street as the eyes of everyone followed them...........

Where was I going with this?.........Oh yeah, that is the perfect metaphor for how my thoughts respond when I'm thinking about writing a book.........Chaos ensues. I have several friends who are writers of books and when I ask for their advice they don't know what I'm talking about.....I guess their brains just work differently than mine.....

Pattistuff46 replies on 3/29/2019 7:54 pm:
Writing is not easy, but if you love writing stick to short stories. Write them and set them aside for a while. Then go back and read them, edit them and set them aside again. Sometimes you will have a flawless story to tell in he end. Other times you will have a story that seems lifeless in the end. But the important thing to remember is that you were expressing yourself thru writing and it had given you great pleasure while you were composing.