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Pattistuff46 72F  
168 posts
3/24/2019 6:15 am
"Sunday, Sweet Sunday"

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Pattistuff46 72F  
137 posts
3/24/2019 6:47 am

Good Morning Sweet Sunday

Rocketship 75F
15381 posts
3/24/2019 7:12 am

I love live theatre..... especially musicals!! How wonderful your school trip sounded.

What an adventure!!

MrsJoe 71F
10639 posts
3/24/2019 8:44 am

Many times, a song running through my head brings back vivid memories.
As to your last statement, I have my ideas and I stand in awe of the times in which we are living. I admit to being a bit apprehensive, but also extremely hopeful.

Spring is here, it's beautiful outside. But let's sit on the computer and insult each other!

joannita 64F
1266 posts
3/24/2019 9:31 am

Inthink evwere so lucky to grow up free.... out on bikes with other kids from the neighborhood, (preferably downhill with no hands) ,rollerskating in the street, diving in the ocean, climbing hills, climbing trees, and nobody putting helmets or kneepads or anything on us.

Except a few casts on broken things...

I guess it was a good method of natural selection, I sometimes wonder how on earth we made it to being seniors LOL


Rudyk9dad 66M
172 posts
3/24/2019 10:34 am

When young, my teen older sister by some 9 years had a best girlfriend living in Easton Ct. who took care of Richard Rogers well hidden second home.located there.

Many famous east coast stars often used nearby Connecticut as a safe private place away from the spotlights of New York City.

Back in those late 50's and early 60's days, Richard Rogerse was already internationally known having teamed with both Lorenz Hart and Oscar Hammerstein !!

By careers end he and his two partners had created over 900 songs and 43 different Broadway Musicals both before and during the advent of Rock and Roll and the fledgling Country Music!

I always dreamed of viewing a Broadway play but somehow never did.

Pattistuff46 replies on 3/24/2019 10:42 am:
Its never too late to go there. I was supposed to go to NYC in 2001. Lucky for me my trip was diverted and we had to cancel the stopover.

earthytaurus3 79F
39217 posts
3/24/2019 12:02 pm

Parents these days have to be so careful of disciplining their children for fear of someone calling them abusive. It's gone way to extremes, IMO. I grew up with swats on the butt, and so did my kids. It didn't take too many to get the point across. I don't think you can do that these days.

earthytaurus3 79F
39217 posts
3/24/2019 12:06 pm

This wasn't exactly a 'Sweet Sunday" for me. I did three loads of laundry and went grocery shopping …. gassed up the car, ran it through the wash, and yada, yada, yada. It's just a bit after 2:00 PM and I just sat down! I'm fighting off a nap as I speak.

Pattistuff46 replies on 3/24/2019 1:43 pm:
Earthy, I try my best to keep my Sundays free of chores. Although I do sometimes cook a big Sunday dinner and invite friends over.

bob77O21__ 75M
8295 posts
3/24/2019 12:11 pm

100 Million Miracles....are happening...every day.

Pattistuff46 replies on 3/24/2019 1:12 pm:
Ah Yes. I still have the original album but my turntable is not hooked up. (I gave away most of my albums last year but kept this particular one). I enjoy listening to the soundtrack on youtube.