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jiminycricket1 68M
10153 posts
12/6/2018 10:46 am

Yes.... it so hard for US to understand.. that with each of US there is a "key " that opens the door to understanding.. the "key" is never the same for everybody.. Everybody's key is different..

the hard part is to understand that you hold your own "key".. but although you are the master of your own key.....It's not a "master key"

I rarely see others find my "key"....And many times I can't find theirs...
But I always look for it...And I'm getting a lot closer to finding yours.

Thank you for this poems.. there are a lot of clues for me to find your "key"

jiminycricket1 68M
10153 posts
12/6/2018 11:06 am

I have said it before to other here.. so that they could find my "key"

It's based on "duality"... a concept..that opposite aren't different... they are just different relative perspectives of the same thing....
In the blog I just wrote I use "good;" and "bad" as possible absolutes.... there is no such thing..

It's a relative perspective... from a singular point of view......Your singular point of view may define "good and bad"....But invariably that which you may thing is bad.. will thinks it NOT bad, but think it's "good" relative to you.

sportsbuffHal 61M
115 posts
12/17/2018 10:48 am

dr scholes says different.