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sportsbuffHal 62M
48 posts
3/13/2019 12:27 pm

[B(]A UP International release)

Caving into the greatly applied pressures of some 837 PETA Outside City Hall demonstrators, today a brand new type of Control your Pit Bull K-9 Law was enacted by Phoenix Mayor Seymour Hydrants after an unanimous city council emergency vote!

Named the new Strays Now Can't Spray Law, Mayor Hydrants proclaimed on the top of city hall steps, the badly needed and long overdue legislation to a cheering crowd estimated at over 3,000 very concerned citizens who mostly were wearing Felix the Cat Tee Shirts.

In pointing out the Eroded bottom of World Famous Lewis and Clark Bronze statue across City square that has suffered an estimated $ 137,000 in Piss damage since the pit bulls and owners (many of them members of the national Pit Bulls & Parolee's television crusade), began targeting it as their Scent Marking Center for random Pit Bull Breeding.

With mixed crowd reviews erupting both Pro and Con, special invited guest world famous Dr. Phil McGraw produced 37 year old Wanda Streets to show just five % of her severe body stitching scars since Phoenix has strict laws against females opening worn garments on city streets!

Said a very tearful and emotional Wanda to the totally silenced crowd, " Once I was down and helpless almost left naked in shattered clothing, they PEED on me with uplifted legs while Howling in a pack mentality to celebrate.!""

It was then a fight broke out that would rival Bigbloc and the Green reporter going at it toe to toe in personL

Thank God three school buses full of former rescued pit bulls and their owners arrived to send that PETA GANG PACKING IN COWARDLY FASHION.

Please totally believe this blog that is exactly like the Political ones posted in here each and every day educating you on how to think like they do!!!!

gone it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/

sportsbuffHal 62M
184 posts
3/13/2019 12:33 pm

to the terrified to take your small loveable pets for a walk outside dog owners, know that all the Homeowner or renter Insurance programs now have a


boogie7102 74F

3/14/2019 12:57 pm

Actually you have demonstrated a good point. Most other political blogs make just about as much sense as the one you have written although they are defended like a territorial pit bull. In reality none of us know what is happening in Washington nor what the results will be. When you don't know the answer just baffle the opponent with BS.