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sportsbuffHal 62M
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2/14/2019 11:08 am

There is a brain aneurysm rupturing every 18 minutes. Ruptured brain aneurysms are fatal in about 40% of cases. Of those who survive, about 66% suffer some permanent neurological deficit. Approximately 15% of patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) die before reaching the hospital.

The blood deposits cover the brain tissues thus starving off the oxygen is vital to keep them alive to serve their intended functions.

Depending upon the location of such totally exposed and destroyed brain tissues. the lingering almost always effects will and can cause many losses of body functions.

These anueurysm's can effect speech, vision, hearing, motor nerves causing neuropothy especialy in victims over the age of 55.

Permanent loss of in full or parts of arms, legs, hands and feet,

Most importantly is the effects of mind this type of stroke always effects. Confusion, loss or great reduction of understanding,

The worse part is this stroke some time, will again happen with a much higher degree of damage or even death.

She in essence has become a infant stage being requiring around the clock special and very expensive care.

The different medications needed are not covered by most health care plans and one must strongly consider incorporating the element of mercy as a comparative state of brain dead is most likely to some degree..

Lets hope the extent of damage is minimal and located in a less important areas of key function element.

Prayers are but blind faith and not in the hands of God, but rather in the progression of modern day medicine vai surgery, medications and lastly in her


sportsbuffHal 62M
184 posts
2/14/2019 11:17 am

The cause of such stroke is high blood pressure causing interior capillaries to rupture.
So all of you seniors should monitor your food intake, diets and exercise to some degree like home blood pressure monitoring, pulse and oxygen finger aids,

Our bodies wear down over time and need closer attention paid to them.

Like all advertisements on television for prescription drugs, the side effects of not taking proper care of yourselfs, will always effect both the QUALITY OF LIFE AS WELL AS YOUR DURATION.

LeafReport 68M
2202 posts
2/14/2019 11:50 am

Yes...great support here. Diet and Exercise is essential to long term health. Far too many people, especially seniors, just seem to give up. I've never understood why they do. Exercise is not a chore. In short order the benefits become obvious. It's the most loving thing you can do for your family and for yourself.

Fossil_Fetcher 71M
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2/15/2019 7:09 am

Hiya, Don. Please say Hi to Betty !

Non ego te hic placere

Seattlechick8 63F
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2/15/2019 7:25 am

Rent -NOT Don From AZ lol