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hiramhankwilliam 95M
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4/22/2019 2:29 pm
Most illegal immigrants in US receive government benefits, costing taxpayers billions: experts

first, I careless what any one labels me regarding my view on this.

NO ONE, NONE, NADA, ZILTCH. person or persons should get any type govt help if they are not us citizens. either by birth or became citizens legally.

THERE IS A WAY TO BECOME A LEGAL USA CITIZEN. follow the rules like others have.

not a citizen, tuff. work hard and become oen for u and yours.

this article spells out just how much money is going to illegals .

any one wanana gues where the money to fund this free shyt comes from???

YOU AN I. working folks that paid ss, taxes etc.

to any one feeling that these folsk should be taken care of. sedn a check to help them.

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court considers whether to count self-identified illegal immigrants in the 2020 census. Cities worry adding the citizenship question could undercount 6.5 million people. Their argument, however, isn't just about political power but billions of dollars in federal funds states expect.

"We're talking about billions of dollars in taxpayer benefits over the next few years," said Dan Stein, director of the right-leaning think tank, Federation for American Immigration Reform. "The payout for the taxpayer is enormous and income to the Treasury is miniscule."

A FAIR study in 2017 found illegal immigrants are a net consumer of taxpayer benefits worth more than $100 billion a year, not including the cost of enforcing the border.

While federal benefits are supposed to be off limits, in practice many are not. More than 25,000 undocumented workers receive subsidized housing, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Children receive free education and most qualify for English lessons and free school breakfast and lunch.

Illegal immigrants do not qualify for Obamacare but under federal law, hospitals and clinics are required to provide urgent medical care without regard to legal status. Pregnant women are entitled to prenatal and postpartum care under the Women, Infants and Children program. Infant delivery costs are paid for by Medicaid. A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found a federal-state immigrant insurance program cost $2 billion a year in emergency treatment, not including the $1.24 billion in infant delivery expenses.

Illegal immigrants are not entitled to food stamps, but families with U.S.-born children are. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, 31% of such families use the SNAP program and more than 50% of Central American families in the U.S. use at least one welfare program.

U.S. officials expect a million additional illegal immigrants this fiscal year, as the Border Patrol is currently apprehending up to 4,000 a day. Most will claim asylum, entitling them to government benefits.



hiramhankwilliam 95M
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4/22/2019 2:30 pm


GavinLS2 64M
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4/22/2019 7:05 pm

Hi Hiram

When I first saw the headline of your blog entry here, I was inclined to come in and question, or even challenge the assertions. However, you have pointed out some facts I hadn't considered in which even when illegal immigrants are unable to obtain direct benefits like Welfare, etc, they do benefit indirectly at the expense of actual citizens.



hiramhankwilliam 95M
4085 posts
4/26/2019 4:42 pm

    Quoting bijou649:
    You're right that every immigrant should apply to be admitted to the U.S. legally. Unfortunately (for immigrants) there is NO CATEGORY for poor people to even apply to live in the U.S. and that's why millions are sneaking in across the border. It's a huge problem and I have to agree that a wall along the southern U.S. border is not a bad idea, although not a perfect solution.
there is nothing perfect. each and every thing has im profections.

it would be a great day to have a perfect world