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Unsafe_Sax_54 64M
2056 posts
2/9/2019 7:37 am
Hurt My Feelings, Go to Jail

Give me money. Give me a home. Give me medical. But what about my emotional needs? Specifically, the Left's drive to guarantee emotional harmony.

They're all stupid/unaffordable and/or impossible, but the last one is ludicrous. The mindless herd of the left wants Federal, State and Local authority to legislate their happiness (Grubers, chime in here about the "pursuit of happiness" - but it's not quite the same).

The Marxists (why call them Dems any more?) will not protect our borders, but they will tell us that they can keep us from feeling bad. Or, even more ridiculous, they can keep people from making people we don't even know from feeling bad.

Somebody find me a totalitarian regime - from ANY era - where people didn't "feel bad". Or perhaps a benevolent socialist State - as those found in Scandinavia. You know, the ones with the high rates of alcoholism and suicide.

Unsafe_Sax_54 64M
1430 posts
2/9/2019 7:39 am

The violence and death threats "caused" by MAGA hats should give you grubers a clue. But then, getting a clue through to a 3yo is pretty tough.