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Unsafe_Sax_54 64M
1891 posts
1/10/2019 10:13 pm
Fearless Prediction:

Nasty Pelosi and Chuck-banana-fo-.....never mind…..will fold late tomorrow afternoon That seems to be the preferred time to do stuff you don't want covered very well.

Unsafe_Sax_54 64M
1424 posts
1/10/2019 10:15 pm

Feel free to prognosticate.

MrsJoe 71F
10814 posts
1/10/2019 11:25 pm

It has always amazed me at the Friday afternoon flurry of activity that is dumped on the news, like either they think nobody will take much notice, OR they can escape answering questions for a couple of days and the attention will die down or be replaced by something else by Monday. Both parties seem to do this.
Your prediction seems logical.

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