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Lisztomania 69M
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4/2/2019 6:05 pm

For weeks now, Maisie's medical team has been telling me she has shown no improvement. After two months, Medicare refused ICU care Erlanger (hospital) and denied my appeal to keep her there. (Yes, the phrase "death panel" occurred to .)

The best option presented to was a skilled care/rehab place in Collegedale on Chattanooga's eastern flank, about 12 miles away. She was transported there yesterday. I received a last evening which surprised -- the nurse had been able to understand her communications easily.

I visited the new facility this afternoon. Maisie was dozing when I first got there, but as I stood over her. What happened next was like a miracle to : she opened her eyes wide with full comprehension, then gave the most wonderful smile I have ever been blessed with.

And then we talked. And talked. Not just by means of gestures and grunts. Maisie is fully able to say words and sentences, but she has almost no voice yet, so it involves some lip-reading. I not so good , and times I felt like I was the slower of the 2 of us in the conversation. We talked about familiar things like her beloved cats, my own medical problems, etc. We didn't mention politics. LOL.

But many endearments were exchanged.