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Skariff2 67M
4317 posts
10/23/2019 2:03 pm
Frustration at its max...

can vision the anger in the words posted by the right wing losers. Faced with the ungodly scenario of their erstwhile leader headed for prison and now his once believed be loyal followers possess moral character and at least a portion of a brain are spewing the bane of Trumpism.......TRUTH. calling and ad hominem attacks represent a party an argument bereft of any cogent relationship the facts of the matter. Thus, the alternative is pour vitriol into the blog system in a vain effort to satisfy their inability to think rationally or recognize facts when they are piled before them.

I say let these un-American, pro-Russian dullards spew their hatred, it demonstrates the ignorance with which they are forced live.

Prejudice cannot be conquered with logic, logic didn't instill it and logic cannot eradicate it.