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jiminycricket1 69M
3943 posts
12/2/2019 2:55 pm

There are many types of accusations..

Two different types are very important at this time.

First is an accusation, neither evidence nor a retractions, can completely remove. They are character assassinations. Trump good at those

I want talk about a different kind of accusation .. would be based on some evidence . but not sufficient prove the allegation..
I want condemn..... Obama, Clinton, the Democrats, The FBI and CIA.. for NOT making kind of accusation... The idea a President could be a criminal.. but before you can accuse him.. you need sufficient proof..
Well maybe all well and good... but NOT when national security is at stake. the idea catch someone for national security breaches is not as important as preventing someone from National security breaches. Especially a President..
You don't catch a president for past acts.. you catch a president with his hand in the cookie jar..but.. it's really not about catching him.. it's about telling him he needs keep his hands away from the cookie jar.

What would have happen if Obama and Clinton accused Trump of Treason, and not COLLUSION before the election.. obviously they wouldn't have sufficient proof. And if they had continued to accuse him after the election... What would have happened.
The incomplete accusation would not have the change the election and maybe have helped Trump..
But it would have prevented Trump to do what he's been doing for the last three years. Trump would NOT have been able to withhold aid from Ukraine for any reason. Trump would not have been able to support Russia in the Crimea. Trump would not have been able to side against our intelligence agencies.. Trump would not have been able to have SECRET meeting with Putin.. Trump would not have been able to support Russia blocking the Black Sea and taking Ukraine ships.. Trump would not have been able to defend Russia corruption and criminality in the Ukraine.. Trump would not have been able to deal with Turkey and abandon the Kurds. Trump would not have allowed Russia to negate a nuclear deal... Trump would not have been able to curtail Russian sanctions.. Trump Would not have been able to shake up NATO. Trump would need to be careful about Supporting autocrats and dictators.. TRUMP WOULD HAVE HAD TO PROTECT OUR ELECTIONS against interference.

Either that... Or we would have gotten all the proof we NEED...

jiminycricket1 69M
11250 posts
12/2/2019 3:09 pm

The truth is.. the only agreed possibility for impeachment of this President is TREASON. It's the ONLY non-polarizing issue

Without Russia, our internal disagreements would just be political.. With Russia it become about national Security..

I'm pissed that we can't catch him..Because of a lot of other political distractions

But, I'm even more pissed that we could have, but Never prevented it from happening.