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jiminycricket1 69M
4685 posts
9/11/2019 12:28 am
Trump.. Impeachment or Imprisonment?

Well comparatively speaking..
All of trump's compatriots have been found guilty... And financially wiped out.

And those guys aren't even that responsible!.

Impeachment was not to be a punishment.. a removal from office to prevent the harm a President could do.. .. it was a preventive measure.. Well, the cat's out the bag...Impeachment, Now, ain't going to prevent squat

The failure to complete the impeachment... creates a scenario for double jeopardy.
The lesser need for specific evidence... and not a guilty verdict. doesn't bode weell
Impeachment.. right now ... is "spittin in the wind".Trump needs to GO TO JAIL.. and his assets, in which he utilized the presidency for emoluments .. need to be confiscated..If taxpayers spend a dime on his properties.. then the punishment is WE TAKE THEM

Never have we had a President who was more treasonous to this country..
WE have allowed Trump to "experiment" on US....
He's undermined our election. he's undermined our intelligence agency.. he's undermined our courts. He's undermined our Constitution.
WE have allowed Trump to change what is the truth..
We have allowed Trump to ABUSE his power. to the destruction of our Constitution.
We have allowed Trump...To Defame, Blackmail,..... Court our enemies. and leverage our allies.
We have allowed Trump to hire and fire.. without due process.
We have allowed Trump to circumvent our security procedures.
We have allowed Trump nepotism, and the hiring of unqualified staff,, simply because they are "loyal" to HIm and not he country
WE have allowed Trump to blame the blameless. and protect the guilty. Pardon the unpardonable..and make "deals' behind our back...

And some of YOU.. just want to Impeach him.. WTF? wrong with you..

He needs to go to JAIL.. And if I "locked him Up"... I'd throw away the fricken key.

jiminycricket1 69M
10924 posts
9/11/2019 12:54 am

You people are all small potatoes.....
You just care about yourself.. and what you want..

This is BIG stuff... this is the whole ball of wax..this is WORLD WAR Z..

Oh, OH OH....... Mr President.. Please don't do it to US.. Please don't do it to me... do it to them.. You are so Wonderful.. You are so IMPORTANT... We can't live without YOU.. We can't do it on our own.. WE NEED YOU!

WTF is wrong with YOU PEOPLE?.
He's just a fricken man.. and a "bad" one at that.. and HE belongs in Jail.
If he went to jail, nobody would miss him.. Just look at him.... He does not have a single FRIEND.
All his friend took the bus out of town.... the problem is they rode underneath it. I guess Bolton's at the Bus stop now. Loyalty is a one way street and the bus goes the wrong way. For Trump his "fiends" are just more opportunities for blackmail and leverage.

bijou649 70F
621 posts
9/11/2019 3:30 am

The damage Trump has done all across the globe is unbelievable. If he's elected for another four years it will be too late to do anything about Climate Change. There are only so many government agencies and members of Congress and only so many hours in the day to hold countless investigations and gather evidence against him. The emoluments alone should be enough to oust him from ever holding public office but Congress can't even get his tax returns after all this time.

Trump and his company and possibly all the Repub members of Congress who support him no matter what he says or does are lining their pockets and using taxpayers money as their personal ATM.

jiminycricket1 69M
10924 posts
9/11/2019 9:58 am

Now it's really hard for you people to understand, no matter which side your on....I DON"T TALK POLITICS.. I Talk people... I don't deal with LABELS.. I deal with people..

Comparatively speaking, as a personl.. What Trump has done and is doing..Compared to "others"

Pales in comparison to.. breaking and entering , stealing information, covering it up and payoffs.. Like Watergate
Pales in comparison to....Lying or being misinformed about WMD's in Iraq..
Pales in comparison.. To loading up moneys in a "legitimate' foundation, not sending in the Calvary fast enough, in Benghazi... and then lying about it, and not taking the heat from it.. Using an improper server with Emails that contain "classified information" or selling Uranium..
Or getting a 'blow job" from the under the desk in the oval office.
Pales in comparison... to the lie.... If YOU want to keep your insurance and doctor.. You can.. When it's a 10,000 to one shot Trump compares at all.... or The "improper" use of of "executive orders"..Drawing "red" lines that are more pink than red........Or that he "knew" a Muslim.....where he was born... and that he and "looks" more like THEM, than he does US

What must I be thinking to compare what Trump has done... compared to those "dastardly "deeds..

When it's so obvious to me..It can't be done, because there is no comparison.

LeafReport 68M
2050 posts
9/12/2019 4:59 pm

There isn't a single Trump defender on this site that can communicate a rational argument in defense of Trump on ANY issue facing America today...not a single one.

starwomyn 65F
6545 posts
9/12/2019 8:57 pm


jiminycricket1 69M
10924 posts
9/12/2019 11:54 pm

    Quoting LeafReport:
    There isn't a single Trump defender on this site that can communicate a rational argument in defense of Trump on ANY issue facing America today...not a single one.
Well there you have it.. it's plain as day..

If Trump never has to have a cohesive argument, logic, or verification..

why should THEY need it?