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jiminycricket1 68M
3945 posts
12/6/2018 8:23 am
"On Wisconsin.. fight on through the line"

It's okay to do it to the "bad" guys
But you can't let the "bad" guys do it to you..

It okay for the "good" guys to control the elections
but you can't let "bad" guys control the elections.

It's okay for the "good" guys to circumvent a law.. for a good reason
It's not okay for the "bad" guys to circumvent the law for any reason.

It's okay to use any "weapon" against your enemies..
It's okay to take away any weapon your enemy has..

When you can....... make sure you do it to them..
When you can't.... make sure they can't do it to you..

You can do anything when you're "RIGHT"

You don't even have to hide it..You can just say it.. be open about it
Tell it like it is... and still half the people will believe you.
Half the people think you can open and then close "Pandora's Box"..whenever you choose

jiminycricket1 68M
10167 posts
12/6/2018 9:08 am

The "Children" of America..

When we are young... Most of Us don't see the right or wrong of it.
We see.... the getting away with it.. or getting caught with it. And our focus is to do what it takes.. not to lose

Some, but not enough, of US learn.. that right or wrong of it... is not about getting caught or not...
So for Some.. a Lie is a Lie.. even if you don't get caught lying.
Somewhere along the line.. we never grew up and learned.. the right wrong of it.. Is not defined by others who "catch" you.. but it self-defines who YOU are.

So what becomes of US after Trump?
Individually.. probably not much.. You are what you are or you're not.
But collectively...What happens to AMERICA?

With Trump.. we can defined right or wrong in terms of division, being un-United States. A view of truth and an Lies, We can try to cure the specifics.. Like partisanship, racism, democracy, America first, healthcare etc etc..
But the truth of it, doesn't lie in the specifics..
We can see it our daily lives..It's occurring right in front of our eyes. the deterioration of values.....The idea it's not wrong unless you get caught, unless you lose.......The idea if it's good for YOU.. you can do just about anything.....We can see the "hurt" it does to others, and ignore it.....We can see an increase in scams, collusion, obstruction, abuse, and manipulation without a thought of right or wrong.

They say a few degrees difference in climate change, can destroy our planet....and when we cross a line we can't get it back.
The question I ask... collectively about America.. Is a few degree change in our ideals and values enough to destroy what once was.. and if we cross that line can we ever get it back?.

Are we the "Children" of America.. and right or wrong....depends on not getting caught (not losing).. Instead of right or wrong defining who we are.

jiminycricket1 68M
10167 posts
12/6/2018 10:13 am

    Quoting  :

Yes ...we do "jimmy" it a lot..

We try to "jimmy" this, and "jimmy" that

But in reality "jimmy" has NOTHING to do with it.

Yet... "This and That" has EVERYTHING to do with it.

Archer62 77F
4125 posts
12/7/2018 7:16 am

Got news fopr you: no one can open that box without repercussions sooner or later.

jiminycricket1 68M
10167 posts
12/7/2018 9:14 am

    Quoting Archer62:
    Got news fopr you: no one can open that box without repercussions sooner or later.
It not good news....
on this site at this time.. I always intend to warn and not chastise..

The "good" guy and the "bad" guy are the same to me..