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ltw222 70M
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11/30/2019 10:34 pm
Sunday Photo

Within the wood, beneath the trees,
Alone I rambled in the spring
When softly said the passing breeze,
"Come listen the bluebells sing."
Then from the distance came a glow;
A bluish hue I did not know.

As I approached the bluish hue,
I heard the chimes of dainty bells
And saw the flowers bowed with dew
Imbue the air with their sweet smells.
It spread as far as I could see
Which set spirit soaring free.

I watched with awe their playful dance
As robins joined the sing-along.
I was ignored; without a glance,
They filled the wood with their wild song,
Enrapturing the clouds above;
Enticing them crowd and shove.

And now sometimes alone at night
When sleep deserts weary eyes,
I still recall that splendid sight.
It fills heart with restless sighs
And brings life longing mood
once again walk in the wood.

Live today as if it is your last
For tomorrow will soon be in the past

ltw222 70M
7707 posts
11/30/2019 10:35 pm

I was told I must comment to get it posted.


Live today as if it is your last
For tomorrow will soon be in the past

MrsJoe 72F
11718 posts
12/1/2019 12:45 am

Yes, it must have a comment to show up for others to see, unless they have you one their watched list, as I do. A patch of bluebells is a beautiful sight to see. We have them in our area, but often in places the farmers don't want them so the disappear under the plow in late spring.

If you expect nothing from anyone, you won't be disappointed, but you might be pleasantly surprised.

bijou649 70F
786 posts
12/1/2019 6:39 am

What a beautiful place that is. Love the poem.

Archer62 78F
4547 posts
12/1/2019 7:27 am


Abelle2 79F
29271 posts
12/1/2019 5:23 pm

Nice! Both the picture and the poem.

deborahsu2 79F
3404 posts
12/1/2019 8:07 pm

The picture is beautiful. I use to take a book and go down in the bottom where the trees were so pretty and just set there, read and enjoy the sounds. About four years ago I went down, my two big dogs with reading and the dogs laying in the sunshine. There was a big noise in some brush behind me and my dogs ran off and left me following. The wild hogs are plentiful around here so I haven't gone back. But I do miss it.

myseek1 76F
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12/2/2019 9:53 am

A nice and quiet place to retreat once in a while and let the soul speak in a poem.
Thanks for sharing, Lee.

Robyn363 78F
2746 posts
12/2/2019 10:15 am

Beautiful picture and poem Lee. Reminds me of spring/summer and what we have to look forward to.

Maudie1 69F
4962 posts
12/2/2019 9:35 pm

This picture and poem gives me a nice feeling of inner peace. Thanks for sharing it with us Lee.

8913 posts
12/5/2019 2:44 pm

Beautiful picture! Just the place for a long day retreat...Quietness...Silence... to hear God's voice in my inner self.
Nice poem too. Thank you Lee.

Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.(Khalil Gibran)

ltw222 70M
7707 posts
12/7/2019 5:55 pm

Thank you all for the comments.


Live today as if it is your last
For tomorrow will soon be in the past