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earthytaurus3 79F
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8/13/2019 2:29 am
Somewhat prompted by MrsJoe's early morning blog .....

… regarding 'communications', at least.

About a week or two ago I began an earnest attempt at updating my ancient address books and questioning the whereabouts and/or vital circumstances surrounding some very old acquaintances that have been far too long 'out of sight, out of mind'.

I bought a packet of blank page cards, jotted notes and sent them out to last known addresses. (Frankly, at this stage of life, I sought to know whether they were dead or alive! After all, we're all past the ages of life expectancy. } I included my current e-mail address, street address and . I made a list of those I addressed.

Out of 12 such sent notices, I arrived home from lunch today to find two voice messages on my phone assuring me they are alive and well. I was DELIGHTED! ( I spent some good long time on the phone in response! ) One was from a dear friend I've known since our Taiwan teaching days way back in the late '60's/early '70's at Taipei American School! Another was from a gal from England that I came to know in my days of living in Madison, WI. One delightful, spunky lady I came to love when I became a divorcee.

Earlier, one other message came by mail to assure me she's widowed and hanging in there. Another came from the granddaughter of a gal I came to know and befriend when our began school together way back when my ex was a junior high school principal during his very first experience in school ADM. She informed me that my friend, her grandmother, had passed..

That makes four out of twelve! I'm left to wonder about the rest.

I have more to go …. miles to go before I sleep.

earthytaurus3 79F
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8/13/2019 2:32 am


Archer62 78F
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8/13/2019 9:07 am


Shartaun03 76F
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8/15/2019 9:22 pm

What a great idea Earthy. I found a couple of months ago that a couple of old friends of whom I had lost contact with had passed away. I Googled their names and their obituaries popped up. Needless to say I was surprised. Both of them were older than me. At least I can put to rest wondering if they were still around.

Robyn363 78F
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8/18/2019 12:03 pm

Most of my friends in my address book have passed away, some I knew about, others no.

shuel2002 61F
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9/1/2019 3:24 pm

What a wonderful thing to do. I am glad you got to talk to some of your old friends. Sorry about the one that passed away.

Elaine Shuel