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TwilightSpirit 56F
1374 posts
7/9/2024 9:28 pm
Timing is everything

Photo 1, A shark after a paraglider that came across my FB feed.
Photo 2, My 16 year old and her nephews paragliding off the Hawaiin coast.

TwilightSpirit 56F
1432 posts
7/9/2024 9:30 pm

Glad they were home before I saw the first pic..

maudie1957 74F
1491 posts
7/9/2024 10:42 pm

OMG, that's way too close for comfort. Just look at the size of that mouth .

Koffla 68M
13197 posts
7/10/2024 1:23 am

The kids must be having lots of fun in Hawaii!


MrsJoe 77F
17740 posts
7/10/2024 5:38 am

The kids look like they are having a blast. One of our friends from another group went parasailing when the group got together in Myrtle Beach.
She was around 80 years old.
The other picture is kind of terrifying, but I'm getting so skeptical these days about anything like that I see online. I checked on it, and it's probably photoshopped.

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Archer62 83F
7219 posts
7/10/2024 8:16 am


trytwice2019 73M
92 posts
7/10/2024 12:18 pm

I wonder if the paraglider's name is Chumley.

Jerry64incal 66M
6 posts
7/10/2024 3:38 pm

Looks like that shark photo is a fake, Photo Shop edited.

TwilightSpirit replies on 7/12/2024 12:28 pm:
It may have been as it is just one that turned up on FB, although a person or two were eaten by sharks while they were there.

Jerry64incal 66M
6 posts
7/10/2024 4:23 pm

The image of the shark was taken from a photograph by David Jenkins for the Cater News Agency in 2013. The original photograph came from a series of images documenting a great white shark's attempt to catch a seal off the coast of South Africa.

If you look very closely at the water line of the left side of the shark you can just make out the two rear flippers on a seal that narrowly escape from the shark as it lunged upward in attacking the seal.

Shartaun03 81F
6312 posts
7/12/2024 6:01 am

Lovely photos Twilight! I hope they weren't as close as the picture looked.