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Rentier1 72 M
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Being kind when not interested   2/6/2014

If contacted by someone in SFF who expresses interest, don't be unkind if the person is not to your liking.

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The way it is!   3/28/2011

We should live for now as we don't know what is ahead of us. If the opportunity for love comes we should take it with both hands.A good friend passed away suddenly last week, and that has certainly changed my views on life and living....

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mumtazkhan2004 34 M
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pravet serves   4/4/2010

hello add me

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Live for now.   12/29/2008

When you are over sixty opportunities are less, time is ticking away, soon you may be unable, so if love comes - grab it with both hands. When we die, it will be for eternity....

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syrena53 55 F
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Years 70 ‒ Good Times!   8/12/2007

Who lived intensely the 70 years is condemned to not to remember of him. At least not completely. There are such a big irony in that, an irony so ... years 70...

Because it was a decade of experiences with very little intermediation. It was not important, early, there was or I do not register, memory, an inventory from what was tried. The capture of the ...

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Synfully_Sweet 67 F
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wonders   6/3/2007

What part of NO do people nOT understand?

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How many polite ways are there to say NO?   9/22/2006

How many polite ways are there to say NO? Seeing the title of this section of the magazine really made me stop and think, just how many polite ways are there of telling someone 'no thanks'without them taking offence.

As a parent we learn ways of saying no to a chid, either by direct methods like, "I doesn't think that's a good idea", or "later on", and even "that's ...

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belIe_la_donna 71 F
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Just say no.   9/10/2006

why is it so hard to "just say no?"

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Ihab5 41 M
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Welcome 2 Syrian Airlines   7/28/2006

Welcome 2 Syrian Airlines Hello everybody

This is your captain “Ihab” Welcoming both seated & standing passengers on board of Syrian Airlines.

We apologize for the four-days delay in aking off, it was due to bad weather & some overtime I had to put in at the bakery baking Kaka.

·This is flight 717 to Sham Airport. ...

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petitesagesse 53 F
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Where are my goggles?   7/14/2006

There are some people on this site who keep issuing invitations to me...Just by reading what they have to say, I'd sooner puke my intestines and snorkel in them than see them naked!

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Great expectations   5/9/2006

AS happens we get married, expect it to last for ever, it slowly falls apart, there is a lot of bitterness, and eventually we seperate. Then someone else comes along, we get on well, ahve a lot in common, and sex and loving is great. The day arrives when another commitment is requested, we would love to be able to do so. However we have been hurt badly, and are afraid. Hopefully the ...

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BarbieJW 68 F
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Radical Muslims Kicked Out of Australia = Let's Discuss...   5/6/2006

Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia, as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks. A day after a group of mainstream Muslim leaders pledged loyalty to Australia at a special meeting with Prime Minister ...

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donnijoe 67 M
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last night had to say no   4/20/2006

Last night I was in a love mood, I was going to find ly make love to somebody, anybody, I needed love. I call some one that I knew wanted me.She was most happy to get down with me. I met her at her house and she had wine and nice sounds, candles scented the room. This beautiful lady told me that she had been wanting this.As she went in to the bed room to put something sexy on my mind and ...

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michaels7734 71 M
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Just say no   4/18/2006

If i meet someone on a sight that dosent spark a connection i tell that person. Isually i try to remain friends evan if there is no romantic connection.I have run into some women that dont feel this is needed, they seam to think it is ok to just let the other person guess what is going on or just not answer any further contact. ladies if you meet some one and there id no connection just ...

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StarGazerWomyn 63 F
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King of the HoneyDoo Tavern   3/23/2006

You couldn't get hold of the things you'd done and turn them right again. Such a power might be given to the gods, but it was not given to women and men, and that was probably a good thing. Had it been otherwise, people would probably die of old age still trying to rewrite their teens. Stephen King
The Older I am the more I ...

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StarGazerWomyn 63 F
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Passionate Encounters with Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cucumber Sandwiches   3/13/2006

Chocolate especially in cookies is a major league aphrodisiac. There is nothing more exotic than dipping a Chocolate Chip Cookie into a fragrant cup of Java and the sensual combination slowly melting in my mouth as I close my eyes and mmmmmmmmmmm what magnificent TANTALIZING fantasies.
If only I could get similar results from dining on cucumbers. Cucumbers have more vitamins and ...

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SqeekyBubbles 53 F
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How do you know if He is interested?   3/11/2006

I had been on a few dates recently with the same guy. He seemed really keen in the beginning, then increasingly became really distant. I asked him about it and said to tell me if he wasn't interested anymore, he replied with "If that was the case I would tell you."
Two months later and we had only been out once. I took this as he really wasn't that into me but even when I asked ...

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StarGazerWomyn 63 F
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Anger - Four of Cups   3/11/2006

Anger when goals are not met can be used productively. Frustrations can be used to move ahead,

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doodlebugg 59 F
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Married Men need not Apply   2/21/2006

Whats up with all these married men winking and sending messages to single a woman . I'm not interested in a f#$%^ buddy and most of the ladies in here are looking for people that are potential relationships, not a bed warmer. so get a grip get a life and love your wife .

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stoneduck 83 M
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Why?   2/20/2006

listen you guys we listened to his trill “why walk when we can ride, it’s like 3 AM , no buses, I’ve done it before , no sweat .” he tried a number of cars eventually found one , unlocked “ see , get in. ” the others got in I walked home Why? <br> 5 AM I’m home no use going to bed stayed up , read went ...

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snowonroof2006 74 M
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Sex after a couple of dates   2/3/2006

If you expect sex within a few dates, you aren't looking for a meaningful relationship, you're just looking for a "Quickie". Go down to the corner and pick up your local street slut, she'll get you off with no strings attached (usually after you pay her). Realize a "Quickie" with a hooker is probably going to be cheaper and definetly faster than taking a real lady to dinner, a movie and/or ...

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stoneduck 83 M
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hotel lobby request   2/3/2006

Please I have an unusual request My car is on the on the far side Of the parking lot I am afraid Would you walk with me Short and soaked and afraid Her hair sodden shoelaces Open face innocence Had I refused / later learned <br> I walked her to her car Waited until she was inside Her doors locked <br> As we walked I had cause to wonder What the ...

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Is it easy to say NO?   1/27/2006

We often say Yes and its easy. Do you think its easy to say NO to some one? Is it not hurting them?

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ProSe42 74 M
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Discussing Sex in an E-mail?   1/25/2006

A female friend mentioned that she was getting a number of e-mails from men, particularly widowers, who state in their initial e-mail that they expect sex by the third date. She asked me for my thoughts ‒ was she wrong in thinking such comments were inappropriate. <br> My first reaction was that unless this was in response to an “adults only” posting, such a ...

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how many 'NO THANKS"   1/24/2006

either I am awfully picky or else I am just the world's worst judge of character of all. I have sent many emails out since away before Christmas to email's that wanted to chat or commute conversation back and forth and from time to time. I honestly can't tell what a guy is like through a piece of machinery. So its "No thanks" "No thanks and so on. How do I know if my 'Mr. Right might of ...

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stoneduck 83 M
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Terminus   1/23/2006

Joe and a disembodied voice One Act Play chair center stage Joe a retired mechanic sits / waits Joe enters right / sits j. so this is it / what the fuck / you die you wait / a chair / it comes down to this V. what did you expect / trumpets / ticker tape parade J. more than this V. Joe the no name brand mechanic / thirty ...

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sunshineokie 70 F
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STRAWS FROM MY BALE: Sunshineokie   1/15/2006

He has endeared himself to me forever. We IM'd and phoned and e-mailed for 8-months. The he flew in from out of state for a week of 'togetherness' and sightseeing. It went well. Laughed, relaxed, intimacy was precious. Then he went back east. I remained in the west. He was East Coast Culture, I was Southwest Informal. It did not click and I knew it. Later, we discussed it. He was a dear. ...

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fringetree 69 F
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What to do with nude photographs...   1/7/2006

Okay so my profile is more or less blunt and honest. That doesn't mean that I'm asking guys to send me messages with nude photographs in them. If I wanted such a photo I'd ask for one. I got very tired of receiving photos that (1) weren't requested (2) were nothing to brag about and needless to say (3) were in very poor taste. <br> My solution? Forward those pictures to all my ...

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RealGem 72 F
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A Considerate Way To Say I'm Not Interested!   1/5/2006

Everyone has feelings and wants to be wanted and accepted, 'no matter the age'. It is not difficult to be considerate and kind unless you have a history of being abused. People usually give back what they get, but it's helpful in the relationship arena to remember that you should give what you hope to receive. What's wrong with saying, "with what I know from your profile, we may not be ...

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stoneduck 83 M
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50 / 50 spread   12/13/2005

either way 50/50 spread takes place outside Day’s Inn G : has just parked his truck , is about to register he : approaches G she : follows he he : can you loan us twenty G : why? she : we need to put a deposit on gasoline to get back home <br> G : deposit ? gasoline ? she : we ran out of money , ran out of gas , can’t make it ...

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Do you ever wonder   11/28/2005

do men say"no thanks" do men even know how to say "no". do men ever turn down the offer of going out with a nice looking lady, do they KNOW how to say "NO"

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The word "NO"   11/24/2005

Is it harder for a woman or a man to tell their friend that they are not interested anymore. Why is it hard for us to let the other person know that we are not interested.Wouldn't you think that maybe one would rather hear the truth than to be led on thinking everything is still okay between them. We talk about being open and honest, then when it comes to something as important as to tell ...

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breathless02 68 F
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Learning to hit the right keys to say NO!   11/1/2005

I might be able to say NO better if I learned to hit the right keys, spelling is not my problem it is getting over anxious and hitting the wrong keys. Please excuse my spelling on my last article.

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Will & Grace without the gay.   10/21/2005

Everyone I'm sure has watched Will & Grace.Haven't you ever thought to yourself, "what a great relationship they have going on"? Only to remember that Will is gay.But then you start to think.What if you could have that great relationship without someone.They are best friends above all else. No matter what life has to in store for them, good or bad, they'll handle it together.Isn't that ...

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Wiccan9 75 M
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Re: Has Declined Your Invitation   9/27/2005

I see I have now been accused of being an angry man... Angry...never but sadly disappointed with some of the comments made these ladies One asked me if I had contacted "Every American Lady"??? I was not aware that every American Lady was on this site. <br> I respectfully point out that I am not and never have been an angry man nor have I ever used insulting or abuseive language in ...

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LilSassyRedhead 63 F
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Some call me a HELL CAT.. But me, I call it God's work...   9/12/2005

Seems approiate this go here, as so many people seem to have great issues with those with redhair..or perhaps it's just me..LOL..yea, It's just me, Sassy lil me...But my spirit is mine and ya'll can't take that from me... Neither can you have my Southern charm...LOL... <br> Some say I’m mean... Some say I’m a hell cat. Trying to determine exactly when this all ...

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Wiccan9 75 M
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Has Declined Your Invitation   9/7/2005

I seem that two votes in my last artical were "Dont Like's" Presumably these may be two of the ladies I was talking about and seems I hit a raw nerve. <br> Sorry if I got to you ladies but I believe in speaking the truth. <br> And it does seem that if you come from England our American female cousins are out to ignore us

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Are sites a Money-making Racket.   9/2/2005

During the last couple of days, I had made a posting (which was denied by the offices for reasons they refused to inform me of) in response to a posting by a guy named "John" who had made comments concerning these dating/relationships sites as being Money-making rackets. John's topic was IN THIS category --- TODAY, it is no where in sight anywhere, so, I guess the offices decided that it ...

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Wiccan9 75 M
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Has Declined your invitation   8/31/2005

How many of us have had this????? You contact some one who's been in the ladies IM room for ages and you dropped them a short message. You would think they would at least say thank for contacting me but I'm......etc No way...seconds later back comes the reply (lady such has declined your invitation) it's not an's a contact to see if she wishes to chat...Pity they can't ...

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arrange to say no   8/23/2005

Usually it is "no" so I found the best way is to set things up so that it is easy to say "no". First make the date short, in public, in daylight eg for coffee. Make it clear this is to decide if a second date is a good idea, nothing more. If it is obviously "no" then say so. I find most women very helpful at this point ! Typically "the chemistry is not quite right". <br> ...

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Look/See   8/19/2005

Whenever I meet someone for the first time it is for coffee. I have used this way prior to internet dating. I make it clear that at the end of coffee, we will make a decision on what’s next. Hand shake and nice meeting you, drinks, dinner. <br> I have made some friends, date some and dealt with a few jerks. But it was clear going in that it was coffee only and then ...

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kels00 55 F
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THE FIRST STEP...   7/22/2005

It takes great courage in a lot of cases for people to take the first step in showing/alerting someone your interested in them.. it cost nothing to be polite and say... thanks but no thanks could have taken them weeks to ask you in the first place.. with others you can see more or less if their playing games and answer accordingly.... kels

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Dragoninrain 64 F
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First impressions are not always a best indicator for me!   7/13/2005

Interesting posts by many people. <br> A lesson I have learned is that my 'gut' instincts often are much lower then my stomach so not always a great indicator of what I need in my life <br> My longest term relationship since the divorce was a person I had an "OMG a troll!" reaction to when I first saw him when I rated him by my 'attractive meter'. <br> ...

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Does kindness matter when saying   6/27/2005

I try to remember that the people on the net are not just names and thumbnail shots, but real people with hearts and histories and hearts on thier sleeves. We all have enough bumps and bruises already, and don't need anymore. Sometimes I hear people excuse unkindness saying "They needed to be taught a lesson." That may be true but the lesson of unkindness has probably already been ...

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How to say no   6/14/2005

What is the most tactful way for a male to tell a lady he isn't interested in her without hurting her feelings? Is it better to act somewhat interested and then drag things out and hope she reads between the lines or should one say it's obvious that the two of us don't click?

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hoshkir 55 M
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do your best to do not say (no) to any lady   6/13/2005

if you start to go out with a lady which at the first you think that she is the one exactly that you have been looking for and after some dating you will find out that you were my point of view the best way is to tell her the true.if you just left her by not saying any word of why i had left you, you might make a question of why he left me on her on top of the best life ...

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Nurseparamedic25 62 M
2  Articles
If Your Adult Enough....   6/9/2005

To make a connection and follow through with a date that leaves a less than desired feeling in you, then you should be adult enough to let the other person know that you are not interested. <br> BUT be careful in hasty might turn away someone, who under different circumstances and in a different light might be a good fit afterall. <br> Intuition and "gut" ...

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you can always block them   5/30/2005

No one likes rejection. Least of all a man. We have this wonderful image of ourselves. I look in the mirror when I'm shaving and see someone totally different in a photograph. If someone gets in touch who is nothing like the person you are seeking. Then I see nothing wrong in telling them so. Why string anyone along? So, he or she fits the bill. Away you go for your first meeting. A meal ...

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ruggedntenderaty 68 M
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What is the best way women want to hear No Thank You?   5/27/2005

Men can answer also, but of course I am interested in what is the least problem for a woman to hear. <br> As for me I enjoy the first instant you feel it is a no go, that you say we just are not an item or a click or what ever and we have no need to move on.

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Good Old-Fashioned Courtesy   5/26/2005

I'm fairly new to the Internet "meeting scene" and the first thing I noticed was the discourtesy of someone not replying to a note that's been sent. I've had some wonderful encounters. Don't get me wrong. But I can't help but ask what would it "cost" to be courteous. After all, are we not all here on the same journey, trying to reach the same goal .. to find someone to share life with? ...

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Just be Honest!!! but Tactful!!   5/23/2005

If after chatting/meeting someone who may be more interested in you, than you are in them, just say so. You don't have to be blatantly blunt by saying "I think you are a creep", Or "You are really "f'uglier" than the pic you displayed. A kind word, "it was really nice to meet you", "glad you took the time to arrange this meeting", "however, after weighing all the facts I don't ...

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Looking for Platonic "Discreet Fun"??   5/23/2005

Anyone listed on Senior Friend Finder who is not seriously seeking a LTR should remove themselves from this site and go list themselves in Adult Friend Finder or other "Relationships for Fun" sites. Why waste serious minded peoples time and effort thumbing thru all the listings of those people who only want to "Have Fun"??? Senior Friend Finder should not accept profiles from ...

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Madisgrandma 64 F
8  Articles
You Just Met Him. Now What?   5/9/2005

OK ladies, so you met what might be a potential "Mr. Right" and then find out he's not the one. What do you do? <br> You'll know in less than 5 minutes if you want to continue to see him. Advise a girlfriend to call you five minutes after you got there. You look at the phone and ignore it and say, I'll have to call that person later. Have your girlfriend call you 10 minutes ...

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Many Ways to say "No Thanks"   4/27/2005

- You just walk out the door, - make a big scene in a restaurant, - never call again (changing number is a plus!) - tell them all of their faults, - claim a mental breakdown, - tell them _____________ insisted you break up (your spouse, son, therapist, sponsor, grocery clerk, rottweiler...) - have your girlfriend call and say you went to a Buddhist temple - send a happy-happy St. ...

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Finelady4u 70 F
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Let's Have Some Manners!   4/19/2005

I think we all need to treat those interested in us, whether online or in person, with at least some human dignity. This means acknowledging the mail we receive unless it is vulgar or abusive, finishing a date with the frog who was supposed to be a prince, unless he creeps us out, and being at least polite and tactful at all times. <br> If someone online isn't our cup of tea, a ...

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date from hell #2   4/16/2005

i had a similar exprience like date from hell.i laughed at his experience but not for long because i realized it's probably as embarrassing for a male as it is for a female and they were in a restaurant, no date was at a mall & started out in fine form but turned ugly when he aske me to go to his place & I asaid it ws to soon.he whippd out a nude photo to advertice his appeal &i ran ...

2 Comments, 301 Views, 20 Votes ,4.02 Score
salesninja 50 M
1  Article
Date From Hell   4/6/2005

This is one of my personal experiences and the names have been removed to protect the not-so-innocent. Seven years ago, my mother was dying of cancer. My aunt told me that I needed a new hobby besides taking care of mom and going to work and sleeping. I decided to do "online dating". It was one of my first experiences with online dating. I emailed her a few times and then used one of ...

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gladie53 66 F
1  Article
pictures not important   3/24/2005

I think if you like the person you are chatting with looks are not important now if you are seriously looking for a mate a pic ok but we are all friends who cares291 what one looks like we are chatting.

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karen1 59 F
1  Article
just say im not allowed an opinion   3/23/2005

i just spent my whole night posting my opinions on members articles only to be sent back declined.why is it some can say what they want when others cannot?oh-im not a paying member?

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Honeysum 80 F
3  Articles
Honesty Is Worth It   3/10/2005

We all submit the most flattering photographs, but that is not fair when the time comes to meet in person. Guess it takes courage to be that real. I study a photograph for personality, style, taste, because I can pretty well tell whether there would be chemistry for me. Another preliminary contact is by phone, because chemistry takes place audibly, too. But, most of all, ...

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Honeysum 80 F
3  Articles
Every One Who Writes Me Deserves My Respect   3/10/2005

I try not to leave anyone feeling "down" just because we are not a fit. We all are searching for companionship, with such hope and humility. It has been a sweet venture for me, for many of you have written complimentary remarks, that I try to return the favor. Let's all put back into society good wishes and warmth for having sojourned here.

2 Comments, 131 Views, 17 Votes ,5.67 Score
Beware of Arizonaboy1950   2/17/2005

This is Sherry, his girlfriend of six years; I stumbled upon his add after he returned my camera to me, broken. Then found out he was trolling for couples on the internet..This is SICK and I hope and pray that all of you out there stay away from this pervert! Call me a nut, but I expect MY man to be faithful! Anyone wishing to contact me may do so at : Senior FriendFinder You people ...

7 Comments, 558 Views, 44 Votes ,4.87 Score
make it neat not messy   2/10/2005

If you are involved with someone and you decide the time has come to bring your relationship to an end do it honestly and without any unneeded drama.

2 Comments, 171 Views, 20 Votes ,5.55 Score
up front, I am married, Is this a problem?If so ,no wasting time   2/9/2005

I found out that someone lived in my region and wanted to say a couple of things like greetings, have you lived there all your life, what do you like to do? Well that is how I like to start an aquaintance with anyone I may never meet nor see on this forum in the world. But I was told what you see in the article title. "Up front, I am married . Is this a problem? If so, no ...

3 Comments, 357 Views, 34 Votes ,1.89 Score
Money making Racket   1/30/2005

Is this site a money making racket?. You cannot really become properly involved unless you pay big "bucks" and become either a gold or silver member, i.e you cannot download profiles, photographs or indeed make use of most of the features of the site. I would like to know, before I spend some of my scarce income, if Gold or Silver members feel that they are getting good value for their ...

16 Comments, 351 Views, 35 Votes ,7.82 Score
Is your profile the true you?   1/25/2005

I am a 58 year old women and alot of times i read profiles from some men that usually starts with, man looking for sensual women, or his profile title may read, looking for women to love and 692!! Whats with that? I'm talking men my age or older with profiles like this.Don't you think that scares some women off and maybe your not a real pervert just trying to attract someone. I would ...

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2always 65 M
2  Articles
Why don't women respond   1/12/2005

I have noticed that on this site and other sites that I belong to, that women wait for a man to make contact with them. Once he has made the first move in contacting them, they just simply don't respond most of the time. I feel it would be at least pollite just to drop and line. If it were only to say sorry I am not interested. Instead you simply never hear from them. How rude can that be, ...

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beeaired 77 M
9  Articles
Drinking   12/31/2004

After 25 years of marriage. My wife at that time had decided that I was running around. So she left for a week to visit her dad, on xmas day (1984)This was the third time. So, being who I am, I divorced her. I was a general contractor and did NOT have a fling/girl friend. Was out making money to pay for daily life. Started to drink in February of that year.Never drank before that. Met ...

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ph214672 66 F
1  Article
Why do they get so excited?   12/26/2004

This is such a public place to have a sexual encounter.. Why would you? And then if you got passed around in this area.. What will everyone think of you? Does that make you a cyber ho? I think nothing, nothing, take the place of holding each other in person, talking to each other an being able to see honesty in someones eyes, , So when a gal or a guy says NO, , they mean it! i'm ...

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Adventrimax 65 M
18  Articles
Rejection   12/25/2004

What is it about rejection people take so personally? <br> <br> Why did the ex take it so bad that I rejected her offer of X-Mas Eve intimacy? <br> <br> Because I reject, or am rejected, is not a personal least I don't perceive it that way. It simply means I am not interested in that level of involve at that time with that person. <br> ...

7 Comments, 158 Views, 24 Votes ,1.31 Score
beeaired 77 M
9  Articles
so easy to say **no thanks**   12/25/2004

When thanks is an easy way to get out of a jam.Sometimes that is all it takes to get out of a relationship also. This must be done at the very beginning if you feel you dont really need the hassle of all the questions and the secrets that seem to appear.Enter into this type of life can only be a downfall if all the truth is not brought out in the open. Past history is not needed, ...

7 Comments, 153 Views, 21 Votes ,4.12 Score
Adventrimax 65 M
18  Articles
I said," No Thanks," Lately...   12/23/2004

It was to by soon to be ex to her question, "Maybe, someday we'll re-marry." <br> NO THANKS. <br> <br> That was good practice and it felt good. <br> I received a drunken phone call at 3a.m. from a lady I donated a generous ear to in a bar (ok, I'm learning about all this as I go) and I said, "NO THANKS." <br> I prefer to be straight from the ...

4 Comments, 145 Views, 22 Votes ,3.01 Score
Nelsonnr 63 M
1  Article
Why from across the seas   12/14/2004

I've been new to this on line date for only a few months and I can't understand why I get winks and get put on hotlist from women from across the seas when there is a slim to none possibly of meeting. I mean these women are looking for loneterm relationships and marriage. Is there something going on that I don't know about?

11 Comments, 346 Views, 36 Votes ,5.05 Score
sunnyrain195 57 F
7  Articles
C-H-A-N-G-E   12/11/2004

If you are not riding the wave of change you'll find yourself beneath it.

4 Comments, 161 Views, 31 Votes ,2.76 Score
WHAT IS REALLY RUDE ???   11/28/2004


12 Comments, 332 Views, 41 Votes ,3.71 Score
chriskre 51 F
1  Article
Long distance relationships.   11/15/2004

Maybe I'm too new to this online dating but I find that many nice guys respond to me from other cities across the country but it seems almost like an impossibility that anything meaningful can come of these long term relationships. Am I wrong to discourage this or has anyone had success with long term relationships becoming lasting? It seems that the local guys in my town don't seem to be ...

8 Comments, 175 Views, 24 Votes ,5.06 Score
Still57AndFine 69 M
15  Articles
Response to;- Married Unfortunetly   10/22/2004

I wish there was a way I could understand how a marriage of two people can be held together when love doesn't exist anymore. I wish I could understand how anyone could place a higher value over monetary benefits than having and knowing a true inner happiness. I wish I could understand how a married man could turn a cheek to the hurt he can cause so many people when he seeks and gets ...

13 Comments, 278 Views, 59 Votes ,5.66 Score
seashelly222 64 F
2  Articles
Hey!   10/21/2004

If you have put someone on your hotlist and have decided, either you or both of you, not to correspond anymore, please take that person off your hotlist! Otherwise, there you are, the first on the list, uninterested, uncommunicative and just not "un" anymore!

1 Comments, 177 Views, 25 Votes ,3.80 Score
SFMaven 52 F
6  Articles
The Anticlimatic Meeting   10/21/2004

Sometimes after talking on the phone, sending letters, pictures and such just not take the place of the first meeting. I had long learned to keep one's heart out of it until that first meeting. <br> Last weekend was one of those. This older gentleman came to visit for the weekend; we had wonderful conversations, great dinners sightseeing all over the city and NO chemistry! We ...

4 Comments, 169 Views, 30 Votes ,5.69 Score
Response to saying No!   10/12/2004

If your spouse is dying and the laws of the marrage are holding you back from cheating, what happens when the spouse that is dying gives you permision to start a relationship? <br> His this cheating?

8 Comments, 120 Views, 14 Votes ,0.26 Score
Oh My Gosh!   10/12/2004

Don't give up on one who has no manors or know how to spark a relationship, God put everyone here on this big blue planet, there is always one who is seeking you, even if you gave up on the first try!

2 Comments, 64 Views, 10 Votes ,3.58 Score
Jacker6 79 M
1  Article
I consider myself lucky.   10/11/2004

I take the time to compose a decent note in reply to a woman's request to correspond with her or in initiating my interest in getting to know her. If we are not interested in each other after a few words we have the option of remaining silent and dropping the idea. This is fine and dandy I guess. It also illustrates what I consider to be a lack of sincerity in the first place. I always send ...

6 Comments, 115 Views, 18 Votes ,5.72 Score
Still57AndFine 69 M
15  Articles
Response to:- "Love"   10/5/2004

If I were a man delivering pizzas and a woman said this to me I'm sure I'd say no thanks give me the ten bucks and I'll be out of there. I once did an estimate for a contract for work around a house. The wife answered the door in her robe and flashed me as her husband stood behind her. I said no thanks and left. Is it true some woman fall in love quickly or might some have an alternative ...

8 Comments, 191 Views, 27 Votes ,1.98 Score
respones to your no thanks   10/4/2004

not only women do that but so do a lot of men. it doesnt cost any one to be polite. easygoing595

2 Comments, 102 Views, 16 Votes ,4.16 Score
missred58 71 F
1  Article
Married Men   9/21/2004

I would like to thank SillyWizardess for the article she wrote, it spells out how allot of us women feel. <br> I also am a widow and loved my husband very much. The last 3 yrs of his life he was sick and I stuck with him, never cheated. When you marry someone you listen to the vows you say and remember in sickness and in health, forsaking all other's, til death do we part. ...

9 Comments, 255 Views, 36 Votes ,5.83 Score
pebs 68 F
1  Article
Hell hath no furylike a man scorned !   9/14/2004

I am speechless but since "MM: Male Motives (good handle )and his web site named " Cracked Rabbit" should have been a warning! I have just read his SCORCHING "bogus" website under my name ...I could sue him for deformation of charactr, slander and WORSE hacking my PC ..and my business website in order to try to ruin my business/ I have had HOURS of chat with MM and ALL documented if ...

3 Comments, 216 Views, 54 Votes ,7.75 Score
Reply to Rude responce2   9/8/2004

If all you want is proper spelling ask for old english teachers only. Some of write as we think and a few spelling errors should not get your shorts in an uprore (I know I misspelled that!)

4 Comments, 67 Views, 25 Votes ,5.57 Score
1  Article
Give my regards the hard way!   9/1/2004

Hey, I don't know about you, but I have trouble coming up with "no thank you" lines when the person is down right rude or weird. "No thanks, I'm not interested, and neither is my room mate" or "No thanks, I've already had my toes sucked today" or (My particular favorite) "No thanks, I don't share my undies with anyone" I have read and reread my profile, and don't see where it invites ...

7 Comments, 215 Views, 41 Votes ,8.10 Score
What does likes or dislikes have to do with joining a net   8/18/2004

Joining someones network of friends doesn't mean you have to be friends joined at the hip for eternity. It is simply an invitation to join a group of friends. What does it have to do with any one person? Standard Members are able to learn about others in the net that they can't reach in any other way. They might find someone there or see something they like. They are certainly not obligated ...

1 Comments, 62 Views, 56 Votes ,6.87 Score
I am 'me'   8/15/2004

I have the right to choose, do i not? Just because i am sexstarved, do i have to jump in bed with every hunk i see? Is'nt there anything called mental compatability or love? Why can't a man stand it when he hears a 'no'? Why does most men think that they are god's greatest gift to womenfolks? It is upto me if i want to say 'no'. I have the right to choose and reject. What do i lack ...

5 Comments, 120 Views, 55 Votes ,6.81 Score

So many people come into SFF or any other "Friends Site". All profess to be lonely and wanting someone to "love" or "befriend" or "just someone to talk to". So then why so many declines? Does someone have to be slim and beautiful, rich & famous, own a boat, or fly around the world, or promise a roll in the sack? Otherwise they are declined? What does it take to be an accepted friend ...

4 Comments, 76 Views, 75 Votes ,8.26 Score
Reply to "Marriage in the Distionary"   7/11/2004

The question of whether the sexual proclivities, desires or habits should be discussed "before" marriage. I personally think these proclivities should be tried before marriage...."talk is cheap"..."the proof is in the pudding" sort of thing. Talk about it afterwards. Continue talking about it. People's proclivities and desires change with time and age. I think the last thing someone ...

2 Comments, 62 Views, 123 Votes ,1.66 Score
ddonaldd 66 M
9  Articles
Marriage in the Dictionary   7/10/2004

My dictionaries do not mention sex under the definition of marriage or marry. As a board certified divorce attorney, I know that non-consumation is not absolute grounds for annulment i.e. a marriage may still be upheld even if it is not consumated (no sex). Some married people can't have sex. While I agree that sex coupled with marriage is the wiser choice, it is not always possible and ...

0 Comments, 37 Views, 44 Votes ,1.97 Score
Sometimes A Woman   7/2/2004

Sometimes a woman cares for a man when she shouldn’t Sometimes a woman wants a friend, and he wouldn’t Sometimes a woman wants to be treated like a woman, and he couldn’t <br> Sometimes a woman needs to be held when she shouldn’t Sometimes a woman needs him to listen, and he wouldn’t Sometimes a woman needs to cry, and he couldn’t ...

4 Comments, 76 Views, 101 Votes ,3.07 Score
bklynblueeyes19 66 F
31  Articles
Reply to "rude response"   6/27/2004

Following SFF advise to write the article first using a text editor and its spellcheck would help everyone to avoid spelling errors.

2 Comments, 40 Views, 40 Votes ,2.68 Score
if the spelling is correct, try a better title   6/27/2004

I just had to respond to the article about the choice of names and the spelling in profiles and e-mails. Call me fussy but if a person can't take the time to use spell check when writing a profile or a message, then that turns me off right away. As for titles...come on, use a little thought...responding to or even being interested in titles such as "Long and Slow, " "Hard One, " and ...

3 Comments, 52 Views, 46 Votes ,5.10 Score
DreamQuest 66 F
1  Article
Love   6/23/2004

Some females fall in love really quickly and that scares guys away. If I say, "I'm in love with you, I want to marry you, I want to move in with you." They say: "Ma'am, just give me the ten bucks for the pizza and I"ll be out of here."

10 Comments, 146 Views, 117 Votes ,0.58 Score
PattyLee 75 F
1  Article
Rude reply   6/22/2004

I added a very nice man to my network(at least I thought he was nice)I recieved a relpy from him saying that he was looking for a younger and prettier woman, he is 66 and Im 63, the compatable rateing is perfect, he said he was young at heart and he wanted someone that had a very good bank account, there was nothing in his profile about the younger, prettier and the bank account, men like ...

3 Comments, 71 Views, 91 Votes ,7.42 Score
Married - unfortunately   6/22/2004

Gypsy Rose thinks we should all love our partners and I think it would be wonderful if we did. She is widowed and I hope that her life with her husband was good. Unfortunately people sometimes grow apart over the years and there is no putting them back together, however hard they try. It may be that divorce is the answer and most members here are divorced. For some of us divorce is not ...

6 Comments, 64 Views, 138 Votes ,1.00 Score
common decency   6/20/2004

why is it that when you go to a chat room, there are people there that when you talk to them they don't respond. I think it is "Common Decency" to tell that person you don't wish to conversate with them instead of totally ignoring them. I would rather have someone tell me "No Thanks". I would consider it a courtesy rather than a rejection. I know people don't enjoy being ignored, but it ...

4 Comments, 55 Views, 48 Votes ,6.28 Score
OnLine Contacts   6/17/2004

It seems to me there are a lot of ladies who either list themselves as a lark, as a dare or as a joke. I have asked some five star fits to just say hello and no response. I don't think there is anyway to be sure of what the other person is, but if you are in this to pass the time of day, why not at least respond with a 'no, thank you'?

3 Comments, 83 Views, 52 Votes ,7.64 Score
bikerjoe2000 65 M
1  Article
why dont people at least say no thanks   6/16/2004

it's so fustrating to go to all the trouble to search for that someone speasel and try to contact them only to be ignored. if you can contact them they can respond by replying to e mail. even if for some reasen you cant at least send them a wink to let them know your interested so they can try to contact you again

4 Comments, 100 Views, 43 Votes ,6.79 Score
JustLinda4U 64 F
9  Articles
Heartache Of Breaking Up   6/12/2004

Lost in a world of unknown sadness; Smiles and laughter hidden by distress. Living my life in a dream-like state, Nothing I can do but sit here and wait. My once happy heart has been broken in two; Now i sit and wonder what can i do. Tiny little tear tracks lie upon my cheeks; That I`ve cried and cried these past few weeks. <br> Sweet memories of the days gone by; Only ...

1 Comments, 55 Views, 55 Votes ,4.95 Score
SillyWizardess 66 F
1  Article
A Response to Why some MARRIED people seek companionship here   6/10/2004

I strongly disagree with the reasons for looking outside the marriage listed in the article, "Why Some MARRIED People Seek Companionship." I think the person very eloquently wrote a load of excuses for dishonouring their marriage vows. <br> Before my husband died, there were several years when he was unable to engage in any sexual activities. I was fairly young, too (mid to late ...

5 Comments, 113 Views, 117 Votes ,6.77 Score
NHRetiree 81 F
1  Article
RE: Respect   5/31/2004

Have you ever thought that perhaps your screen name turns people off? "Hottotrot" much respect does that show the women with whom you're trying to communicate? Also, your spelling and grammar leave a lot to be desired...if you don't have enough respect for others to present yourself in the best possible light, I don't think you can bring them for ignoring you...think about it...

2 Comments, 55 Views, 111 Votes ,3.91 Score
Bajacon 74 F
2  Articles
Re repect.   5/25/2004

Perhaps if one wants respect one should begin by showing respect. Like the name or handle you choose.

2 Comments, 32 Views, 36 Votes ,7.04 Score
hottotrot887 71 M
2  Articles
More on respect!!!!!!!!!!   5/23/2004

I thought when I joined this site that being a Senior site that the Women on this site would be mature! but I guess I was wrong.I think if you reply to a person more than twice, then all of a sudden stop replying you have no RESPECT for others feelings!it leaves that person thinking that they must have said something wrong.Please be mature enough and have the respect to let them know you ...

1 Comments, 80 Views, 88 Votes ,2.09 Score

I think that one of the most difficult aspects of online dating is telling someone that you have met that you don't think you have any basis for a friendship without huring the persons feelings. Do you just come out and say so, or do you lie and say you are going back with your ex? Is it better to give the person the benefit of the doubt and see them a second time in case you judged in ...

5 Comments, 72 Views, 182 Votes ,4.62 Score
isaoora_ie 59 F
2  Articles
Re:Respect   5/17/2004

Have you actually spoken to most women on this site or are you generalising? Why do most men on this site judge women on their appearance? Oops...I am generalising... I have not spoken to or winked or emailed most of the men on this site so I should not say that...*naughty me*

4 Comments, 82 Views, 27 Votes ,1.66 Score
hottotrot887 71 M
2  Articles
Respect!!!!   5/9/2004

I find that the majority of Women on this site don't have any idea of what being courtios realy means.I'm refering to being polite enough and having the respect too at least reply with a NO THANKS! when another member shows an interest in them!.I would much rather to be told NO THANKS! as to be ignored.

3 Comments, 40 Views, 63 Votes ,7.04 Score
gypsywoman24 62 F
2  Articles
Send more five-star matches!   5/6/2004

I tracked a lovely man down in Wisconsin (pix appeared in my network or whatever) and stated that, yes, it might be quite a trek from Maryland to Milwaukee, but that's what I'm planning! (Trekking, not Milwaukee) Rather grumpily, he replied that I should send him my pix and he'd see what's up. If he had not been so kind and courteous to reply, I probably would have spent a couple of days ...

3 Comments, 102 Views, 105 Votes ,3.40 Score
49er 67 M
1  Article
No marriage no sex.   4/13/2004

Sex is a “marriage” of two people. Look “marriage” up in any dictionary. I’m not trying to be cold, but that IS the definition of the term. Okay, so there may or may not be any sociological solemnification of the union involved, but a ‘union’ it is, including exchange of bodily fluids whether condoms are used or not. There are lots of ...

2 Comments, 87 Views, 110 Votes ,5.20 Score
Winks   4/11/2004

I receive winks , but no one ever follows up when I send and anyone else having this problem. I also reply to sevral ads and don't recieve an answer. Being a paying member I think we should at least reply even if we are not interested and thank the person their reply. I hope this messege is going to help

2 Comments, 55 Views, 219 Votes ,3.99 Score
Why some MARRIED people seek companionship here.   4/3/2004

Monogamy in a relationship is not always possible. Sometimes people have difficulty accepting this universal truth. <br> One's marital partner might develop an incurable psychological disorder and can no longer be intimate. One's marital partner might be paralyzed or otherwise disabled. Is her/his spouse a horrible person to still love their mate yet seek out companions in the ...

2 Comments, 48 Views, 81 Votes ,4.86 Score
bklynblueeyes19 66 F
31  Articles
Pleeeeezzzzzz   4/1/2004

75% of the men on my cupid's match list are MARRIED. The word must have gotten out that this is the place to go for women looking to be a partner in adultery. To add insult to injury, they can't even spell "discreet" If you want to cheat, learn how to spell it!

3 Comments, 47 Views, 120 Votes ,6.21 Score


2 Comments, 39 Views, 180 Votes ,3.72 Score
saying get lost to married men   2/19/2004

Well your looking for mr. right the easy to get along with ones the ones that dont ask to many questions and talk about discreet meetings - are usually married some times they admit it sometimes they wait to meet you so they can talk you into it. just think girls how you would feel if you were married to that two timing skunk. <br> The single guys may be a little harder to get ...

1 Comments, 30 Views, 140 Votes ,2.72 Score
oma52 64 F
2  Articles
Saying NO to those who think SSF is a shopping Mall for intimate encounters.   2/6/2004

One of the nice things about this service is I can say No Thank You quite easily and quickly if the first e-mail contact or wink (after reading the profile)leads me to do so. Has anyone else but me run into the problem that there are those who use SFF as a shopping mall for sexual encounters? That is not what I am into here; I’m not shopping for someone to meet some long held ...

3 Comments, 119 Views, 158 Votes ,7.65 Score
1  Article
Say" No Thanks" with a personl note, not some form letter.   12/19/2003

I feel if we make an investment in money and time, we should be polite enough to answer each one in a short personal '"Yes, we might have something in common to go further, let's continue writing.", OR "Thanks but dont think we have enough in common to continue. Good Luck in your search." I feel the Autoreply tells the person nothing as far as Yes or No- and just leaves the other person ...

1 Comments, 38 Views, 163 Votes ,8.35 Score
no condom no sex   11/24/2003

When I was in my mid thirty's my then girlfriend of several years had her tubes tied and so was no longer able to become pregant. One night she discovered I still had condoms and threw them out stating I didn't need them with her. We were not active yet so I left it at that and continued seeing her. A few nights later she started cuddling while watching a movie and things started ...

2 Comments, 61 Views, 227 Votes ,4.40 Score
to sex without condoms   8/4/2003

No, I am not cutting and pasting. This is a personal account of recent dating. Oo la la. He is handsome. He kept asking me out. He seemed to pester me. I couldn't shake him so I told him that I didn't want to be bothered and wish that he would not stop me to talk anymore. As I left, he said "I am not a stalker." One day he found me in a good mood. It was my birthday. He ...

2 Comments, 92 Views, 172 Votes ,7.54 Score
Why post an old picture... what if you meet.... then what?   2/11/2003

We have all no doubt aged, but why post an old picture???? What if you get on and decide to meet... I have had many experiences where I had to say "No Thanks" Some of us age more graceful then others, but I believe that Honesty should be on the top of the list... It is all fine and dandy to build on the net... but please by all means be honest... it is heartbreaking to find out that one ...

3 Comments, 53 Views, 392 Votes ,8.69 Score
nope advice   7/31/2002

Since I am a widow, financially secure, I have attracted interest from several near-indigent older and younger men of my acquaitance. This has posed a problem to me, since I'm someone who always has had trouble with confrontations. I asked a friend with several suitors how she dealt with this situation, and here is her advice. "I always begin by telling them, initially, how much I enjoy ...

2 Comments, 85 Views, 508 Votes ,3.65 Score