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Photo Friday
Posted:Jun 23, 2017 5:49 am
Last Updated:Jun 23, 2017 12:03 pm
Fresh cut tulips, brass Aladdin Lamps


Thomasina and Frank. helping me pack for a trip.

Frank and Tom, sweet dreams.

Scooter's Perch, to keep an eye on the front yard.

Joe, passed away from Leukemia

Exotic Spider Lilly and Bumble Bee

The Blueberries are ripe

Snow, for my friends in Arizona and N. Mexico, battling the heat.

Leaning Sam
Posted:Jun 21, 2017 9:43 pm
Last Updated:Jun 22, 2017 7:28 pm
It looks like Sam Elliot leans both ways, depending on who creates the meme. My guess, being a big movie star, he's a another flaming Liberal. No matter, any Liberal quotes attributed to him are typical of loser Democrats.
Someone tied to polish him up a little despite himself I think we all know in which direction he leans..

Otto Warmbier, A Sad Situation, And A Very Dangerous One
Posted:Jun 20, 2017 12:20 pm
Last Updated:Jun 20, 2017 11:17 pm

With people calling for President Trump to rain down hell-fire on North Korea, it's time for our country to stop and think this thing over.
Warmbier made two huge mistakes, the first was going into North Korea in the first place. The second was thinking he was smarter than they are by stealing something pretty much useless and trying to leave with it. He failed to take into consideration, the North Korean Government hate the US every bit as much as Isis and Iran. They jumped at the chance to make a stupid kid an example in front of the whole world. What they did to him, and I doubt only they really know what, it amounted to murder for the young man.

As a Trump voter and supporter, I hope he doesn't make that mistake. Warmbier had no business in N.K. in the first place. some people are just stupid enough to go somewhere because they can. Like Cuba.
About as smart as the US Marine driving into Mexico, then telling them he has guns in his truck. He certainly got a nice vacation. Warmbier wasn't so lucky.
When do people get the idea, they don't really like us and are looking for a good reason to detain us, like stealing something and trying to smuggle it out of the country.
If Trump wants to bomb the hell out of their missile sites or where they are building the missiles, have at it. 'But don't use the actions of a stupid kid as an excuse to trigger WWIII.
Anyone who gets off a plane or crosses the border into N.K. should know what to expect. The same goes for a lot of countries and some of them you can drive into from the US.
I'm not going to Colombia or Venezuela, for that matter, I'm not going to Mexico. If I feel the need to see a Mexican, I can drive to Wal-Mart.
Wonder Woman
Posted:Jun 18, 2017 1:00 pm
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2017 5:16 pm
Wonder Woman

I don't know about you but when I see the name Wonder Woman, the last person who comes to mind is Hillary Clinton. Like Barack Obama, she is gone from the White House but never seems to leave.
I saw a segment on Fox News yesterday. It may have been Gutfeld but it really doesn't matter, nor do the guests who were on the show.
There was a recent film clip of Hillary Clinton comparing herself to Wonder Woman.
One of the guests agreed with Hillary, reminding the audience of Wonder Woman's invisible plane, saying, "Why doesn't Hillary fly in an invisible plane?"
Another guest topping the last one by saying, "Wonder Woman also carried a magical rope and whoever she tied up with the rope was compelled to tell the truth. If Hillary was Wonder Woman, maybe she could tie herself up with the her own rope".
For that matter, a lot of politicians, Liberal and Conservatives could use a few minutes with Wonder Woman's magic rope.

Shooter Only Did What They All Would Like To Do But Lack The GUTS
Posted:Jun 17, 2017 5:04 am
Last Updated:Jun 20, 2017 12:32 pm
Sure the Democrats won the Annual Congressional Baseball game. One of their worshipers stepped on the practice field in an attempt to wipe out as many Republicans as possible. Sure, the Democrats were proud to defeat the Republicans after the trauma of being shot at two days before and losing some of their key players.
Only the, now dead schmuck's stupidity, lack of skill and most likely fear of his own weapons saved everyone's life but his. He obviously had the Leaf mentality, even though Leaf is too much of a coward to walk out his own door. The shooter was a coward for not going into his own bedroom and ending it and leaving everyone else out of it. How can you hate someone so much to want to see them dead, people you don't even know. He had to ask someone if they were Republicans or Democrats.
Have you noticed, about 90% of Leafs blogs call for the downfall or impeachment of our President? He is a typical Liberal.
The baseball practice shooter was a typical Liberal. He happened to be one who drove himself to do what he was dreaming of. Moat of them are cowards like Leaf and only sit back and talk about what should be done but too gutless to do it. Typical.
President Trump has done nothing to be impeached for? The problem in DC right now are the idiots who are keeping him from doing his job.
Don't worry Democrats, one way or the other, they will get to Hillary and she will fet what she deserves. It is still well known how the Clintons hated Obama. After all, he made a fool of here before President Trump did.
He only made her Sec. Of State so he could control her.
We can only hope, when they finally get to her, she drags Obama down with her.
Trump will spend the next eight years trying to repair the damage done by Obama. They find more and more everyday, things they never knew had happened in the middle of the night and behind closed doors.
So far, one of the important repairs was to set things straight with Cuba. If some of the GOOD people who escaped from Cuba had their way, Fidel Castro would have never lived to die of old age.
Maybe some of our Liberal friends would like to move there, instead of Canada and become citizens.

Photo Friday
Posted:Jun 16, 2017 9:49 am
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2017 5:21 am
She'll sleep anywhere.

Meet Your Maker
Posted:Jun 14, 2017 11:40 am
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2017 8:51 pm
John Hart had been a good boy growing up. The following story is true. Some of the facts of the story come from close friends and relatives of John and his family. It takes place over a few years and the last hours can only be a guess at what happened.
John had always wanted to be a preacher. He finished high school with honors and attended college. Shortly after college he attended a seminary for two years, coming out as an ordained preacher. He was assigned a small church not too far from where he was born and raised.
By then John was in his mid twenties and it was there he met Elaine. They had gone to the same high school but Elaine, being a year or so behind John, they had never met. She had reluctantly attended church with her parents one Sunday morning and was impressed with John and what he had to say.
John spent a lot of time at the church and Elaine started stooping by, just to say hello. They started by having lunch together and that led to some dating and eventually marriage.
The church had furnished a home for the preacher, just down the road from the church and they felt it was sufficient for their needs until Elaine became pregnant with their first child.
Since their marriage, John still spent a lot of time at church, Elaine attended reality classes at the local community college and had gotten her license and had joined a large reality company. That made it easier when they started looking for their own home.
They found the perfect house about 12 miles form the church and moved in when their son was about two years old.
John still spent most days at the church, sometimes teaching Bible classes he had started for anyone who wanted to attend during the weekdays.
Elaine learned to busy herself showing houses and working at the reality company.
During the next two years they had another child, a little girl.
During the next four years, by the time the little boy was going to school and the little girl was in kindergarten, Elaine started spending time with another employee at the reality company. She was always home during the evenings, so John had no idea anything was going on that might break up their marriage.
Elaine's relationship did get more serious as we know they do. She started using the excuse that she was going out during the evenings to show houses and was meeting the man. No one knows how long this affair had been going on but Elaine finally made her choice of who she wanted to be with and knew she had to tell John, which she did one evening after the children were in bed.
John was blindsided. He had been so wrapped up in his work, he never imagined Elaine would have ever done something like this. His world ended there, he was broken.
Elaine had asked for a divorce and told him she was moving within a week. We only know these facts because she told other friends of her intentions.
John asked her if she would attend the service with him the next Sunday morning. He
was trying to come up with an announcement for his congregation that his marriage was over and he was leaving the church.
That Sunday morning, a resident living along Hwy 78 West, the route between John and Elaine's home and the church, called the State Police to report and accident. But was it an accident?
Hwy 78 was undergoing construction, widening the highway and repaving the median. A D-9 Caterpillar bulldozer had been parked about 30 feet off to the side, with the moldboard facing traffic.
An automobile had left the road at high speed, hitting the bulldozer head on. According to the report, the car, containing a family of four was traveling at speeds in access of 100 MPH when it hit the Caterpillar.

Strange Encounter
Posted:Jun 13, 2017 4:41 pm
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2017 12:21 pm
During the winter of 1974, being separated from my wife, with noting to do with some evenings, I took a part time job as a limo dispatcher. You meet some interesting people in the limo business. The company I worked for had the airport concession at the New Orleans Airport.

The company that had held the old contract was allowed to have a sheltered bench near our office. The Company name was Toy Brothers and in the past they had made a fortune running the airport limo, downtown and back and additional charters. Due to their careless attention to service and old worn out equipment Toy had almost ruined the limo business.

The Toy office was somewhere between the airport and New Orleans. They rarely had a limo standing by at the airport and anyone coming in with Toy Brothers tickets were instructed to go to the bench, use the direct phone on a pole there to call for a limo and wait.

Late one afternoon I had just gotten to work and being a 24 hour service, with no flights due for an hour or so, most of the drivers who weren't on the road, were gone to lunch, and so was the dock supervisor who was normally there to oversee the loading of passengers and managing the drivers. It was my job to direct them around the city and get them back to the airport, his job was to send them back to the city.

I had noticed three ladies over on the Toy Brother's bench with a whole pile of luggage. They seemed to be taking turns pacing back and forth on the sidewalk.
I was filling out some charter forms when my door flew open. Surprised, I spun around on my stool in time to see the heavy metal door, which had no closer, bounce off the wall, come back and smack the person who threw it open. I was faced by a very tall, well over six feet and that would be without those spike heels she was wearing. A very angry black lady. Being smacked by the door didn't make it any better

I asked, "May I help you?"

She held out a slip of paper toward me and said, "I want to know where our M.F. limousine is?"

I took the slip and found it to be a Toy Brothers voucher and told her, "I'm sorry, this isn't Toy Brothers, you will have to use the phone on by the bench or take a taxi, and since it's about 25 miles to town a taxi will be about $80." I could see the smoke coming from her ears.

She said, "We used the phone and they said they would be right here."
She walked out, slamming the door.

About five minutes later one of my limos backed in to the curb, the driver came in. His name, Bill Cheatham. I was telling Bill abut the angry lady. He asked if it was alright for him to go over and talk to the ladies. Bill was black too but I told him to be careful.

I could see the Toy bench through the window in the door and I looked out just in time to see Bill running at full speed back to the office. He came crashing through the door, "Tom, it's the Pointer Sisters."
"Who the hell are the Pointer Sisters?" I asked.
"Man, they're famous, big time singers, haven't you ever heard of them? Tom, can I take them downtown?"

At that time a limo ticket for one, downtown was $3, but you could have the whole limo for $39, less than half the price of a taxi. But with a full load of passengers, eight people, you might have to sit through seven stops before you got to yours.

I told Bill to load them up and take them wherever they wanted to go, no charge. I think Bill was the happiest man alive. He pulled his limo over there and loaded all their luggage, flashed his lights at me, they all waved and the limo was gone.

It was another ten minutes when the Toy driver showed up. I was standing outside getting a little fresh air. The driver got out, stood around a few minutes, looked over at me. I waved and went back in the office.

About an hour later, Bill called and said he was empty and I sent him for more passengers too bring to the airport. He unloaded upstairs, drove around and back down, back up to the curb. He was beaming when he walked into the office.

Bill had really enjoyed his conversation with them on the way in and he had taken them down to the Roosevelt Hotel and told them, welcome to New Orleans and the ride was on the house. They had him wait while they checked in. One of them came back out and tipped Bill $100's and a fifth of 12 year old Scotch she had bought at the gift shop. She told Bill to give the Scotch to the nice man in the office at the airport. !2 year old Scotch in a hotel gift shop. I'll bet she paid at least $100 for that.

Bill walked back in and showed her our desk in the lobby and told her when they were ready to leave, go to the desk and we would be there within 15 minutes.
The worst part of the whole evening, I would rather take a bite out of a tree than drink Scotch. The three sisters had autographed the bottle so I just saved it and still have it today, never opened. And I know, Bill will never forget the hour he spent with the famous ladies.

The Pointer Sisters won a Grammy the next year, winning a total of three, had 20, top 10 songs by 1985 and were the first African American singing group ever to play the Grand Ole Opry.

They shopped thrift store for vintage 1940 clothes they wore to stand out from all other singing groups of the time

In August of 1993, Ruth Pointer, at the age of 47, gave birth to twins. That was quite an accomplishment in itself.

Back Yard Chickens: A Warning*
Posted:Jun 12, 2017 12:52 pm
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2017 3:31 pm
After a few conversations here in the blogs about either owning or wanting to own chickens, there are some items n the news lately that might change some minds. Backyard chickens are getting people sick. From the following article, it would seem, by following a few sanitary rules, most of the sickness could have been prevented. Chickens and most other poultry, naturally carry the Salmonella bacteria and treating them as pets or even allowing them in the house opens us up to the possibility of contracting Salmonella.

The CDC is investigating eight separate multi-state outbreaks of Salmonella that have sickened nearly 400 people across the country. The cause, however, isn't an unsanitary factory. Instead, blame backyard chickens, or at least the owners who underestimate the risk of getting too close. The growing popularity of having a home grown source offresh eggs once again has federal officials issuing a warning. This year's numbers are about on a par with last year's, when 895 people got sick.

While three people died last year, none have died this year, though 71 ended up in the hospital. In all, people in 47 states have fallen ill. 38% of all who became ill were 5 years of age and younger. Of the parents interviewed, all of the 38% had within the last week, come into contact with live poultry.

Cuddling cute baby chicks appears to be the problem. We see a lot of this with baby chicks and baby ducks around Easter when they are sold as pets. Last year about half of those who got sick admitting doing so, and about half also said they let that poultry in the house. Health officials say both practices are seriously unwise, given how easily chickens can spread germs.

The hardest hit state is Ohio, at 32 cases, with Kentucky, Tennessee and California not far behind. Chicks, ducklings, and other live poultry that look healthy and clean can still carry salmonella bacteria.

Tips to Stay Healthy with a Backyard Flock

Always wash hands thoroughly with soap and water right after touching live poultry.
Do not let children younger than 5 years handle or touch chicks, ducklings, or other live poultry without adult supervision.

Before and After
Posted:Jun 11, 2017 6:37 pm
Last Updated:Jun 12, 2017 1:03 pm
Got're Done........
It took about two hours and there were times I was sure I was going to roll over. Several times I had the front come off the ground, going uphill but luckily the mower is designed so the engine being in the back prevents it from rolling over backwards. It was an ideal test for a new mower. I'll be using it mostly at my farm and there is nothing there to match this front yard.

Below: Before and after of my steep front yard.


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